Web Marketing Career Presentation


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Web Marketing presentation given to local high school students for career preparation.

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Web Marketing Career Presentation

  1. 1. Today’s Careers in Tech, Digital and Online by Amanda Gabbert & Pat Niday
  2. 2. Web Marketing Engaging your audience online.#TXCHANGE
  3. 3. Today’s Presentation...• What is Web Marketing?• What are the different tools of a Web Marketer?• Who is a Web Marketer?• How do I become a Web Marketer?• Careers in Web Marketing• Dos and Donts of Web Marketing• Exercises/Scenarios
  4. 4. What is Web Marketing?
  5. 5. Web Marketing- A Formal Definition“Internet marketing ties together the creative and technicalaspects of the Internet, includingdesign, development, advertising and sales.Internet marketing also refers to the placement of mediaalong many different stages of the customerengagement cycle through search enginemarketing (SEM), search engineoptimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, emailmarketing, content marketing, mobile advertising, and Web2.0 strategies.”-Alan Charlesworth, Internet Marketing: A PracticalApproach
  6. 6. Web Marketing – Basic DefinitionUtilizing online tools andstrategies to accomplishmarketing goals,including:• Building Your Brand• Increasing Site Traffic• Driving Online Sales• Engaging Consumers
  7. 7. Web MarketingExamples / Types?
  8. 8. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  9. 9. Banner Advertising Advertising
  10. 10. Search Engine Optimization
  11. 11. KeywordsSearch Engine Optimization Copywriting
  12. 12. Email Marketing
  13. 13. Analytics/Data Analysis
  14. 14. More on Web Marketing Understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communications efforts.” – Brian Reich & Dan SolomonInstead of one-way interruption, Webmarketing is about delivering usefulcontent at just the precise moment thebuyer needs it.” – David Meerman Scott,Marketing Strategist
  15. 15. Web Marketing Stats 85% of customers search for local businesses online 75% of searchers never scroll past the 1st page of results 44% of smartphone owners use phones while in store aisles Social Media has grown 712% in just 7 yearsSources: Reach Local, Slideshare
  16. 16. Web Marketing Stats
  17. 17. The Web Marketer Roles• Pay Per Click Specialist• Search Engine Optimization Specialist• Content Manager• Analytics Expert
  18. 18. PPC (Pay Per Click) DefinedPPC is internet advertising whichdirects traffic to websites andadvertisers pay the publisheranytime the ad is clicked on.• Advertisers will bid on certain keywords for search engines.• Website PPC usually charges a fixed rate.• Banner ads are PPC but advertisers settle on a price per 1000 displays.
  19. 19. PPC Search Engine Example
  20. 20. SEO DefinedSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of gainingvisibility for a website or web page in search results. It involves:• Understanding what people are searching for• Knowing how search engines work• Identifying search engines used by an audience• Optimizing website content (including keywords, HTML, page titles and descriptions)• Promoting backlinks (related links coming from other web pages)
  21. 21. Pandora’s rankings are lower than Grooveshark and last.fm.
  22. 22. Linking DefinedCreating opportunities to backlinks, or links from other websiteswhich will drive traffic to your website. Example:
  23. 23. Content Marketing DefinedContent Marketing creates a web presence for acompany, person or brand. Content includes avariety of resources, such as press releases, blogs,social media, newsletters and videos. Example: Coca-Cola
  24. 24. Analytics DefinedAnalytics is the discovery of patterns in data. Information gathered can then beapplied to develop strategies and quantify performance.
  25. 25. Example of Website AnalyticsUnidev website from November 18th-November 24th
  26. 26. A Day in the Life of a Web Marketing Professional8:00am-Arrive at the office and review 4:00pm-A client’s website analyticsanalytics for the previous week. show low rankings. Develop new keyword and linking strategy to improve9:00am-Create and optimize content for rankings.a client. 5:00pm-End of day11:00am-Post trending information toclient social media outlets12pm-Lunch1pm-Create a blog post with links tooptimize client site.2:30pm-Develop PPC campaignstrategy to increase web traffic for client
  27. 27. Web MarketingJob Requirements/Skills?
  28. 28. Web Marketing Job RequirementsSkills: Educational Background:• Verbal and written • Bachelor’s degree in computer communications science, marketing, communicatio• Problem solving ns or advertising• Organization• Understanding of technology and trends• Familiarity with social media• Experience with Google Analytics and other data collecting tools.
  29. 29. Best Places to Find Jobs/Internships• Marketing Company• Web Design Company• Advertising Agency• SEO Company• Many companies have internal marketing teams.• Entrepreneurs: Websites are a must have. You can always optimize them yourself or start your own web marketing company.
  30. 30. Web Marketing Do’s and Don’tsSearch EngineOptimizationDo-• Apply SEO to all content• Target relevant keywords and anchor them• Create catchy titles/headlines• Meta titles, descriptions and tags Don’t- should all flow • Use SEO just for the website• Social Media • Keyword stuff • Create long titles with jargon • Create choppy meta titles, descriptions and tags • Create duplicate content
  31. 31. Web Marketing Do’s and Don’tsPay Per ClickDo- Don’t-• Optimize regularly • Neglect updating keywords and• Bid manually on keywords ad text• Test often • Automatic bidding on keywords
  32. 32. Web Marketing Do’s and Don’tsAnalyticsDo- Don’t-• Determine what you need to track • Track everything• Research the tools best for your • Use just any tool needs• Run reports and regularly analyze data
  33. 33. Web Marketing Do’s and Don’tsLinkingDo-• Take advantage of guest blogs and blogger outreach• Use social media to link back to site• Update and manage link campaign• Create profiles in directories that Don’t- are relevant to your audience • Use mass automated tactics • Embed the same links repeatedly in the same piece of content • Link to every directory
  34. 34. Web Marketing Do’s and Don’tsContent MarketingDo- Don’t-• Use multiple resources such as • Use every resource available. social media, blogs, press Make sure it’s relevant to your releases, etc. industry.• Use design to engage target • Only use design/images market • Use all content to sell to your• Relate to your audience and audience provide pertinent information• Implement sharing for social media
  35. 35. Your Turn!We put YOU in the shoes of a Web Marketer
  36. 36. Writing for PPCScenario: You work for Reebok. Your team wants to improve online sales of their “Ziglite” running shoes through pay-per- click advertisement.Challenge: Write the copy for a Reebok pay-per-click advertisement on Google that appears when users search for the term “Running Shoes”. Elements include: – Title – 2 lines of text (35 characters each)
  37. 37. Keyword Brainstorm for Gateway STEMScenario: You are helping your school to develop its new website. The web development team wants to increase its rankings on search engine results pages through SEO.Challenge: Brainstorm with your group members the 5 keyword phrases the new Gateway STEM website will be optimized around. Be sure to consider the audience who will be doing the searching and what information they will be looking for.
  38. 38. Questions? Pat Niday patrick.niday@thenetimpact.com @patniday on Twitter Amanda Gabbert Amanda.gabbert@thenetimpact.com @AmandaGabbert1 on Twitterwww.thenetimpact.com #TXCHANGE@TheNetImpact on Twitter