Transforming Strategies to Component Content Management


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Is your content ready to meet the biggest challenge? Are you able to provide your customers with detailed information designed specifically for them and in the media they choose? Can you do this on demand? If not, then join us as we talk about how you can transform your existing content strategies to a component based content strategy. It isn't just content you need to think of, but the components of content. Creating a strategy at this level allows for a great deal more fluidity in providing dynamic information across the entire enterprise. You can establish the infrastructure to be able to provide customized output based on user preference or media demand such as the social media sites. There is a significant ROI you can capture, especially in terms of customer service.

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  • This is being presented at the San Francisco STC meeting in March 2012.
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Transforming Strategies to Component Content Management

  1. 1. Transforming Strategies toComponent Content Management Liz Fraley
  2. 2. We all understand Content Management• Most basic form is the file cabinet.• All information about product X is in the folder• All folders go in the cabinet• Simple right?!
  3. 3. Files gone wild!• What happens as Product X evolves?• What happens when Product X goes international? Global?• What about other departments with their own information on Product X?
  4. 4. Multiplication – happens faster than you thinkPicture from “Star Trek: The Original Series”, “Trouble with Tribbles” episode first broadcast on December 29, 1967
  5. 5. Content Management Systems• Many types – – CMS – Content Management System – SCMS – Source Control MS – CMS – Enterprise CMS – WCM – Web CMS – DMS – Document CMS – SMMS – Social Media MS – CCMS – Component CMS
  6. 6. Control Solutions ECMS /ECMS / DMS DMS (1+) KB (1+) ECMS / DMS (1+) SCMS WCM CMS
  7. 7. Component Content Management• True Content Asset Management• One single source of truth• Transforming value perception of content
  8. 8. Single-Source of Truth CCMS
  9. 9. Maximize Reuse & Minimize Error• Manage the parts• Assemble, disassemble, reassemble• Secure some content Free other content• Gain confidence in content state• Set the stage for the future
  10. 10. Getting your Pantry in order
  11. 11. Step 1• Designing your strategy o Create one or more process flow diagrams of where content goes and where it comes from. Content Consumers and Producers (or Customers and Chefs)
  12. 12. Step 2• Lowest common denominator o Start looking at content to identify things that are common structural elements. o What can be rigid? What can be flexible?
  13. 13. Step 3• Logical Groups o Start identifying content groupings. Does the content have a specific group that requires it or a specific type of consumer.
  14. 14. And Work Your Way Up• Challenge your perspective• Content is multi-dimensional• What you think is global, may be local to someone else
  15. 15. Local, Global, then Local again Things that apply throughout my corporation Things that apply to my “content domain” Things that belong to my “content collection” Specific to my “document”
  16. 16. May be more of a Venn Diagram Things that apply throughout my corporation Things that belong to my “content collection” Specific to my Things that apply to “document” my “content domain”
  17. 17. Keys to a Good Pantry • Know the lifecycle of your Consumers&Produce rs o Roles o Permissions o Organizational scheme o Components – staples and specialty items Photo by cheeseslave
  18. 18. Want more information?Need a Master Chef?Contact us at: Phone 408-660-3219 e-Mail Photo by campdarby Twitter: @SingleSourcing Skype: arbortext411 Or visit us on the web: