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If you have information about your company’s product or services that needs to be delivered to customers, whether it’s in print or electronic form, chances are you have heard of XML. Are you finding yourself in the position of having to explain to others:
- What’s all the big deal about XML?
- Why should I care?
- What’s in it for me?
- How is it going to save me time?
- How will I lower cost?

Then come and listen to our expert panel of industry leaders as they share with you a bit of their journey and what the true ROI is of XML. Experts from Hewlett-Packard, Medtronic, Nortel, and Toro.

No matter how large or small, how new or how old your company is or what technology or service your company provides XML can have significant returns for you in:
- Reuse content for faster delivery of information
- Separation of form and content (your writers can write rather than try to tweak with documents to get them to look right)
- Ability to deliver information in the language and format of choice
- Utilize resources more effectively to help you meet your deliverables/Do more with less/Improve time to market/Productivity

Who should attend?
- Business leaders who are interested in gaining a competitive edge by improving product information.
- Content creators who are trying to help their management understand the need for change.
- Executives with P&L responsibility who need to drive to a greater ROI.

This presentation was originally a Webinar

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  1. 1. Panel hosted by: Dave Lorenzoni, Single-Sourcing Solutions ROI of XML
  2. 2. Expert Panelists Todd Nowlan Greg Johnson Charlotte Robidoux Andrew Pieper
  3. 3. Dave’s Top 10 reasons to go to XML 1. I want the money they save to go to my vacation fund 2. Because I need more conference swag 3. My team keeps getting smaller & they keep dumping more stuff on me 4. To keep up with marketing changing product names 5. My boss decided to do it 6. So I can go home on time 7. It will look good on my resume 8. It’s new 3-letter acronym that your friends won’t know much about 9. It's related to the X Games – eXtreme! 10. XM what?
  4. 4. About the Panelists Todd Nowlan - • IT Project Manager responsible for maintaining and supporting the documentation and training CMSs for a large telecom equipment provider. • 16+ years experience with the methods and toolsets associated with structured authoring, XML authoring, and content management. Charlotte Robidoux, PhD- • Over 17 years of experience in technical communication. • At HP, she oversees the single sourcing strategy and implementation for the Enterprise Storage, Server, and Networking division • Author of numerous articles on single sourcing and collaboration and is a co-editor of Collaborative Writing in Virtual Workplaces Greg Johnson – • CurrentlyMAPS program manager, Medtronic • World’s largest independent medical technology company • 40+ years experience Management, technical publishing depts. • BA, Philosophy & German Andrew Pieper - • Team Lead of the Instructional Communications team at the Toro Company. • 20+ years experience in Technical Communications • BS , English Technical Communications
  5. 5. True ROI of XML  Translation  Ability to do more with less  Reuse of content  Data is in a Human Readable format  Automation of formatting  Authors can focus on writing  Authoring content can start earlier in the process  Ability to provide customized output effortlessly  Single-source of content for multiple outputs
  6. 6. o Over a decade of experience in dynamic product information creation, publication, and delivery. o Experts for every phase of the single-source development process. o Deep community relationships to ensure your success. o Unique customer focus with concierge level service. o Advisory Line o Blogs o Podcasts o Coode repositories Single-Sourcing Solutions
  7. 7. Are you convinced? Convinced or confused? Want more information? Contact us at: Phone 408-548-7357 e-Mail Or visit us on the web at