Building a Mobile App from the Ground Up


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With over 100 million smartphone users in the US alone, businesses are racing to join their consumers on the go. Mobile applications generate rich interaction between businesses and their customers, while development on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms provide new opportunities and challenges for companies.

For our latest TXCHANGE event we discuss the strategic business and technical elements that go into the development of a mobile app. We’ll cover the current state of the mobile market place, when to go mobile, and the technical hurdles of building applications for the iPhone and iPad.

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Building a Mobile App from the Ground Up

  1. 1. Building a Mobile Appfrom the Ground Up TXCHANGE Webcast with Cathy Harris VP Web and Mobile Technologies Rob Vigil Senior iOS Developer
  2. 2. About Unidev
  3. 3. Today’s Presentation• The Mobile Industry Today• Voice of the Customer (VoC)• What Solution to Offer?• Mobile Technologies: Many Possibilities• Building a Mobile Strategy• An “Apple” Focus
  4. 4. Voice of the Customer (VoC)• Listen• Understand the customer• Value• Personalize the experience• Share / Feedback• Optimize
  5. 5. What Solution to Offer? I am looking for a solution that is right for my business and best serves my customers Hybrid App (Web / Native App Web App Mixed) • Targets a specific platform • Combines Native and Web • Cross-Platform Compatibility • Effective at integrating the unique Technology • Formatted to the device capabilities of the selected • Cross-Platform web technologies • Accessed through the Web Browser platform (i.e. Camera, GPS, • Direct access to native APIs, as • Dependent on Internet connectivity Contact, etc) required • Supports any web-enabled device Overview • Enables Online / Offline mode • Supports Smartphones and Tables • Less powerful than native app • Technology: Platform APIs and • Technology: HTML5/CSS3, • Technology: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SDKs JavaScript, native APIs and JavaScript container • Rich Customer Experience with • Maximized User Experience. • Navigational User Interface consistent and intuitive design • May appear similar to a native app displaying the same static content Customer with the selected platform with some integration to device across platforms Experience capabilities capabilities • Features are limited to your domain, • Unique Platform Experience • HTML5 may be a game-changer! limited interaction with the platform capabilities • Slow / Medium to High • Medium / Low to Medium • Relatively Fast / Low; still requiresSpeed and Cost device specific customization Distribution • App Store • Usually via App Store • Mobile Browser, no app download
  6. 6. Mobile Solutions Native AppCustomer Experience Hybrid App Mobile Web Speed and Cost
  7. 7. Many Possibilities, Do I Need Them All? Geofencing Foursquare NFC POS Push Alerts Transactions QR Sensors Biometrics GPS Cloud Twitter Video Chat … and Big Data SMS Barcodes there is NFC Peer to Camera more …Widgets / Acceleromete Peer Virtually rLive Tiles Augmented Search Augmented Reality Reality 3G / 4G Bluetooth HTML5 Secure Web TV Device Mobile Mind Chips Collaboration Reader Bump Voice Commands Facial Facebook Security WiFi iAd Recognition Gowalla Airplay (802.11U) Yelp
  8. 8. Building a Mobile StrategyIdentify Your Goal Build Your Strategy
  9. 9. An “Apple” Focus
  10. 10. The Apple Solution• Power of The Apple Solution• Benefits Of The App Store• App Marketing Strategy• Revenue Streams
  11. 11. The Power Of AppleThe Money Platform!
  12. 12. Benefits Of The App Store• User Base With Money To Spend• Your Brand In Front Of Millions• Download Administration Handled By Apple• Free Promotion Upon Launch (What’s New)
  13. 13. App Launch Strategy• You Only Get One First Launch• Start A Social Marketing Campaign• Add Social Media Tie-Ins• It’s All About The Art
  14. 14. Revenue Streams• Paid App Revenue• In App Purchases• Advertising• Branding (Priceless)
  15. 15. Developing with Apple: Caveats• Limitations• Revenue Sharing (They Take Their Cut)• Time To Market 1-2 weeks• Finding The Right Provider
  16. 16. Thanks! Find us of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedInQuestions? Please contact us! Cathy Harris Rob Vigil VP Web and Mobile Technologies Senior iOS Developer