CHEMICALS                                                                      ®Innovation and Commercialization through  ...
ExCEllENCE ANd INNOvATION ACROSS THE PERIOdIC TAblE                                                                       ...
CORE INORGANIC MANuFACTuRING CAPAbIlITIESAcid distillation                                                                ...
YOuR TRuSTEd SuPPlIER FROM dEvElOPMENT TO PROduCTION                                                                      ...
Meeting the high demands of                                                                         Fortune 500 companies ...
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GFS Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing Overview


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Capabilities overview of GFS Chemicals Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing for Process Manufacturing

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GFS Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing Overview

  1. 1. CHEMICALS ®Innovation and Commercialization through ISO 9001:2008Chemistry INORGANIC CHEMISTRY • Acid Distillation • High Purity Inorganic Salts • Iodates and Periodates • Lithium Chemistry • Perchlorate Chemistry • Rare Earth Chemistry • Specialty Solutions
  2. 2. ExCEllENCE ANd INNOvATION ACROSS THE PERIOdIC TAblE THE GFS PROMISE At GFS, we pride ourselves on delivering the product you want, with the consistency you need, in the packaging and quantities you require. We work with you to make sure you have exactly what you asked for, exactly when you need it. • Consistent quality: We don’t operate on a lot-selection basis. We manufacture to your specifications to ensure consistent quality each time you order, no matter the quantity. • Reliable delivery: We are a U.S. supplier with our operating and manufacturing headquar- ters in Ohio. Our domestic supply chain ensures reliable delivery with minimal risk of interruptions due to overseas instability. • Expert guidance: Our PhD and master-degreed chemists have the experience and education to answer your questions and solve your problems. We put our deep experience in inorganics to work for you to meet some of the most difficult technical challenges in the industry. • Superior service: We make it easy for you to order. We’ll work within your inventory requirements, ensure that all certificates are in place, and ship materials in the quantities and packaging that you require. GFS is a world leader in the manufacture of perchloric acids and saltsFor more than 80 years, our clients have relied on GFS Chemicals to meet exacting stan-dards in inorganic chemistry for a variety of R&D and industrial applications. We produce inorganics to meet customer specifications with consistency fromsmall bottles to multi-ton lots. That’s why our customers count on us when they needconsistent purity and quality throughout the product development cycle, from R&D andprototyping to full production scale. Our inorganic chemicals are used in processes across many different industries.• Aerospace• battery Production• Fuel Cells and Energy• Catalysts• Electronics• Mining• Pharmaceutical• Semiconductors
  3. 3. CORE INORGANIC MANuFACTuRING CAPAbIlITIESAcid distillation Iodates and PeriodatesThrough proprietary technology developed Our Iodides, Iodates, and Periodates haveover fifty years, GFS has perfected the earned a worldwide reputation for theirdistillation process to produce high purity high quality and high purity. GFS productsacids distilled to part per billion and part have been used in everything from weatherper trillion levels with virtually no trace level modification to organic catalysts to analytical • Highest quality standardscontaminants. chemistry applications. • Special expertise with Perchloric Acid• Highest quality acids available, including • Strong, mature Iodine and Bromine • Additional high-purity Perchlorate salts Nitric, Hydrochloric, Perchloric, and Sulfuric feedstock supply chains ensure such as Magnesium Perchlorate, Lithium Acid, and many additional trace metal competitive pricing and availability Perchlorate, Sodium Perchlorate, and grade acids • Vertical integration in Iodic and Periodic Potassium Perchlorate• ACSuperior grade with certified PPB trace Acid production allows tight quality controls • Reduced-moisture Perchlorates available amounts of 20+ metals, plus boron, silicon, in the production consistency of the for special applications phosphorus, and sulfur associated salts• PPB grade acid packed in fluorinated HDPE • Capabilities include Iodine (Iodonium) (High Density Polyethylene) to prevent the Cations and Organobromine chemicals Rare Earth Chemistry absorption of elements such as boron and used as precursor and intermediate GFS has extensive experience manufactur- silicon for environmental and water testing materials ing and sourcing a wide range of rare earth starting materials for production operationsHigh Purity Inorganic Salts lithium Chemistry or laboratory use. • Highest quality materials from ACS reagentGFS produces inorganic salts with low parts GFS can supply many high purity Lithium grade through 99.99+% purity (ultra dryper million trace metal impurities for use in compounds, including Nitrates, Carbonates, and ultra pure)applications such as semi-conductors, elec- Iodates, and Perchlorates. • Specialized expertise with Cerium III andtronics, pharmaceutical and power storage • Produced from virgin Lithium Hydroxide Cerium IVapplications. Our expertise includes Nitrates, — not from low cost, low quality lithium • Capacity and experience across theChlorides, Carbonates, Perchlorates, Perio- raw material residues majority of the Lanthanide seriesdates, and more from ACS reagent grade to • Purity levels for some GFS products canultra high purity. exceed 99.99 percent• Vertical integration in high purity acid distil- • Economical depleted Lithium salts also lation allows tight controls on crystallization available technologies Consistent yet flexible batch production for process manufacturing• Many catalog products maintained in or batch manufacturing consistency Perchlorate Chemistry stock for timely delivery from small quanti- from lot-to-lot and year-to-year ties to bulk GFS is the world’s largest producer of Per-• Trace metal results listed on your certificate chloric Acid and specialty Perchlorate salts, of analysis and is a renowned resource on the safety and manufacture of these materials.
  4. 4. YOuR TRuSTEd SuPPlIER FROM dEvElOPMENT TO PROduCTION PilotAt GFS, our specialty is delivering materials • Verify repeatability at largerwith consistent quality every time you order. batch sizesThat’s why so many companies count on us • Verify product consistency withfor total lifecycle product solutions as they R&D samplesscale up new processes from R&D to full • Produce quantities needed forproduction. pilot purposes Research and development • Analyze and evaluate desired specifications • Develop samples and refine Production processes • Translate processes to large- • Test for repeatability and scalability scale manufacturing quantities • Produce small quantities for • Verify product consistency with R&D purposes R&D/pilot samples • Leverage economies of scale to produce quantities needed for production Evaluation • Monitor and evaluate needs throughout product lifecycle • Develop specifications for We supply bulk quantities from multi- new product needs kilograms to ton lots with special emphasis on one to ten metric tons. For scale up projects, we can supply many materials up to multi-metric ton lots through efficient batch production. Our onsite quality control team ensures that you will receive product consistency from lot to lot. And since we manufacture the materials, we can provide excellent technical support.
  5. 5. Meeting the high demands of Fortune 500 companies around the globeFor complete catalog information, visit us at Inorganicdevelopment@gfschemicals.comContact the inorganic development team at 1-800-349-3336 extension 323to discuss your project requirements or needs.Made in Ohio CHEMICALS ®