Single-Sourcing Solutions Lightning Talk at STC 2011


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Don't Sell Yourself Short!

Did you know there is a new renaissance on the horizon? We are thrilled to see, more and more, a new enthusiasm about content creation to publication. We are all familiar with the words “content reuse” and “xml authoring” and “single-source” and "topic based authoring". But all this talk is now coming from outside the walls of traditional tech pubs. It is starting to get a great deal of attention from the more creatively focused departments of Sales and, more notably, Marketing.

Now is the time for us to break down the walls that once divided the teams that create content. But how do you do that? Don’t sell yourself short! Those of you who have built your profession around the technology of creation and delivery have gained a great deal of insight. This expertise makes you a valuable resource for those seeking to adopt practices that are now like second nature to you.

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Single-Sourcing Solutions Lightning Talk at STC 2011

  1. 1. Don’t sell yourself short! Liz Fraley
  2. 2. They say knowledge is power. Well, Information is King!
  3. 3. Demand for Content•  Internal •  External o  Engineering o  Customers o  Marketing o  Resellers o  Sales o  External Service o  Service o  Training o  Legal
  4. 4. Do they want what you’ve got? Yes! Everyone wants what you have!
  5. 5. What did we find?•  Sales was in need of creating customized content to deliver to their customers•  Marketing was in need of current product information•  Social Media was starting to gain attention from the executives
  6. 6. What everyone needs•  Access to information across departments•  Ability to instantly update content and notify customers•  Streamlined process•  The ability to respond strategically instead of reactionary
  7. 7. Only one sure way to get there•  Create content in XML o  Separate form from content o  Author in your archive source rather than converting between presentation formats o  Take advantage of topic-based authoring techniques•  Create a single component content management strategy•  Start with one area and roll in the other departments as you gain footing Talk early and often!
  8. 8. Bridge the gap
  9. 9. There is hope•  Create a strategy•  Transform the creation of content•  Unify the tools used from creation to delivery•  Form a single source of truth
  10. 10. It can start with you
  11. 11. Single-Sourcing Solutions•  Over a decade of experience in dynamic publishing projects and content delivery.•  Deep community relationships to ensure success.•  Unique customer focus with concierge level service: •  Assessments •  Mentoring •  Training •  Implementation •  Advisory Line
  12. 12. What to do with those old Silos?
  13. 13. What to do with those old Silos?
  14. 14. Need help building that bridge or convertingthat old silo?Contact our construction hotline: 408-548-7357