Greetings from morocco! [autosaved]


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Greetings from morocco! [autosaved]

  1. 1. Dream TripBy Liz Jones
  2. 2. Dear Emma G,Greetings from Morocco! Morocco is wassuch beautiful place with many wonderfulstop and sites to visit. My first stop is atTodra Gorge for a climbing adventure. Thereare about 400 different climbing routes toexplore there. Next I went to Meknes, a cityin northern Morocco. While in Meknes Ilearned that Meknes is the third imperial cityand sometimes it is the most overlooked.The last place I visited was Volubilis, aRoman city in Morocco. Volubilis is Romanruins but it is also decorated with beautifulmosaics and colorful tiles. It was abreathtaking stop. Overall I had such a greattime in Morocco.From,Liz Jones6000 Sarahcreek CourtRaleigh, North Carolina27607
  3. 3. Greetings from London!
  4. 4. Dear Laurel,Greetings from London! London has been anamazing stop so far. My days have beenslammed pack with things to do. My firststop was at the London Eye for a ride aroundthe giant Ferris wheel. The London Eye is 443feet tall and the wheel has a diameter of 394feet. It is the largest Ferris wheel in European the most popular tourist attraction in theUnited Kingdom. My second was at theTower of London, a historic castle on thenorth bank of the River Thames. Whileexploring the tower I learned that it’sactually name is not the Tower of London,but it’s full official name is His Majesty’sRoyal Palace and Fortress the Tower ofLondon. My last stop in London was Big Ben,a chiming clock. The tower was finished in1858 and is the third-tallest free-standingtower. I had a great time in London!From,Liz Jones7801 Ebenezer Church RoadRaleigh, North Carolina 27612
  5. 5. Greetings from Greece
  6. 6. Dear Emma C,Greetings from Greece! I loved it there somuch! My first stop was the Delphi Theatre.The ancient theatre was built in the 4thcentury BC and can seat 5,000 spectators. Mysecond stop was Meteora, one of the largestand most important complexes of EasternOrthodox monasteries in Greece . Whilevisiting the site I learned that Meteorameans suspended in the air or in the heavensabove in Greek. My final stop in Greece wasSantorini, an island in the southern AegeanSea. Here I went shopping and to the beach. Ihad a wonderful time in Greece and wish Ihad more time to explore.From,Liz Jones210 Old Pros WayCary, North Carolina 27513
  7. 7. Greetings from France!
  8. 8. Dear Emma Z,Greetings from France! I love France somuch! It’s one of my most favorite stops. Thefirst place I visited in France is the Palace ofVersailles, a royal castle. When I toured thecastle I found out that the castle 2,300rooms, 2,153 windows, and 67 staircases, itwas really cool. The next place I went wasthe Arc de Triomphe, one of the most famousmonuments in Paris. The arch was build in1806 right after the victory at Austerlitz byEmperor Napoleon. It was really pretty atnight. The last and best place I visited wasthe Eiffel Tower. From the ground to the firstfloor is over 300 steps so I walked a lot ofsteps when I visited it, however I stopped fora bite to eat because there are restaurantson the first and second floor. Overall I had agreat time in France!From,Liz Jones106 Spring Bud DriveCary, North Carolina 27513
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