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This is the problem that we have in the city of pelileo a pollution of the rubbish that throw the street
Which affect the citizens who abdicate there

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  1. 1. HOMEWORK Name : Adriana Guato Course: 3 Level: ¨H¨ Date: January, Thursday,26/2017 Teacher: Alexandra Sarabia
  2. 2. in the city of pelileo garbage is a big problem and a terrible drama for the big cities of which caused infections and diseases, environmental pollution and vermin
  3. 3. definition garbage is all material considered as waste and needs to be disposed of. garbage is a product of human activities which is considered zero value by discarding.
  4. 4. causes the causes that generate the disease are mosquito-borne diseases, bad indigestion when consuming water contaminated by garbage, so in this topic we try to explain some solutions so that a healthy life does not happen and butter.
  5. 5. garbage is a danger to mankind but also to our planet, throwing sasura in the forests, rivers, streets are causing problems that over time we could self-destruct for it we must make people aware of not throwing trash.most ..
  6. 6. the classification of the trash is important for all, since that way we collaborate to deposit ourbasura in the right place and not continue to generate garbage in inappropriate places that harms us all, for that we could separate the garbage in the appropriate deposit
  7. 7. the solutions not to follow generating more trash and not to contaminate, we will deliver them in the following appraised, of which we will take and we will treat to solve the problem to the trash that day with day we generate and that hurts to the society.