DITA Style in Arbortext


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Now you can get the book "Arbortext 102: Best Practices for Creating Arbortext Styler Stylesheets" in ePub or print: http://amzn.to/2dg5xSN

Some best practices of doing DITA stylesheets in Styler. Understanding fall-back processing, using read-only stylesheets, modular stylesheet development. All of these contribute to a successful DITA implementation and a productive environment.

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DITA Style in Arbortext

  1. 1. DITA Style in Arbortext It’s Easy Liz Fraley
  2. 2. Agenda •  Arbortext and DITA share a long history •  A Brief Introduction to Arbortext •  Demonstration o  How to use the Arbortext Styler product with the DITA stylesheets o  Best Practices o  Strategies for getting started •  Summary
  3. 3. Arbortext and DITA •  IBM developed DITA on Arbortext •  PTC/Arbortext only vendor invited as a charter member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee o  Still participates today •  100 % Support for DITA o  9/20/04: DITA support in Arbortext 5.1 o  6/1/10: Initial DITA 1.2 support in 5.4 M050 o  7/7/10: OASIS releases DITA 1.2 specification for public comment o  8/4/10: Support updated in 5.4 M060
  4. 4. Introducing Arbortext •  Only out of the box Global Arbortext Resources 140 Direct R&D end-to-end solution 1,000+ Additional support from PTC R&D •  Focus on tools and UI 30 Direct Client Services to support non-programmers 900 Additional support from PTC GSO o  Consistent repeatable process 25 Direct Sales o  Eliminate the clutter 350 Additional support from PTC Sales o  “One-Click” publishing for all deliverables •  Customer-driven product development •  Large community and resources for users to draw upon
  5. 5. Arbortext Components Personalized Delivery Arbortext Content Manager Arbortext Publishing Engine Arbortext Editor Deliverable XML Content XML Doc Bursting Rules Description How to Styling and Concept Layout Task Example Translation Memory Illustration 5
  6. 6. Arbortext Styler Simplify Stylesheeting •  Configure Stylesheets Single Source of Style •  Stylesheet creation/configure •  Support for Standards o  DITA o  S1000D o  Customer defined Arbortext Publishing •  Multichannel delivery from Engine single stylesheet •  Support for next generation web standards •  Users don’t have to be programmers to create stylesheets!!
  8. 8. Best Practices Summary •  Make good test documents o  Include the contexts that you need to style •  Use Resolved Document for Styling o  Contains all metadata from topics and map •  Take advantage of the OOB starting points o  Modular stylesheets o  Precedence and fall-back processing o  Read-only file inclusions to leverage future software updates
  9. 9. Single-Sourcing Solutions & PTC o  Over a decade of experience in dynamic product information creation, publication, and o  20+ year history of developing delivery. enterprise-class solutions for o  Experts for every phase of the Dynamic Information Delivery single-source development o  Backed by a $1B software company with a history of process. financial stability and innovation. o  Deep Arbortext community o  Dedicated development and relationships to ensure your global support resources. success. o  Rich and expanding functionality set driven by more successful o  Unique customer focus with deployments than any other concierge level service. vendor.
  10. 10. Resources for Arbortext Users Advisory Line Mailing Lists Adepters Code Archive Announcements and blog for PTC products and Adepters—ptcuser.org at Adepters.org at dita.xml.org XML technology 3b2users—yahoo groups PubWright Podcast SingleSourcing Blog “Arbortext Voices” Arbortext Professional Pictures from the on web and Kindle on web and iTunes Development Seminars Arbortext community - Arbortext PTC/User Group - 3B2 Rocks Group Arbortext Twitter Users Arbortext PTC/User Squidoo Lens: All things - Single-Sourcing Solutions List on Listorious LinkedIn Group Arbortext in one place - Customer-Driven Community and forums Technical Committees Arbortext User Group Arbortext videos on at ptc.com - PlanetPTC World Events (virtual) YouTube http://single-sourcing.com/company/community.html
  11. 11. Follow Up •  Read the original presentation description o  http://single-sourcing.com/events/2010/08/arbortext-dita/ •  Sign up to watch the video recording of this presentation o  http://podcast.single-sourcing.com/?p=357 •  Read the Roundup from the Live Twitter Stream o  http://blog.single-sourcing.com/2010/08/roundup-arbortext-dita-webinar/ •  Single-Sourcing Solutions customers and Advisory Line members can see the video, slides, and session transcript on the membership site o  http://wiki.single-sourcing.com/