Iloilo x Hinilawod


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The Hero's journey in Ilo Ilo and Hinilawod (The Adventures of Humadapnon)
by: Lizette Tan

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Iloilo x Hinilawod

  1. 1. ELECLIT: MYTHPOP By: Anthony Chen The Adventures of Humadapnon By: Lizette Tan
  2. 2. Anthony Chen IloIlo is the debut feature film of Singaporean film director Anthony Chen. Set in the midst of1997 Asian finnancial crisis, the film follows a young Singaporean boy, Jiale, and his family. The boy’s crazy antics drive his parents to hire a Filipina maid, Teresa. The arrival of the Filipina bring about challenges as the family adapts to the stranger now living with them. It presents a unique bond the child and maid form as “Auntie Terry” begins to be part of the family.
  3. 3. Anthony Chen IloIlo was revealed by director Anthony Chen to be loosely based on actual accounts of his childhood. In his younger years, Chen too had a Filipina maid who took care of him and his brothers for a span of 8 years. The heartwarming tale of IloIlo has bagged itself several awards including the prestigious Camera d’Or prize for a full-length film at the recent Cannes Film Festival in France
  4. 4. The Adventures of Humadapnon Hinilawod is tells the epic of three demi-Gods of Panay. The epic is traditionally chanted for a period of three days. This presentation will focus on the Adventures of Humadapnon, a bachelor in search of his maiden
  5. 5. JIALE A young Singaporean living with his dysfunctional family. A delinquent who is eventually “tamed” by their Filipina maid. BUYONG HUMADAPNON Strong, handsome and wealthy. A bachelor in search of a maiden to spent his life with
  6. 6. The hero lives a normal life. This is the setting before the hero’s journey begins
  7. 7. JIALE is introduced as a naughty boy. Jiale’s parents are also seen as very busy and are unable to fully attend to their child. BUYONG HUMADAPNON is introduced as a great datu who is getting old and without a lady to call his own.
  8. 8. The hero faces a force that bring about the journey.
  9. 9. JIALE ‘s mother is forced to hire a Filipina maid (Auntie Terry) to take care of her child while she is occupied with work. Auntie Terry is characterized as obedient and respectful to all her employer’s commands. BUYONG HUMADAPNON ‘s spirit friends, Taghoy and Duwindi, appear to him in his dream informing him of a young maiden (Nagmalitong Yawa) that lived in the village by the mouth of the Halawod river.
  10. 10. The hero is scared and attempts to refuse the call.
  11. 11. JIALE refuses to cooperate with Auntie Terry. He continues to cause mischief . (Attempting to get Auntie Terry into trouble and not follwing her orders) BUYONG HUMADAPNON is restless and uneasy before begining his adventure. Thoughts of the place where Taghuy saw the maiden came into mind. (It was not explicit that he refused the call, he just had his doubts)
  12. 12. A powerful figure gives the hero power to continue his journey.
  13. 13. JIALE ’s contant clash with Auntie Terry eventually causes him to be accidentally hit by a cab. The event was an eyeopener for Jiale, Auntie Terry’s willigness to help him aided him in realizing her good intentions BUYONG HUMADAPNON ‘s sister , Uwa Labing Anyag creates a brother, Dumalapdap for Humadapnon to be his “side-kick”. (Uwa Labing motivation for creating a brother was to encourage Humadaplon)
  14. 14. The journey begins, the hero leaves the ordinary world to go forth the journey
  15. 15. JIALE ’s bond with Auntie Terry streghtens as they both become closer to each other. Jiale starts to accept Auntie into the family. BUYONG HUMADAPNON leaves with his golden bangka to venture into the open seas. His journey is faced with many struggles as they take a long journey. Humapadnon first has to conquer the two colliding mountains and then a 7 month journey in a bloody ocean.
  16. 16. The hero is faced with numerous challenges, there he meets his friends and foes.
  17. 17. JIALE ’s closeness with Auntie Terry is realized by her mother and she begins to be jealous of their budding relationship. BUYONG HUMADAPNON and his men then are enchanted by sorceress Ginmayunan and held captive for 7 years. During the captivity of Humadapnon he is challenged by beautiful maidens. In this obstacles Humapadnon must conquer his desires.
  18. 18. The journey is faced with setbacks where the hero is to utilize the things he has learned so far
  19. 19. JIALE begins to prefer to be with Auntie Terry over his family. On his birthday, Jiale asks for more pictures with Auntie Terry over his mother. Jiale’s mother becomes cold to Auntie Terry accusing her of smoking and stealing her clothes. BUYONG HUMADAPNON was later saved by Nagmalitong Yawa who transformed into Buyung Sunmasakay, she later reveals herself. The two instantly fall in love with each other and decide to get married after the wedding, Dumalapdap requests that Humadapnon accompany him to the upperworld to take to Nabalansang Sukla ’s parents.
  20. 20. The hero must face a great challenge
  21. 21. JIALE ‘s ultimate test comes when a classmate insults Auntie Terry. This escalates into a fight, Jiale’s classmate gets hurt. Jiale’s parents are asked to come and Auntie Terry comes as a proxy. This aggravates Jiale’s mother to tell off Auntie Terry. Jiale is punished by being spanked in front of the entire school BUYONG HUMADAPNON ‘s journey to the upperworld takes him over 7 years to complete. HumaHe arrive home to find out that his wife is set to marry Sumagulung. The two brothers were so angry that they killed all the guests and the groom. Humadapnon later also stabbed his wife to death upon learning of her treachery.
  22. 22. The ordeal brings about a reward for the hero
  23. 23. JIALE ’s parents start to work on their problems. They sell their car and start to spend more time with each other BUYONG HUMADAPNON is remorseful and regrets what he has done to his wife. Uwa Labing Anyag feels her brother’s sincerity and revives the fallen woman.
  24. 24. The journey back to the ordinary world
  25. 25. JIALE ’s parents cannot afford to have Auntie Terry to stay in their company. They are forced to ask her to return to the Philippines BUYONG HUMADAPNON . Nagmalitong Yawa is ashamed of her actions and runs away to upperworld. Humadapnon chases after her there he meets challenges.
  26. 26. The hero faces his final test.
  27. 27. JIALE is unable to accept that Auntie Terry will be leaving. He attempts to bet in the lottery to give his parents money but is unsucessful. A final scene between Jiale and Auntie Terry is heartwrenching as Auntie Terry bids farwell and tells the boy to learn to take care of himeself BUYONG HUMADAPNON Nagmalitong Yawa is ashamed of her actions and runs away where she meets a man riding the wind. Humadapnon’s love for his wife enables him to chase after her. Humadapnon challenges the stranger to a battle. In this battle, the two are equally matched and it lasts for 7 long years
  28. 28. The hero returns. He brings his “elixir” back with him to share to the other people
  29. 29. JIALE is left with his father as they await a new addition to the family. Auntie might have left but a new member awaits them. It wasn’t explicitly said but the arrival of the baby is Jiale way of learning to take care of others, being less selfish. BUYONG HUMADAPNON .‘s final battle results in neither of the two being victorious. Alunsia (the goddess watching over the two) does reveal that the two of them are related. As a result, Alunsina decides to half the body of Nagmalitong Yawa , giving each of them a part of her that Alunsia turns into whole. Humadapnon and his wife return to Panay to rule the land. The elixir , in this case, being love and the bravery of Humadapnon. Through the journey we learn his love for his wife and his willingness to battle, he becomes selfless.