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TC Camp at STC Summit - Hot Topic Summit SumUp


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Did you miss it? Did you want more details? Do you have un-answered questions? Did you want to throw some ideas around with your peers? Join TC Camp directors for an un-scripted "real-time" discussion with the hot top presenters from the STC Summit. We will break into round-table, small-group discussions where you can delve even deeper into the topics that interest you the most, such as mobile, UX/UI, graphics, API/SDK, and analytics. We end the session with a debrief, sharing highlights so you can leverage your learning with your peers. Space is limited!

This session was sponsored By TC Camp.

Any notes for sessions that were submitted by moderators have been posted:

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TC Camp at STC Summit - Hot Topic Summit SumUp

  1. 1. #TCCAMP #TCCAMP TC Camp welcomes you to Hot Topic Summit SumUP!
  2. 2. #TCCAMP Our Camp Counselors
  3. 3. #TCCAMP Here’s how it works... ● Intro and explanation ● Nominate topics ● Vote ● Form Groups & Discuss! o Every group needs two volunteers - facilitator & scribe ● Camp Minimalist Wrap Up o In 60 seconds, the scribe reports back
  4. 4. #TCCAMP #TCCAMP Let’s hear your topics! Raise your hand Tell us what you want to talk about
  5. 5. #TCCAMP Topic List & Voting ● Mobile ● API Docs o Why it’s a big deal ● Globalization o writing for localization ● Writing for the cloud ● Virtual reality/augmented reality ● Technical editing ● migrating legacy content ● iterative design ● html5 ● what technologies are right for kinds of docs ● doc skills to elearning ● attack on liberal arts and writing ● mentoring ● usability ● stc and where we’re going from here
  6. 6. #TCCAMP #TCCAMP DISCUSSION! Here’s where to go….
  7. 7. #TCCAMP Unconference Session # #1 API #2 Cloud #3 Legacy #4 STC
  9. 9. #TCCAMP TIME’S UP!
  10. 10. #TCCAMP #TCCAMP CAMP MINIMALIST TC Camp Summary Session All the scribes report in and share their learning with the rest of us!
  11. 11. #TCCAMP #TCCAMP THANKS FOR COMING! See you next time! If you enjoyed yourself and thought this event was valuable, please tell others! If not, please tell us!