Gateway STEM Branding Presentation


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Gateway STEM Branding Presentation

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  • Interaction, get definitions from the students
  • Interaction, get definitions from the students
  • Interaction, ask for examples of social networks or social media
  • Interaction, ask for examples of social networks or social media
  • Interaction, ask for examples of social networks or social media
  • Interaction, brands they follow and why
  • Groups, social media challenges
  • Maybe questions for them?
  • Gateway STEM Branding Presentation

    1. 1. Today‟s Careers in Tech, Digital and Online
    2. 2. Today‟s Presentation…• What is Branding?• Branding examples• Characteristics of Branding• Careers in Branding• „Before and After‟• Exercises
    3. 3. What is Branding?
    4. 4. Branding- A Formal DefinitionBrand is the “name, term, design,symbol, or any other feature thatidentifies one seller‟s good orservice as distinct from those ofother sellers.”-Wikipedia
    5. 5. Branding – A Non FormalDefinition“To put it in a nutshell you could describe a„brand‟ as an organization, service or productwith a „personality‟ that is shaped by theperceptions of the audience.On that note, it should also be stated that adesigner cannot “make” a brand – only theaudience can do this. A designer forms thefoundation of the brand.”
    6. 6. Can you guess the brand?
    7. 7. Parts of Branding“A logo is not your brand, nor is it youridentity. Logo design, identity design andbranding all have different roles, thattogether, form a perceived image for a businessor product.”
    8. 8. BrandingExamples / Types?
    9. 9. Packaging Design
    10. 10. Stationary
    11. 11. Marketing/Content
    12. 12. BODONIHELVETICATypography
    13. 13. Website Content and Design
    14. 14. Mobile Website
    15. 15. Mobile App
    16. 16. Brand Identity –successful logo redesign
    17. 17. Brand Identity –unsuccessful logo redesign
    18. 18. Good content exampleBrand Identity –successful content
    19. 19. Bad content exampleBrand Identity –unsuccessful content
    20. 20. More on Branding“ Unless you have absolute clarity of what your brand stands for, everything else is irrelevant.” Mark Baynes, Global CMO, Kellogg Co.You do not build brand valueby saying how cheap you are.You build brand value bysaying how special you are.”-Larry Light, US BrandConsultant
    21. 21. Who creates a company‟s brand?
    22. 22. Careers in Branding• Graphic Designer• Social Media Marketer• Internet Marketer• Copywriter• Marketing Assistant/Coordinator/Manager
    23. 23. Graphic Designer: RequirementsSkills Education Background• Creative • AFA (Freelance, • Familiarity with• Observant Production major design• Attention to Designer) software: • BFA Detail • Adobe Creative • Graphic Design,• Organized Visual Suite:• Computer Communications • Photoshop Skills/ • Secondary Degrees • Illustrator Software • Business • InDesign Knowledge • Art History • Dreamweaver• Problem • Communications • Flash Solving • Build portfolio• Diplomatic • Internships (paid• Confident and non-paid)
    24. 24. Marketing Professional: RequirementsSkills Education Background• Verbal and • BA in: • Familiarity with written • Marketing Microsoft Office communications • Advertising software • Communications• Problem • Build writing • Business solving portfolio• Organized • Internships (paid• Trend savvy and non-paid) (in that industry)• Experience with computer programs and social media
    25. 25. Graphic Design Jobs• Freelance – What is it? • somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term • Can be represented by a company or can work on your own and find your own clients – Pros vs. Cons • PRO: set your own hours & work from home • CON: Issues with people paying you for your work, inconsistent pay checks, dealing with the business side rather than focusing on the design
    26. 26. Graphic Design Jobs• Agency Designer – What is it? • Somebody who works for a company that has multiple clients, designing for multiple brands – Pros vs. Cons • PRO: get to work on a lot of different projects with different styles and needs, doesn‟t get boring because you are always working on something new, steady paycheck • CON: marketing can interfere with your ideas as a designer, design by committee
    27. 27. Graphic Design Jobs• Corporate/Single Client Designer – What is it? • Designer for a specific brand, set identity, follow brand guidelines – Pros vs. Cons • PRO: steady paycheck, experience • CON: button pusher, not a lot of room for creativity
    28. 28. Marketing JobsMarketing/Advertising Agency VS Client Side
    29. 29. Before & AfterHow design and marketing can affect your brand…
    30. 30. BEFORE
    31. 31. AFTER
    32. 32. BEFORE
    33. 33. AFTER
    34. 34. Your Turn!We put YOU in the shoes of a Brand Strategist
    35. 35. Client SuggestionsScenario: You work for a Graphic Design Agency. You are in a meeting with your client, Samsung, to review the latest mock-up of their new poster. The client thinks there is too much white space and wants to “fill it in.” You disagree, the design is bold and focuses on the product.Challenge: Discuss with your group and write a professional response to the client.
    36. 36. Unfamiliar Client IndustryScenario: You just gained a new client, TricorBraun, from the Industrial Packaging Industry. You are tasked with designing their corporate website. You have no idea what they do as a company or how to represent them as a designer.Challenge: Discuss with your group and write three things your team
    37. 37. Content CommunityScenario: You work for the Ray-Ban‟s social media team. You want to use social media to build brand engagement and community with your customers.Challenge: Describe a social media contest designed to create a community among Ray-Ban‟s customers. Remember to consider all social
    38. 38. Questions? Amanda Gabbert @AmandaGabbert1 on Twitter Caitlin Harvey @charveycaitlin on #TXCHANGE@TheNetImpact on Twitter