Contribution And Social Media


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2012 Conference For Gobal Transformation session Media, Turn Your Promise On!

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  • Before you start looking for that special person, you need to get your personal act together…Find out what you want from life Get out there:Join Social clubsa gym ChurchWhere ever the people you are attracted to will be If you need it, get a make-overStart working outHaircutLadies, makeup, manicure, pedicureGet a wardrobe that highlights your assetsGet the word out to your friends, family, work colleagues – I am ready to get out there and find someone! Fix-upsInvite to parties
  • Finding ThemDefine who you are looking for, who is your crowd? Searching for your soul mate group Looking to connect with someone special, you first have to find them You have to hang out where the people you are looking to connect with hang outFriends introduce youOnline Dating sitesYou just happen to cross their path
  • You want to look your best for that special person, taking care in dress, grooming, car is clean, you have you business cardWhen you introduce yourself give them a reason to want to know youBe interesting, have something to talk about, engage them in conversationFind common interests, friends Listen for what is important to them
  • Once you have found that special person find out if they are interested in you…Create a way to connect and stay in touchGive them your cell phone, email address, skype, Facebook page or business cardInvite them to connect and tell them when they can expect to hear from you again
  • After the first date, you have to keep them interestedKeep the conversation freshHave each date be new, exciting, interestingGet to know them and find out what interests themFind out what they like, and surprise them with a special restaurant, tickets to a concert, show, movie, eventShow up with flowers and wine Show them that you care and that they matter
  • Let them get to know the “real” youInvite them home to see how you live, what you are really all aboutShow them your photo album and yearbooksShare your life, your family, your work, your interests and get to know theirs too Keep the conversation “real” and be authenticDon’t play games, and don’t wait too long to tell them that you care
  • Once you have committed to that special person, you need to buy the ring plan the perfect wedding…So how are you going to pay for the wedding….and the honeymoon? Do you have a DOWRY? Rich Relatives? Savings?
  • Contribution And Social Media

    1. 1. Turn Your Promise On!
    2. 2. Our Team:*Valerie Andrew*Marcus Bell*Liz Dietz*Janet Lester
    3. 3. *We want you TURNED ON, ALL THE TIME!* Twitter Hash Tags: * #CGTPROMISE * #CGT2012* Facebook Group –* Facebook Page –* ScoopIt Webzine with all of today’s resources –
    4. 4. * Social Media is about creating a relationship with a like minded individual.* You have to find the people interested in you and your Promise.* Once you find them, how do you attract them?* How do you keep them engaged?* How do you develop trust?* How do you make this a long-term relationship?* How do you fund your Priomise?
    5. 5. *Establish your Social Media accounts. *Create a new email account. *Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. *YouTube.*Create your online presence. *Create a Web Page. *Create a Blog. *Post videos on YouTube. *Create A Facebook Page or Group. *Create a LinkedIn discussion group. *Curate a Web magazine.
    6. 6. *Looking to connect with like minded followers, target sites where they participate. *Use Search Engines to find people and things that match your promise. *Participate and make yourself known on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Ning, or sites devoted to your area of interest. *Create a blog or curate an online magazine on your topic, use tags to identify your topic to search engines and Stumble Upon.
    7. 7. *Develop your brand…your online profile should be the best reflection of who you are. Get feedback from your trusted advisors.*Your website, blog, Facebook page or other venues should look as professional as possible.*Create a reason for people to pay attention, get engaged and following you.*Post often, discuss topics that people care about, share in a compelling way.*Connect to other people that are thought leaders, well connected, or people you can network with.
    8. 8. *Once you have someone interested: *Make your contact information available on your profile, website, blog, facebook page, ScoopIt site. *Share your credentials, establish your credibility. *Have a way to email you and provide comments, “like” your posts, “share” and repost them. *Ask them to join your mailing list.
    9. 9. * *After the first connection, you have to keep them interested, coming back for more. *Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, ScoopIt, YouTube or create a blog, and post often. *Use GoDaddy to buy a domain, create a website, WordPress to create a blog or website. *Keep your posts or content fresh, new, on-point and relevant. *Interact with them by “pushing” your blog or content via Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ScoopIt. *Send newsletters via your contact list, use Constant Contact or other mailing software.
    10. 10. *Let your followers see your passion for what you are up to.*Share your self, be real and most of all, be authentic.*Have everything about your website , your posts, your blogs, be congruous with who you say you are.* Invite them to join you in supporting your cause.
    11. 11. *Let your followers financially support your Promise: *Crowd Funding website resource list: *Kickstarter – *Indie GoGo – www,
    12. 12. *Launch your promise!*Start Sharing! Get out thereand spread the word!*Get online and let themiracles happen
    13. 13. * Social Sites: * Blogs and Micro-Blogs– * Facebook – * Twitter – * MySpace – * Google Blogger – www.myspace,com * WordPress - * Ning – * LinkedIn – business * Type Pad –* Content Management * Movable Type – * Drupal – * Live Journal – * Wordframe Integra – * Xanga –
    14. 14. * Video and Photo * Curation sites: Sharing sites: * ScoopIt webzine - * YouTube – * Pinterest – photo curation – * TubeMogul – * Social Media Tools: Vimeo- * Social Bakers – * HootSuite - * Flicker – * TinyUrl: * StumbleUpon –
    15. 15. * Fundraising: * Video Capture: * Kickstarter – * Screenflow - * Indie GoGo* Video Streaming Channel -