Unidev's Strategy for Expansion


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Unidev company overview of background, structure, operations and expansion.

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  • Explain Microsites and landing pages
  • We have a diverse set of smarts!
  • We have a diverse set of smarts!
  • Explain Microsites and landing pages
  • Explain Microsites and landing pages
  • We get celebrities to grace our holiday parties.
  • We get celebrities to grace our holiday parties.
  • We have a maximum capacity company helicopter.
  • Unidev's Strategy for Expansion

    1. 1. A Sprinter’s Approach to Marathons:Unidev’s Entrepreneurial Strategy for Expansion
    2. 2. Outline• Company overview of background, structure, and operations.• Why Nevada?• Expanding and staying in Nevada• Technologies leveraged to further growth and success.• How Southern Nevada can encourage technology-enabled initiatives and thereby create new jobs in Southern Nevada Warm up before the run
    3. 3. ThemeThe reason why you need to love what you do and whoyou are doing it for is that business is a marathon not asprint. Doing what sustains you and excites you,regardless of changes in the market or the environment,is essential. Dan Sullivan, President and Co-founder of The Strategic Coach UK
    4. 4. Steve Thomas• Vice-President Unidev (Unified Development, Inc)• President, The Net Impact Division of Unidev• President Missouri Venture Forum• President Elect American Marketing Association – STL• Member Rankin Technical College Curriculum Committee• Hiker• Runner• Reader• Bad guitarist
    5. 5. Where We Do Business Combination of skills and attitude contribute to success
    6. 6. Some Partners
    7. 7. Some Clients
    8. 8. Marketing Driven - Not Sales Driven Organic Web Search Social Events Media White PPC Unidev Papers Microsites Partners PR Know the course
    9. 9. Marketing Driven - Not Sales Driven
    10. 10. Very Mixed Cultures Collect yourself
    11. 11. Growth Total Revenue2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Be willing to do whatever it takes (even if sometimes its not fun).
    12. 12. Strategic Planning Sales Performance0. 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012-0.1 Business-0.2 Model-0.3 Y2K Change-0.4-0.5 Revenue Change Sometimes, it will hurt
    13. 13. The Marathon is the Big Picture Sales Performance 0.5 0 -0.5 Revenue Change Business Model Y2K ChangeTo reach your full potential there will be parts of the race where you will need to addurgency. In order to reach peak performance levels, short term sprints of urgency willincrease your productivity and efficiency. Important note: Sprinters are not built like marathon runners!
    14. 14. Sometimes a Sprint is Exactly What You Need Tighten up the timeframes, exert greater effort to get more done for the shorter distance.Human physiology dictates that a runnersnear-top speed cannot be maintained for more than 30–35 seconds.
    15. 15. 2012 Growth Catalysts Auctori V 4.0 & Reporting Larger and launch projects International dashboardGeographic LV expansion Miami test Internationalexpansion New Third party Auctori Las Vegas product partners partners integration New Mobile HTML5 Videocapabilities There are lots of competitors but you need to run your own race.
    16. 16. Why Nevada? St. Louis is the Gateway to the West… Nevada is our Gateway to the West Coast! Success takes training
    17. 17. Why Nevada?The U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranked Nevada first in export growth, third in tech jobgrowth and fifth in entrepreneurial activity. KLAS-TV Las Vegas August 2011Incubator space, the home of entrepreneurs and start-ups, finally posted some positivenet absorption this quarter (3rd quarter 2011) occupying 25,000 square feet more spacethan last quarter.” Colliers International Las Vegas Quarterly | Third Quarter 2011 Nevada continues to show signs of economic recovery, with slow but steady growth in many important areas. Governor Brian Sandoval March 12, 2012 Race day conditions are not always ideal but the race goes on
    18. 18. Why Nevada? Nevada is encouraging technology! Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is investing an impressive amount of money — $350 million — to help revitalize the city’s urban core and create a community of tech startups, and he already has some key pieces of his puzzle in place.Las Vegas-based technology companies might also get help from the city’s other ITpowerhouse, Switch Communications. The operator of the SuperNAP data centerand, soon, millions more square feet of data-center space in the city intends to unveilin March a series of educational and entrepreneurial efforts under the INNEVATIONbanner. Among those efforts is a plan to open a cloud-computing facility on the UNLVcampus. Derrick Harris Feb. 17, 2012 Gigaom Success doesn’t happen overnight
    19. 19. How We Plan Growth• Real estate – New office opened Feb 2012 – Ability to expand to 12,000’ – Marketing office in Linq360• Hiring local business development team• Hiring project teams locally• Servicing all Western Business out of Vegas Starting out too fast can cost you the finish
    20. 20. How We Plan Growth• Technical capabilities locally – Microsoft – Java – Mobile• Marketing capabilities locally – Design – Internet marketing – Social media Visualize yourself celebrating crossing the finish line
    21. 21. Never Quit!Stay hydrated and properly fueled
    22. 22. THANK YOUSteve ThomasSteve.Thomas@unidev.com@Tniman