Spectroscopy Standards for Small Volume Instruments


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Spectroscopy Standards for Small Volume Instruments

  1. 1. <br />In-spec® Solutions for Small Volume Instruments<br />Microplate readers, micro cuvettes and new spectrophotometer designs have allowed samples to be analyzed using µL instead of mL. This is great news for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries since many samples are difficult to obtain, have a limited supply or are too expensive to use in large volumes. While these advances can mean fewer resources used and lower costs, they also bring about their own challenges. One of which is finding a means of calibration and verification. The flexibility and customization options of the In-spec® standards make them the perfect solution for this challenge. <br />Whether your instrument automatically adjusts the absorbance readings to correspond with a 10mm path-length or they remain in a shorter path-length, we have the standards you need to have confidence in your instruments’ readings. You can choose the award-winning Nano-kit for DNA/RNA work or you can count on our knowledge & expertise to create custom standards that fit your exact processes. All of standards in the In-spec® line are NIST traceable and made without any animal derivatives. You have the same options as always to use the traditional potassium dichromate and holmium oxide standards or the non-toxic, easy to use UV, Vis and Dye standards. R&D through production; find out how In-Spec® has the solutions for your challenges.<br />For more information contact:Rachel Stapf In-Spec® Spectrophotometric Product Lineinspec@gfschemicals.comwww.inspec.com <br />