Farmers Market


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Farmers Market

  1. 1. “Meet me at Third and Fairfax” Elizabeth Alexander Anthropology 102 ‘Cultural Anthropology’ Dr. Leanna Wolfe October 15th, 2009
  2. 2. Since 1934, Farmers Market has been one of LA’s favorite places for locals and out-of-towners. Its concept of being outdoors and its diversity remains it I authentic. You will find here restaurants, groceries, candy shops, poultries, coffee houses, and a bar.
  3. 3. This hallway connects the food court with the mall. You will find here the ATM, the restrooms, a souvenir coin machine, and its famous hand-made Farmers Market Green wooden shopping carts.
  4. 4. Eating at the Farmers Market is a social activity. Farmers Market variety attracts families, couples, and groups of friends to enjoy a delicious meal. It's hard to find a person eating by herself. People come here all dress down, they take their time to select and have their meal. Contrasting fast-food restaurants, here customers don't have any time of pressure on eating and leaving as soon as they can.
  5. 5. Eating is an entire ritual. So many options are offered at the Farmers Market that it delights your palate with the variety of Korean, Mexican, Mediterranean, Bistro, Brazilian, Italian, French, Greek, and Singaporean cuisines. You can also enjoy good coffee, tea, soft drinks, and desserts.
  6. 6. Choices, choices, choices… For sweet bites, many varieties of candies and nuts that it’s difficult to keep track. From chocolate, caramel, toffee, gummy Cole bottles, milk M&M caramel pretzel rod, dark chocolate caramel apple, jujubees, fruit slices, old fashioned ice cream to pecan, walnuts, macadamias, and flavored popcorns are found.
  7. 7. At the end of the food court, you will find all the candy shops and organic fruits and vegetables. Apples, potatoes, grapes, pumpkins, lettuce, peaches, melons, alfalfa, oranges, and seasonal fruits and vegetables are farm fresh produce year- round. Local vegetarians love shopping here.
  8. 8. For meat and birds, you can be helped behind the counter, and your order will be prepared exactly as you wish. The shops offers great advice about special cooking tips and suggestions.
  9. 9. Monsieur Marcel Restaurant & Wine Bar Its an informal gourmet restaurant place at the Farmers Market which decoration adds Parisian flair . Its lighted with candles and provides a huge selection of wine. It disrupts the entire concept of a gourmet restaurant giving a new concept of it in an open-market.
  10. 10. A bar in an open- market. Its selection of beer includes selected and rare brand names. People sit here to enjoy baseball games and hang out. Some other people, they stay close to the bar to watch the game without consuming anything.