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SMX Advanced Seattle 2012: What We Learned


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Held every year in Seattle, The Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced is a conference designed exclusively for experienced, technical internet marketers. SMX Advanced is an intimate gathering of search marketing industry leaders.

We sent our experts to attend and here's what they found!

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SMX Advanced Seattle 2012: What We Learned

  1. 1. Takeaways From the Search Marketing Expo - Seattle #tniSMX
  2. 2. Information Architecture = SEO 101 – Tom SchmitzGood SEO starts with a good website!Some Website Elements to Focus on: Overall structure Navigation Content Internal linking Microformats from #tniSMX
  3. 3. Make the Case for Web Performance Optimization – Jonathan ColmanDoes Site Speed Matter? 40% of customers will abandon any site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load (Forrester/Akamai) For every 1 second of load time, conversion drops by 7% (Strangeloop) For every 1 second of load time, user satisfaction drops by 16% (Strangeloop) Customers expect your web site to load in 2 seconds or less (Forrester/Akamai) #tniSMX
  4. 4. Linking isn’t something you do, it’s something that happens after you do other stuff – Danny SullivanHit By Panda and Penguin?Remove the bad links and resubmit!Stop looking for short cuts!A Basic SEO and Linking Strategy: Post great content on your website Guest post on other sites Continually build relationships with influencers Create quality content on social media sites Use social media to promote your contentTake the time to create a product people are interested in and to provideinformative and useful content, the links will come. #tniSMX
  5. 5. Mobile-friendly sites produce a 75% higher rate of engagement per visit, per user - according to GoogleOver 100 million people on mobile internetOptions for mobile marketing Responsive Design Separate Mobile Pages Mixed SolutionAsk yourself, “What is best for the user?” #tniSMX
  6. 6. In a study performed by Resolution Media of the top 100 sites with the mostoverall organic search traffic – 60% were redirecting to mobile URLsCustom Mobile Site Design Keep it quick Simplify navigation Be thumb-friendly Design for visibility Make it easy to convertDo what is best for your brand! #tniSMX
  7. 7. Helpful Tools Bing Webmaster Tools Firebug WebPageTest Google Webmaster Tools Google PageSpeed Link Detective Soovle #tniSMX
  8. 8. Thank You! Twitter – @thenetimpact Facebook - Email – Web – #tniSMX