Discovering the Hidden Treasure of Dynamic Product Information


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The information about your products or services should be at the front of the line leading the way for increased market share. In order to do this, the value of the information needs to be recognized by the top level executives. After this presentation, you will be able to show those in the C-Suite how a transformative adoption in product information can differentiate your company in the market place and provide breakthrough results in driving shareholder value.

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Discovering the Hidden Treasure of Dynamic Product Information

  1. 1. Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions Discovering the Hidden Treasure of Dynamic Product Information
  2. 2. Information We all have it and we all want it  Is it searchable?  Is it relevant?  Is it available when I want it?  Can I read it?
  3. 3. Consumer Demand  Consumers as investigators  Have you Googled today?  Growing social media sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc…
  4. 4. Left to the last minute  It’s all about the products or service  Product information as an afterthought  Left to chance
  5. 5. Key Influencer of Future Purchasing Decisions  Can I find information that supports what I am hearing from sales?  Can I see detailed information that will help me decide if your product or service is right for me?  Can I find any information at all?  If I find it, can I read it?
  6. 6. How many Sales have you lost?
  7. 7. Getting Product Information Out of the Basement and Into the C-Suite     Every Executive’s key driver Speak in a language they hear Get your matrix in a row How can product information; – Improve revenue – Expand market share – Increase customer loyalty
  8. 8. The Right Content for Your Customers and Your Company  Information that is accurate, current, in the format your customers expect, when they need it results in: ‒ 41% decrease in volume of inbound calls to customer support ‒ 42% decrease in time to resolution within customer support ‒ 41% increase in customer satisfaction score ‒ 45% increase in product revenue Aberdeen, Sept 2009, “Technical Communications as a Profit Center
  9. 9. Tools Are Simply Instruments  Tools solve needs, but they do not prescribe solutions  In order to find the hidden treasure, you need to look at Product Information from a new perspective
  10. 10. Content Consumers and Creators      How do they consume product information? How is information influenced by consumers? Who are the creators of information? Where do they pull content from? Are there interdependencies?
  11. 11. Lessons from Catherine Lymon’s slides (CMS DITA 2010) • Sell Horizontally too • Benefit for Them (next month’s Dojo!) • OK to disagree as long as they commit
  12. 12. Life Science Company  Large international corporation with varied and complex products  Content volume is in the high thousands of docs with reused content – When something changes, they can republish them all without a human being touching it – Have extensive content libraries and ability to populate changes  View this as a Top Competitive Advantage – 5 staff support 60 users – Need to be as efficient as possible “This is Bottled Gold!”  Now looking at new, more interesting projects that can be implemented faster because content is already in XML.
  13. 13. The ROI of Transformative Adoption  Authoring content can start earlier in the process – no shipping delays for products.  Ability to provide customized output effortlessly – give the consumer information specific for their needs.  Single-source of content for multiple outputs - one source of truth to pull information from.  Ability to do more with less  Reuse of content  Data is in a Human Readable format  Automation of formatting
  14. 14. So Now What?  Find the hidden treasure at your company  Position it in a way that will gain executive attention  Map out where you need to be and how you’re going to get there
  15. 15. Need a Treasure Hunter? 408-660-3219