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Leveraging Social Media to Engage Alumni presented to Johns Hopkins University


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This social media marketing training deck is a high level overview of how you can leverage social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to engage alumni that was presented by Liz H Kelly, Goody PR & Goody Awards Founder, to the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Council on the Homewood Campus in Baltimore, MD,
October 2013. Liz is based in CA, a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, worked for Fox Interactive Media/MySpace, and has managed $million advertising campaigns for clients such as Toyota, University of Phoenix and Southern California Edison. If you'd like to discuss how to leverage social media for your business with an engagement strategy and compelling content, email liz AT goodypr DOT com.

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Leveraging Social Media to Engage Alumni presented to Johns Hopkins University

  1. 1. Liz H. Kelly, CEO, Goody PR & Goody Awards Property & Confidential ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)   Leveraging Social Media to Engage Alumni Presented to Johns Hopkins University Alumni Council October 2013
  2. 2. Social Media Engagement
 Mass Reach for for 185,000 JHU Alumni 2! !   Why Social Media? !   Alumni Association Benefits !   Social Media Strategy !   Engagement Tips !   Best Practices !   Q&A JHU Alumni crab feast in Marina del Rey, CA ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)  
  3. 3. Why Social Media?
 Mass Reach for for 185,000 JHU Alumni Worldwide !   50 % of world’s population is under 30 (big marketing reach.) !   Facebook has 1+ billion users & 50% visit daily. !   Twitter has 500 million users & is the fastest way to reach many. !   YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google !   Also important: Google+, Vine, Instagram Video, Pinterest, LinkedIn 3!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)   Fun post to engage alumni with historic photo
  4. 4. Alumni Association Benefits
 Social Media Wins !   How many of your local JHU alumni chapters have fan/ group pages? !   What are the advantages of using social media to reach the 150,000 JHU Alumni worldwide? 4! JHU Los Angeles Facebook Group ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)  
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy
 Builds consistency & community !   Who is your JHU alumni audience? Local, Global, Interest-based? !   What topics interest your JHU alumni audience? !   Who are the key influencers globally & locally? 5!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)  
  6. 6. Engagement Tips Increase Likes, Followers and Comments !   Engage your fans in conversations: !   Post content that tells a story. !   Post more cool content vs posts about yourself. !   Ask fans for their opinion. !   Answer -> What’s in it For ME? !   Re-tweet, Reply & Favorite tweets from like-minded influencers. !   Like & Comment on other people’s Facebook posts consistently. 6!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)   Great post to engage fans by offering incentive to “Like” page
  7. 7. Facebook Best Practices Content and Timing !   What is the best type of content to post on Facebook? (photos) !   How many words do you think you should include in a post? (140 characters) !   What is the best time of day to post content on Facebook? (11am-1pm)! !   What are 2 times over the weekend that are the best times to post on Facebook? (Fri night & Sunday pm) 7!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)   Way too many words in this post. Keep to 140 characters if possible & link to details.
  8. 8. Twitter Marketing Big Picture !   Twitter is the fastest way to reach a mass audience. !   Easiest social media tool to reach like-minded people. !   Invite discussions with fans using #hashtags. !   Set up Lists to follow with key influencers. 8!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)  
  9. 9. 3 Twitter Tips Increase engagement by using Best Practices !   @ in front of a username = a “mention” !   # sign in front of a keyword (example: #Doctors) will add your tweet into a discussion thread. !   RTs and Favorites are similar to a “Like” on Facebook. 9!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)  
  10. 10. Klout Measures Influence across all social media channels 10!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)   Engagement & Influencers increase Klout scores.
  11. 11. High Fan Engagement 90% engagement and 92% influence @GoodyAwards Highly engaged audience recognizing social good globally on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 11!©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)   82 Re-tweets of one post show high engagement.
  12. 12. SEO for Videos Help your fans find your content !   Videos are often shared by others if it is about something new, different, educational or funny.! !   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can change everything! ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and   Con:idential)   12! Goody Awards Video A/B Test for the same video
  13. 13. ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and   Con:idential)   !   Need a good story & good prize. !   Develop rules that avoid loopholes, may need legal input. !   Need graphic artist to design banners. !   Use “approved” tools. Contests/Sweepstakes
 Develop a compelling story Contests/Sweepstakes
 Develop a compelling story 13!
  14. 14. Analytics are a must Need tracking tools to measure results ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and   Con:idential)   14!
  15. 15. Cause Marketing ABC News Interview part of 4- month integrated marketing campaign for first Rich Woman Financial Education event in Hawaii 7 Goody PR Services Best Results when combined into Integrated Marketing Campaign 15! Social Media Compelling Content Custom Goody Awards Traditional PR Good Branding Custom Training ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and  Con:idential)  
  16. 16. Contact We’d love to help you engage your fans! ©  2013,  Liz  H  Kelly  (Proprietary  and   Con:idential)   16! !   Liz H Kelly, Goody PR & Goody Awards Founder has built $million advertising campaigns for Fox Interactive Media/ MySpace, Paramount Pictures & first Sprint PCS, and has worked with clients such as Toyota, University of Phoenix etc. !   Liz is on the Advisory Board for Net Impact LA & regularly does social media training/ panels, ie Digital Hollywood, Social Media Week LA, The GRAMMYS. She graduated from Johns Hopkins Univ Carey Business School in 1994. !, 1-310-987-7207 Liz H Kelly with Tim Sissons, Goody Awards intern & former Carey Business School President.