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Catalog 2014 en

  2. 2. BEAUTY FIRST PERFORMANCE Dreaming of being special! Aspiring to be admired! As if you are a film heroine or a real movie star! If you got definitely prepared to starry changes in your life, meet the “BeautyFirst Performance”! Specially for you TianDe Corporation has created anexclusive scenario of your happy life, of your “Beauty First Performance”,permeated by the impetuous love, incredible beauty and immaculate health. The Heroine of a romantic melodrama is a person of a rich sensibilia, a City Story Star is active and trendy, a Spy Movie Actress is vigorous and determined ... Whatever genre you choose, the main role in the “Beauty First Performance” will belong only to you! Tiny cinema tricks concealed in the new catalogue will help you make an ultimate furor upon the numerous spectators. Become a Star of TianDe “Beauty First Performance”! Fill your soul with tenderness and your heart with love! Yours, TianDe Company
  3. 3. 01 0403 0502 17 11 16 06 07 08 09 10 12 13 14 15 colour line 3 Allure Apply Allur Lipstick with a Makeup brush № 2 on p. 9 from the lip central point towards the lips outline To make your makeup time proof, blot your lips on a tissue Apply the second layer of a lipstick ACTIONGENRE Luscious lips, cheeky nature and a spirit of adventure... Is it about you? Then try on the image of a mysterious seductress. Allure Lipstick A luxurious lipstick with natural emollients produces an elegant and noble look being applied. Combines a pleasant tactile sensation and a vivid visual effect. Gets evenly applied, does not bleed, produces long-lasting shine. Code: 80115, 3.8 g 10,90 EUR EACH CHARACTER OF A MOVIE IS A BRIGHT, UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY. WHAT ROLE WILL FIT YOU? MAKE YOUR CHOICE! SPECIALLY FOR YOU TIANDE HAS SELECTED A CHIC COLLECTION OF FILM IMAGES. PERHAPS, IN THE MORNING YOU ARE TENDER AND ROMANTIC, AND IN THE EVENING YOU PREFER BEING A FEMME FATALE... offscreen
  4. 4. 4 GENRE Mystery, magic and a life full of amazing discoveries. In this world there lives a beautiful fairy. Her desire to touch the miracle is reflected in a bright image. A bold combination of juicy shades of shadows, thick eyelashes – fairy enchanting and bodacious makeup! Sparkling Eye Shadow Rich colours and super glitter. A miscellaneous palette for any outfit! Tortillon – friendly shadows have a texture of a silky shimmering veil. Code: 80401, 10 g 8,50 EUR 11,90 EUR Modelling Mascara A polymer brush of a new generation gets twisted under different angles, while enhancing breathtaking effects! Instantly fits the curve for the creation of the open look effect. Easily removed with fresh water. Code: 80402, 6 ml Pencil Sharpener Makes you forget about the broken pencils through the sharpening process. For the pencils of both types: usual and extra size. Code: 90107, 1 pс. 1,70 EUR FANTASY City Style
  5. 5. 5 colour line Apply a green tone of the shadow crayon on the movable eyelid. For the juicy makeup apply the same shade from the sparkling shades palette upon the same area Apply some lilac shadow crayon on the unmovable eyelid up to the eyebrows line. Apply a sparkling purple shade on top Use a green tone shadow crayon to accentuate the lower eyelid with a delicate and thin line Apply several layers of Mascara 3,70 EUR Shadow Crayon A weightless creamy texture and a flickering effect. Can be used for tortillon over the entire lid or as a liner. Code: 80403, 18 g 01 pink metallic 02 brown 03 green 04 lilac 05 light blue 06 offscreen
  6. 6. 6 Cream–Powder Perfectly improves any skin imperfection, adapting to its natural tone. Creates a subtle silky finish. Code: 80803, 32 ml City Chic INGENRE Intrigues in the magnificent castles, knight tournaments, battles for the heart of a fair lady ... for the real aristocratic and elegant princess. Her charm is hidden in the perfect skin, fresh blush and open languishing look. 11,20 EUR 10,00 EUR Baked Eye Shadows Exquisite combination of a rich colour and nacre. The effect of the satin shine. Fashionable expressive colours are bright 12 hours long! Code: 80802, 1 pс. 2,50 EUR Foundation Sponge Ideal for the foundation application. Has an ultimate form for the toning of the hard-to-reach areas (around the nose and the eyes). Code: 90138, 2 pсs. OFMEDIEVAL LEGENDS 01 02 03 02 01
  7. 7. 7 colour line Bronzing Blush Instantly gives your face a healthy suntan tone. Visually refreshes, while perfectly emphasizing the features sculpturesqueness. Code: 80805, 9 g 12,50 EUR Apply white shadows with the applicator № 4 on p. 9 over the entire eyelid, highlighting the area under the eyebrows and the inside eye corner. This technique creates an effect of an open look Apply a cream powder on the T-zone. Blend thoroughly with a sponge over the entire face, focusing on the area around the eyes. Use the powder shade of one tone lighter – it visually rejuvenates and refreshes the skin Apply a grey shade on the eyelid crease, moving towards the temple. Use the same tone shadows to emphasize the outside eye corner Use the brush № 1 on p.9 to apply Bronzing Blush on the cheeks area with slight movements 01 02 offscreen
  8. 8. 8 City Chic GENRE Oh, love... How many pleasant moments are granted to us by this brightly magnificent feeling. Just recollect the scenes of how the melodrama heroines get prepared to meet their fate. Being excitedly inspired and therefore bewinged, they create a mindbending romantic image. Delicate smoky eyes, rosy cheeks and gentle kiss- challenging lips… Eye Shadows and Blusher Powder shadows with a lightweight fine texture give an effective and silky coverage. Their special formula makes the application even and the tortillon easy to perform. Code: 80801, 1 pс. 7,90 EUR 20,00 EUR City Chic Mascara Ideally and glamorously made up eyelashes. A supple brush with flexible setules provides for the immaculate eyelash division and boost. Code: 80804, 9 ml 04 01 02 85 114 150 155 165 166 173 301 07 14 31 12,20 EUR Voila Lip Gloss Makes lips shine with pearly glow. Creates a tender sensual image. Code: 81101, 6 ml FRENCH MOVIE
  9. 9. 9 colour line 5,90 EUR Makeup Brushes Handy modern brushes for the most glamorous and long-lasting makeup. Code: 90102, 5 pcs. set. 1. Powder and Blush Brush 3. Eye Shadows Brush 4. Eye Shadows Applicator 2. Lipstick Applicator 5. Eyebrows and Eyelashes Brush Apply several layers of Mascara Using the applicator apply a peachy shade of blush over the entire movable eyelid and blend it up from the inside corner towards the outside one. A darker shade (brown) is to be applied on the outside corner of the eye and the lower eyelid Slight brush strokes of blusher will ultimately accentuate the cheekbones and the cheek "apples” Juicy berry lips will crown a romantic image of yours. Use Voila Lip Gloss of tones 07, 114, 165 or 173 offscreen
  10. 10. 10 Silver hic and glittering” way is a life formula of the famous singers living in Chicago in the Roaring 20s. Ultimate daredevils... Their brightly provocative, but seductive makeup image remains the icon of style nowadays. “С Silver Satiny Eye Shadows Dou Exquisite Shadows of a silky texture and enriched with natural minerals are ideal for application. Create a twinkling and semitransparent makeup. Code: 81001, 4 g 5,90 EUR Eye & Lip Crayon Optimally soft slate pencil for creating a distinct line. Code: 80109, 1 pс. 2,60 EUR GENRE MUSICAL 01 Grey Light BlueRed Pink BrownBlack 02 03 04 05 06 01 02 03 04 05
  11. 11. colour line 11 Draw a thick black pencil line along the lash growing side, blend the shadows borders with an applicator Thoroughly draw the eyebrows with a pencil. Use the brush № 5 on p.9 to make them beautifully shaped Apply a silver tone of Shadows Dou № 1 over the movable eyelid and blend it well. An unmovable lid and the inside corner are both to be decorated with the beige tone shadows № 5 Draw a line with a black pencil on the interior wet eyelid Outline the lips with a pencil. Using a brush apply Silver lipstick of rich chocolate hues Silver Lipstick Easily and evenly applied, providing for a long-lasting intensive lip shine. Contains softening natural components. Code: 81002, 3.8 g 5,50 EUR 770 362 294 166 8107 9231 06 9119 52 S402 S202 440 297 242 066 9272 8148 9189 50 offscreen
  12. 12. 12 GENRE Music, parties, dancing until dawn is the lifestyle of a glamorous lady. What is the secret of her popularity? The bright makeup, indeed! Maximum brightness of the face and body, luscious lips and distinctly defined cheekbones make her a Disco Star. Face Gloss Loose radiant powder with a comfortable puff batch container gives a face and a décolleté a delightful and gentle flickering effect. Attracts attention to your advantageous areas. Code: 80107, 5 g 8,60 EUR 03-2 05 09 10-2 15 32-2 33 57 59 64 75 87 780-2 4,80 EUR Lipstick Enriched with natural pearl. Soft texture gives a feeling of a surprising comfort. Code: 80701, 3.8 g Stylish Tricolor Diamond Glow Shadows Super long-lasting baked shadows with fluorescent particles make it possible to create delicate hue transitions. Stay terrific all day long. The shadows have a hypoallergenic composition. Code: 80111, 3.5 g 9,10 EUR DISCO 11 Natural Pearl Golden Onyx 27 01 02 03 04 05 06
  13. 13. 13 colour line The under brow area is to be emphasized with white shadows Using a wet brush, apply a silver hue of Stylish Tricolor Shadows on the movable eyelid. Blend it up towards the temple, visually creating an arrow. Accentuate the lower eyelid likewise Slight brush strokes of blusher will accentuate the cheekbones and cheek "apples”, providing for a refreshed image Apply some amount of Face Gloss over the cheekbones and onto the décolleté area. A beautiful shimmering effect is ultimately achieved Apply a lipstick of light pink tones, ideal hues are 75, 03-2 or 05. Use the brush № 2 on p. 9, it your makeup will look delicate 01 02 Radiant Stylish Blush Has a luxurious satin texture. Fluorescent particles produce a chic light glow all over the face. Baked Blush is easy to get stumped, two tones are easily blended, creating a desired hue. Code: 80113, 3.5 g 8,90 EUR offscreen
  14. 14. 14 Ideal Balance Three Powders Set Has a unique formula that preserves natural balance of the skin (hydrobalance and pH level). Evenly applied. Suitable for the combination skin. Code: 80601, 60 g ROMANTIQUE GENRE Abeautiful nymph is the Goddess of Perfection. Her graceful movements can fascinate and her make up keeps the hearts of fans captivated. A sculpted face, a playful look and pearl lips make her image fresh and romantic.4,60 EUR Glamour Lip Gloss Has a thick pearlescent texture, which gives a deep fine glow and volume. Thanks to the light-reflective particles your smile looks gorgeous. Code: 80110, 10 ml set № 01 set № 02 set № 03 set № 04 14,90 EUR 12,50 EUR Fantasy Eye Shadow Palette Innovative Shadows can create a very intense makeup, as well as a watercolor semitone. Reflective pearlescent particles give an amazing unique shine. Code: 81201, 11 g 2233377485115
  15. 15. colour line 15 343 Glittering Terracotta 338 Aurora Borealis 348 Ancient Rose 349 Stardust 351 Prankish Lotus 355 Golden Savanna 363 Sugar 379 Pink Neon 380 Jealous Rose 301 Rock Crystal (Top Coat Fixater), 303 Golden Dream 304 Tender Temptation 306 Crimson Carnation 310 Icy Garden 311 Sweet Black Berry 312 Berry Punch 322 Berry Sherbet 331 Pink Happiness Apply light green hue of Fantasy Shadows over the movable eyelid from the inside corner towards the outside one and blend it up thoroughly. Use a skew brush № 3 on p.9 to accentuate the upper and the lower eyelids with pink shadows Apply some powder with a brush all over the entire face: a light tone goes to the middle part, and a dark tone- to the zone below the cheekbones. It’ll grant sculpturesqueness to your face Rouge your lips with a layer of Glamour Lip Gloss of hues № 85 or 22 Miss Te Ria Nail Lacquer will make a perfect image finish. Choose the tones 322, 351, 355 or 363  Miss Te Ria Nail Lacquer Light and rich, classical and extravagant, matte and pearl ... Tints are suitable for all styles and any occasion. Code: 80303, 8 ml 3,40 EUR Nail Polish Remover Pads Instantly and efficiently remove nail polish. Have a delicate acetone-free impregnation. Code: 90140, 32 pсs. 3,90 EUR offscreen
  16. 16. 16 In the soul of every woman there dwells a splendid determined and tameless vamp,who will be moving ahead no matter what. A Catwoman and her audacious makeup with bold arrows and rich lashes can hardly be missed, prove it by yourself! GENRE 8,50 EUR Mascara Instant volume- looking eyelashes! Advanced polymer base provides for an even application and a perfect colouring even in the corners of the eyes. Lengthens the lashes without tincturing. Easily removed by light water. Code: 80203, 9 ml Retractable Eye & Lip Liner A user-friendly pencil. The most comfortable and the softest application ever possible. Helps create a perfect contour. Rich colour does not fade throughout the day. Code: 80914, 1 pс. 4,90 EUR Moisturizing Lipstick Creates a stunning glossy effect, moisturizes and protects the lips from external negative factors. Contains natural wax and minerals. Code: 80202, 3.8 g 3,90 EUR FICTION • 12 Fantasy • 14 Perfection • 22 Glamour• 07 Intense • 34 Chic • 37 Terracotta • 40 Flamingo• 26 Tenderness • 48 Fairy Show • 55 Temptation • 79 Champagne • 86 Mystery • 93 Coral • 95 Ellas • 105 Olimpia • 109 Baroque 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
  17. 17. 17 colour line Accentuate the lower eyelid with a retractable eye & lip liner by coming forth the outside corner of the eye. To achieve the “cat’s eye” effect draw a line on the interior wet eyelid With gentle strokes draw a thin line of the eyeliner on the inside corner of the eye along the lash growing edge. Make a light arrow towards the temples To make eyelashes look voluminous apply several layers of Mascara Use the brush №2 on p. 9 to apply the lipstick to the middle part of the lips and blend well towards the external mouth contours 3,50 EUR Eyeliner Visually enlarges the eye, creating the “almond- shaped eyes” effect. A unique smudge-resistant formula. The watery base does not cause allergies. Equipped with a convenient applicator for precise and delicate application. Code: 80206, 6 ml offscreen
  18. 18. 18 Pro Visage GENRE The heroine is enjoying every minute of her life experiencing and incredible lightness. Her whole image is permeated with happiness, peace and... natural beauty. No shadows, no mascara and no lipstick, just a refreshed complexion and naturalness! 484 Opera320 Classic 352 Cancan 387 Salsa 361 Waltz018 Etude 113 Tango006 Flamenco 017 Serenade 209 Lounge026 Blues 462 Elegy 464 Rock-n-Roll17 Nocturne 6G Disco022 Rhapsody 641 Jazz638 Soul 645 Fusion 1,80 EUR Eye & Lip Cream Crayon Comfortable to apply and splendid to stay long. Does not stretch thin skin. If smudged with a brush it creates a natural makeup effect. Code: 80904, 1 pс. Master Nail Glassy File A crystalline coverage layer of tempered glass works in a delicate way. Makes nails manicured and look conditioned. Code: 90201, 1 pс. 4,30 EUR 10,90 EUR Pro Visage Foundation Powder Created specifically for the natural makeup followers. Adapting to the natural skin tone, the powder produces a splendid and light coverage. Recommended for normal and combination skin. Code: 80901, 12 g 10,90 EUR Pro Visage Nail Lacquer A professional composition for the long-lasting and spectacular manicure. Code: 80903, 15 ml CITYSTORY 01 02 03 05 08 10 14 15 19 25 31 34 35 38 1 3 2 4 Silver Pro Visage Drying Drops
  19. 19. 19 colour line Apply Pro Visage Foundation Powder over the face in circular movements A natural look requires prepa- ration. Use the nourishing serum for the eyelash growth for 21 days in the morning and in the evening. The result is long and rich lashes Draw a thin pencil thin line along the lash growing edge. Make a line come a little forth and up over the outside corner of the eye Cover the nails with Pro Visage Nail Lacquer and apply a layer of Drying Drops. You will not only protect the nail polish against splitting, but accelerate its drying as well. Ideal tones are 017, 17, 320, 352, 361 18,90 EUR Deluxe Lash Serum A healthy alternative to false eyelashes. Accelerates the growth of the eyelashes and improves their quality, increasing the volume and brightness. Code: 80902, 5 ml offscreen
  20. 20. 20 4. Green Fresh Eau de Perfume Light and sparkling fragrance, woven of the bouquet of exotic flowers and spices, Bulgarian Rose and pure ocean air. Code: 70107, 30 ml 1. Absolute Lady Eau de Perfume Explosive and delicate spicy and citrus fragrance for a stylish, seductive and dreamy woman. You are an absolute lady. Code: 70110, 30 ml 3. My Angel Eau de Perfume Gorgeous floral bouquet is impossible to forget. Its magnificent sillage will provoke romantic thoughts while promising engrossing adventures. Code: 70113, 30 ml 2. Crystal Love Eau de Perfume Airy, flowery and discreet fragrance for an easy-going, modern and sexually appealing woman. Code: 70111, 25 ml Forthefeminineandalluringone Fortheromanticandlove-wingedone Fortheaudaciousandlusciousone 9,60 EUR 16,60 EUR 17,30 EUR 18,20 EUR 1 32 4 Forthetenderandsophisticatedone WHATEVER ROLE YOU CHOOSE OUR FRAGRANCES
  21. 21. perfume 21 5. Power Eau de Perfume Luxurious, elegant fragrance for a solid man possessing a sense of energy, style and originality. Symbol of masculinity, individuality and exceptional nature. Code: 70114, 30 ml 6. Dominance Eau de Perfume Lively and optimistic fragrance for a modernizer, skillfully combining new fashion trends and a distinct personal style. The ultimate embodiment of elegance unchaining the brutal nature. Code: 70112, 50 ml 7. Set of Eau de Perfume Testers Code: 70108, 6х1.5 ml 5 6 7 For the elegant and energetic one For the brutal and charismatic one 17,10 EUR 7,90 EUR 15,60 EUR WILL PLAY ALONG PERFECTLY
  22. 22. 22 “Crystal Extravaganza” Bracelet Transforming spiral shape, fits all sizes. Material: Crystal. Length: 95 cm. Colours: Copper (2), Black Garnet (5), Black Extra Brilliance (6), Blue (7), Graphite (8),Silver (9). Code: 90032, 1 pс. YOUR IMAGE IS IMMACULATELY EMPHASIZED Put on a thin string of necklace around your neck. Braid the Crystal Necklace around your scarf or into your hair. Tangle several thread strings with a belt and put the emphasize on your waistline. STYLISH DECORATIONS WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT OF THE CROWD. AND HERE YOU ARE – IN THE CENTER OF A SINGLE PICTURE, GO AHEAD AND ... WIN! ENCHANTING GRACE IN A SURPRISING AND DELIGHTFUL WAY CREATIVE SOLUTION “Crystal Extravaganza” Necklace Material: Crystal. Length: 114 cm. Colours: Emerald (1), Copper (2), Golden (3), Red (4), Black Garnet (5), Black Extra Brilliance (6), Blue (7), Graphite (8). Code: 90027, 1 pс. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 5 6 7 8 9 14,50 EUR 10,10 EUR
  23. 23. fashion jewelry 23 DIRECT YOUR LIFE! 3. “Shell” Pendant (large) Many people consider a shell shape to be the erotic symbol of femininity. Made of Natural Nacre. Code: 90007, 1 pс. 4. “Sleeping Pussy Cat” Promotional Gift Attracts good fortune. Code: 100629/1, 2, 1 pс. 5. “Christmas Bunny” Promotional Gift Attracts pennies from heaven. Code: 100627, 1 pс. 1. “Health” Pendant It will help you and your family maintain excellent health through the years. Code: 90028, 1 pс. 6. “Bunny” Promotional Gift Grants harmony and well-being. Code: 100630/1, 2, 1 pс. 2. “Happiness” Pendant A strong accumulation of the positive energy for becoming happy with little effort! Code: 90029, 1 pс. 7. “New Year Tree” Promotional Gift Keeps a fairy sensation of the magic throughout a year. Code: 100628/1, 2, 1 pс. 24,50 EUR 24,40 EUR 24,40 EUR 28,50 EUR 28,50 EUR 28,50 EUR 28,50 EUR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 1 1 2 2 2
  24. 24. 24 SPA technology GRANT YOURSELF WITH SPA-DELIGHTFUL MOMENTS: SPLENDID CARE AND GENTLE CLEANSING THE BLOSSOM OF YOUR BEAUTY 1. Marine Algae Cleansing Milk Delicate cleansing. Code: 10204, 150 g 2. Green Tea Cleansing Gel Refreshed complexion. Code: 10201, 150 g 3. Beauty Ocean Cleansing Gel Pores contraction. Code: 10202, 150 g 4. Natural Beauty Antibacterial Cleansing Gel Prevents acne formation. Code: 10203, 150 g Cosmetic Cleansing Sponge Perfectly cleans the skin. Soak with water before use. Code: 90136, 12 pсs. 6,20 EUR 6,20 EUR 6,20 EUR 6,20 EUR 6,90 EUR 1 2 3 4
  25. 25. 25 face careBEAUTIFUL SKIN – MEANS SELF-CONFIDENCE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A PHOTO SESSION OR A SCREEN AUDITION – YOU LOOK PERFECT! Olive Peeling Olive Oil is the energy your skin. Code: 30207, 120 g Pomegranate Peeling Pomegranat stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin. Code: 30206, 120 g Lemon Peeling Lemon makes skin look matte. Code: 30201, 120 g Peach Peeling Peach makes skin feel phenomenally gentle. Code: 30208, 120 g Grape Peeling Grape is a powerful regenerative and moisturizing element. Code: 30205, 120 g Milk Peeling Improves and evens the complexion. Code: 30203, 120 g Apple Peeling Apple is enriched with “youth granting” Vitamins A, E and C. Code: 30209, 120 g Cucumber Peeling Cucumber perfectly refreshes the complexion. Code: 30204, 120 g 7,40 EUR ACCELERATING OF THE SKINNATURALREGENERATIONPROCESS! OFASINGLEPICTURE IN THE CENTRE
  26. 26. 26 SPA technology Which cosmetic procedures do the movie stars resort to in order to restore their skin? Mechanical cleansing, facelifts and other tedious and at times painful procedures...“FIXED” SPA EFFECT Enough is enough! There is a tremendous alternative – TianDe amazing masks! Give your skin a pleasant relaxing treatment as a present – and the title role in a happy life will belong purely to you and your beauty! motion While getting solid the Modeling Mask excellently "fixes" face and body contours, providing a lifting effect. The air-tight film, which is formed during the mask application, promotes skin deep hydration, improves its colour and strengthens the facial contours. 4,80 EUR 1. Green Tea Powder Mask Code: 50222, 100 g 2. Placenta Powder Mask Code: 50223, 100 g 4,80 EUR 4,80 EUR 3. Wheat Germ Powder Mask Code: 50221, 100 g 4. Hairband Soft cotton lycra-containing hairband with a touch fastener. Code: 90101, 1 pс. 2,20 EUR Slows down the ageing processes Restores youthful looks Grants vitality in the Lead! With Beauty 1 2 3 4
  27. 27. 27 face care Beauty does not require any sacrifice! z Pleasant deep cleansing z Miraculous lifted skin perception 6,80 EUR 6,20 EUR 6. Placenta Film Mask Code: 50202, 80 g 7. Aloe Film Mask Code: 50201, 80 g 5,20 EUR 5. Pearl Powder Instant Mask 100% natural pearls. Used as a mask, powder, as well as it can enrich cosmetics. Code: 50224, 100 g Prevents skin fading Removes blackheads 100%natural pearls Saturates skin with vitamins, refreshes and rejuvenates 5 6 7
  28. 28. 28 Pro Comfort Spend 15 minutes experiencing blissful comfort. Your skin is as fresh as the morning dew, as soft as the rose petals, your skin gets young and brilliant... in the flicker of a second! Pro Comfort Masks are created for the true devotees of relax procedures. Their unique natural composition gives an unmatched feeling of absolute comfort. This is not just a mask, it is the relaxation and the endless joy of the ultimate beauty-effect! 1. Hyaluronic Acid Hydro Intensive Face and Neck Mask Provides the effect of “instant beauty”, profoundly moisturizes and helps to improve skin tone, while maintaining external smoothness and firmness – skin turgor. Code: 52901, 1 pс. 2. Ling Zhi Revitalizing Face and Neck Mask Renders a strong regenerating action, prevents the appearance of premature ageing signs and nourishes skin with energy, increasing its protective function. Code: 52902, 1 pс. 4. Coenzyme Q10 Intensive Rejuvenation Face and Neck Mask Helps reduce wrinkles, improves turgor and skin elasticity, while smoothing the micro relief and removing redness and irritation. Code: 52903, 1 pс. 3. Mineral Complex Regenerating Face and Neck Mask Vitamin and mineral first aid for the tired face and neck. Saturates skin with vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, improves turgor and elasticity. Code: 52904, 1 pс. 2,60 EUR Any for Instant Moisturizing Mighty Regeneration Eternal Youth Extra Regeneration in the Lead! With Radiance1 2 3 4 motion
  29. 29. 29 face care Natural Firmness and Radiance 5. Vitamin C Clarifying Face and Neck Mask Saturates cells with oxygen, stimulates regeneration and protects the skin against harmful environmental influences. Makes skin elastic and radiant. Code: 52905, 1 pс. 6. Royal Jelly and Propolis Nourishing Face and Neck Mask A real cocktail of anti-ageing and rejuvenating ingredients, which smoothes wrinkles, improves skin tone, restores skin’s elasticity and radiance. Code: 52908, 1 pс. 7. Lotus Rejuvenating Tonic Face and Neck Mask Strengthens the skin barrier function, maintaining a high level of moisture, slows down the processes of premature ageing, refreshes and brightens the complexion. Code: 52906, 1 pс. 8. Pearl Vibrant Beauty Face and Neck Mask Restores and maintains the optimum moisture levels, neutralizes free radicals, preventing the appearance of the skin age-related changes. Code: 52907, 1 pс. 2,60 EUR Any for Vital Power Reliable Protection Incredible Freshness 5 6 7 8
  30. 30. 30 Dual System in the Lead! With Vitality "Dual System” has a fundamental approach towards maintaining your beauty, while rendering a long-acting effect. BioGold Emulsion delivers valuable ingredients of the moulage soaking coat deep into the skin and guarantees an appalling result! Do you really think it the appearance of movie divas is an unattainable dream? TianDe throws up the stereotypes in the air! "Dual System" makes you irresistible! 1. Fruity Acids Rejuvenating Face and Neck Mask Renders a delicate peeling effect, making skin tender, soft and radiant. Code: 51403, 1 pс. 2,90 EUR 2. Placental-Collagen Face and Neck Mask with Red Caviar Extract It protects skin against stress, providing rich nutrition and stimulating skin regeneration. Code: 51405, 1 pс. 2,90 EUR 3. Bird’s Nest Extract and Pearl Powder Face and Neck Mask Splendid face lifting and face contour modeling. Code: 51408, 1 pс. 2,90 EUR Smoothes Wrinkles Efficient Lifting Removes edema and double chin Apply a modeling mask on the face, remove it in 15-20 minutes, rinse your face thoroughly with water Fix the results by applying BioGold Regenerating Emulsion motion 1 2 3
  31. 31. 31 face care 4. 100% Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask Deeply hydrates skin, making your eyes radiant and youthful. Code: 51401, 1 pс. 5. Collagen Face and Neck Mask with Ginseng Extract Increases skin vitality and resiliency. Code: 51409, 1 pс. 7. Anti-Edema Face After Party Mask Restores healthy complexion, removes alcohol-induced skin swelling and redness. Code: 51406, 1 pс. 6. Placental-Collagen Face and Neck Mask with Biogold Accelerates cell division and renewal of the skin. Saturates skin with oxygen. Code: 51404, 1 pс. 8. Placental Eye Mask with Shark Fat and Olive Leaves Extract Removes swelling and baggy lower eyelids. Code: 51402, 1 pс. 2,00 EUR 2,90 EUR 3,10 EUR 2,90 EUR 2,00 EUR Restores tonus and elasticity Fights skin stress Protects against premature ageing Regenerates and charms inflammations away Revives vitality 4 5 6 7 8
  32. 32. 32 Skin Triumph in the Lead! With Freshness GO AHEAD, ENJOY THE TRIUMPH OF YOUR BEAUTY! Do you appreciate a consistent and fundamental approach to your beauty? "Skin Triumph” is distinctly what you need! Each pack contains 10 masks – as many as you need to have a complete cosmetic restoration course. 15,40 EUR Active Oxygen Face and Neck Mask Saturates the skin with oxygen, improves metabolism, moisturizes and excretes toxins. Enhancing the production of Collagen and Elastin, it smoothes wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity, firmness and radiance. Code: 54101, 10 pсs. Grape Seed Face and Neck Mask Smoothes wrinkles, enhances Collagen production, improves water intercellular exchange. Grape Extract renders a powerful antioxidant effect, tones, tightens and refreshes the skin. Code: 54102, 10 pсs. Tones skin and nourishes it with Vitamins 15,40 EUR Revives elasticity and radiant looks motion
  33. 33. 33 face careDREAM OF GETTING A SWIFT-HAND NEW LOOK? IT’S EASY! THE UNIQUE SYSTEM OF “DE LUXE” IS ABLE TO RESTORE YOUR SKIN’S HEALTHY LOOKS, TO GET RID OF ANY SIGNS OF FATIGUE OR STRESS, AS WELL AS TO SMOOTH OUT THE WRINKLES Silk Face and Neck Mask Activates cell renewal, instantly restores skin healthy looks, whilst intensively moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Relieves irritation and exfoliation. Code: 50142, 1 pс. 24 Karats Face and Neck Mask Provides deep nourishment of the skin, while restoring its structure and activating cellular processes. Saturates the tissues with oxygen. Reduces pigmented spots. Code: 50141, 1 pс. APPLY NECK MASK APPLY FACE MASK FIX THE RESULT WITH THE MOISTURIZING EMULSION Moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin Nourishes the skin and saturates it with beneficial elements 2,90 EUR 2,90 EUR
  34. 34. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 34 With Perfection Do you long for looking great all through the day, every day, day after day, spending only 10-15 minutes on your beauty? Exclusive TianDe Cream Masks, requiring no rinsing off – is what you, a person of mobile and energetic nature, need! Day Cream Masks will prepare your skin for a stress-filled day, as well as will charge it with energy late into the night. Night Masks will remove tension of the skin after an exhausting day and will ultimately help cope with stress. DURING THE DAY… 1. Galanthus Clarifying Cream Mask Mask with a comfortable fresh texture profoundly hydrates the skin, restoring its radiance, rendering an instant skin soothing effect, while evening tone and improving the complexion. Code: 50108, 35 g 2. Calla Soothing Cream Mask Calla grants the skin with unique adaptive qualities, creating a natural protective barrier against aggressive environmental impacts. Quickly relieves irritation and redness. Code: 50112, 35 g 3. Peach and Sake Rehydrating Cream Mask Mask hydrates skin, while saturating it with vitamins and minerals, as well as stimulating microcirculation and cell renewal. Code: 50106, 35 g 4. Sinowilsonia Refreshing Cream Mask Renders strongly pronounced tonic properties, protects the skin from premature ageing and influence of germs. Code: 50107, 35 g 7. Marine Elixir Regenerating Cream Mask Provides deep hydration, nutrition and skin strengthening. Helps eliminate slags and toxins. Code: 50111, 35 g 6. Aloe Moisturizing Cream Mask Promotes a deep and long-lasting hydration of the skin, while protecting it against harmful environmental influences. Code: 50109, 35 g 5. Glacier Water Cream Mask Instantly restores energy and conditioned looks to the skin, weakened by stress and the unfavourable external factors. Code: 50110, 35 g 3,10 EUR Healthy Complexion Reliable Skin Protection Vitaminous Regeneration Natural Energy Intensive Moisturizing The Ideal Balance Radiant Freshness in the Lead! motion
  35. 35. 35 face care 35 … AND IN THE EVENING There are only two simple steps towards the ideal! BLOT WITH A DAMP CLOTH!APPLY IT FOR 15 MINUTES! 1,70 EUR 8. Loquat Cream Mask Loquat is a great tonic for the skin. Strengthens Collagen fibers, reviving skin elasticity and conditioned looks. Code: 50105, 1 pс. 9. Bilberry Cream Mask Bilberry saturates skin with a cocktail of Vitamins and Minerals, granting it with a natural, gentle radiance, making it look fresh and smooth. Code: 50103, 1 pс. 10. Tomato Cream Mask Tomato is a treasury house of minerals and organic acids – it does not only cope with stress, but as well profoundly contributes to the skin cell renewal. Code: 50102, 1 pс. 12. Grape Cream Mask Grape regenerates and stimulates cell renewal, meanwhile excreting skin toxins and enhancing skin protective properties. Code: 50104, 1 pс. 11. Green Tea Cream Mask Green Tea nourishes skin with polyphenols, while saturating it with vitamins, which can quickly penetrate deep into the cells, nourish and protect them, helping skin stay young and supple. Code: 50101, 1 pс. Healthy Elasticity Fresh Complexion Stress and Fatigue Elimination Excellent Tonus Youth and Health 8 9 10 11 12
  36. 36. 36 1. Stop Acne Lotion Influences upon any acne appearance, profoundly cleanses the skin, absorbs excess sebum and restores the physiological balance of the skin, while removing post acne defects and improving the complexion. Code: 13203, 7 ml Solution Sunflower Lecithin, β-Glucan, Hyaluronic Acid Wild Camomile Essential Oil and Wild Camomile Extract, Coconut Oil, Fatty Acids Licorice, Arbutin, Silk Amino Acids, Stephania Glabra Extract, Tocopherol, Squalene GET RID OF ACNE! GET FREE OF COUPEROSIS! ELIMINATE PIGMENTATION! 11,10 EUR 2. Capillary Restoring Cream Active anti-couperosis complex normalizes microcirculation in capillaries, preventing vascular spiders. Visibly eliminates skin redness, while evening the complexion. Code: 13201, 15 g 3. Depigmenting Face Cream Cream composing innovative lightening ingredients and Herbal Extracts enhance melanin production, eliminate pigmented spots and even the skin tone. Code: 13202, 15 g 1 3 2 18,60 EUR 22,20 EUR
  37. 37. 37 face care 4. Smoothing Eye Patch Due to the thermo effect the patch active components penetrate deep into the skin and get almost completely absorbed. Focused impact helps remove wrinkles, refresh the skin and remove baggy lower eyelids. Code: 13204, 1 pс. FORGET ABOUT ACNE, WRINKLES, PIGMENTATION AND VASCULAR SPIDERS! “SOLUTION” MAKES YOUR SKIN PERFECT IN EVERY SHOT! • Porlulaca Extract even reduces the size of profound wrinkles. Working at the muscular level, it prevents skin micro contraction and improves microcirculation. • Hyaluronic Acid intensely hydrates the skin, stimulating cell regeneration. • Caffeine regulates moisture balance, reduces puffiness, tones and smoothes the skin. • Caffeine Alginates have a pronounced calming and soothing effect. 4 CLOSE-UPDo you want to enhance the effect of the lightening cream? At least twice a week use any TianDe Peeling. After the exfoliation procedure, the horny skin barrier is removed and the Cream substances penetrate deep into the skin and act effectively. As a result your skin is immaculate and your complexion is healthy. 2,50 EUR Screen Version
  39. 39. 39 face care 5. Anti Acne and Scar Cream Evens complexion and skin texture, reduces acne. Code: 11323, 20 g 11,70 EUR 1. Cleansing Gel Provides deep pore cleansing and sooths the skin. Code: 11319, 100 g 7. Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Strip Absorbs impurities in a natural way. Code: 11325, 1 pс. 2. Anti Acne Lotion Refreshes and removes inflammations. Code: 11320, 60 ml 4. PhytoCorrector Reduces inflammation, has distinct antibacterial and drying properties. Code: 11322, 10 g 8. Clear Pore Cleansing Strip Active in-depth pore cleansing of the blackheads. Code: 11317, 1 pс. 3. BioComplex Instantly removes inflammation focuses. Code: 11321, 25 g 1. CLEANSE AND PROFOUNDLY MOISTURIZE THE SKIN 3. LEAVE IT ON TILL FULLY DRIED UP 2. REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE FILM 7,90 EUR 1,40 EUR9,70 EUR 8,80 EUR 1,20 EUR 2,60 EUR 9,50 EUR 9. Anti Acne and Scar Mask Deeply cleanses the skin, removes blemishes and post acne scars. Code: 11307, 35 g 89 EUR Anti-acne mask is especially effective if applied systematically. If you want to get rid of acne and restore healthy skin tone, use a mask every day for 2 weeks. Afterwards 2-3 times a week to maintain the acquired result. 6. Cleansing Sponge Perfectly cleanses skin. Natural basic formula. Code: 90137, 2 pсs. 1,50 EUR CLOSE-UP Screen Version
  40. 40. 40 Zhenfei perfect 1. Gentle Cleansing Milk Gentle skin cleansing. It leaves a great sense of comfort and elasticity. Code: 12802, 90 g 11,90 EUR 2. Express Peeling Gently remove the horny layer of the dermis, stimulating cell renewal. Instantly reduces wrinkles and pigmented spots. Code: 12801, 90 g 13,70 EUR P erfect unwrinkled skin, flawless complexion, vitality and freshness... What is the secret of your perfection? Unique “Zhenfei perfect” Series knows the answer! THE SECRET OF THE STARRY APPEARANCE The complex of bioactive substances affect the wrinkles of various depths Natural components promote metabolic processes, therefore stimulating them and "pushing" the wrinkles from the inside 1 2
  41. 41. 41 face care 14,90 EUR 3. Rejuvenating Energy Emulsion Restores the vitality of the cells, returning mature skin tone and youthful glow. Smoothes wrinkles and facial lines. Code: 12805, 45 ml 13,60 EUR 14,90 EUR14,20 EUR 6. Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Gel Triple action remedy: deep nutrition, skin strengthening and wrinkles smoothing. Your gaze grows remarkably younger! Code: 12806, 30 g 7. Lifting Eye Cream Gel A refreshing gel-cream texture gets instantly absorbed, profoundly saturating the skin with moisture. Relieves stress, reduces dark circles and baggy lower eyelids. Code: 12807, 30 g 13,60 EUR 5. Intensive Hydrating Cream Restores skin healthy hydrobalance and stimulates cell renewal, smoothing wrinkles and protecting the skin against the harmful environmental impacts. Code: 12803, 55 g 4. Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Care Cream Highly effective for night care treatment. Stimulates the natural production of collagen, restoring skin elasticity and smoothness. Code: 12804, 55 g Algae Extract effectively softens and moisturizes the skin, while rendering a distinct bactericidal effect, enhancing Collagen synthesis, as well as improving skin tone and elasticity. Jojoba Oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, has pronounced anti-ageing, sun- screening and wound-healing properties. Shea Butter Tree Oil deeply nourishes the skin, improving its elasticity, restores the structure, activates cellular processes, while smoothing fine lines. Pea Peptide restores skin elasticity, making it look elastic, actively normalizes skin hydro balance. Shavegrass Extract stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reduces inflammation, promotes tissue regeneration and pores contraction. 3 4 5 6 7
  42. 42. 42 Tibetan Herbs Двойное эффективное действие на кожу: на поверхностные слои на глубокие слои Двойное эффективное действие на кожу: на поверхностные слои на глубокие слои 7,90 EUR 1. Facial Peeling Moisturizes the skin, removes wrinkles. Code: 12107, 75 g 7,30 EUR 2. Anti-Wrinkle Cleansing Milk Gives a silky effect. Perfectly cleanses, nourish- es and grants a pleasant feeling of comfort. Code: 12108, 100 g PERFECT SKIN WITHOUT GREASE PAINT S ay no more to hiding age- related imperfections! Get rid of them with the healing plants of Tibet. “Tibetan Herbs” – you’re perfect, you’re inartificially natural... Double effective action upon the skin: on the surface layers on the deep layers 1 2
  43. 43. 43 face care 8,80 EUR 3. Multiaction Lotion Cleanses and soothes the skin, normalizing its pH-balance. Revives elasticity and freshness. Code: 12109, 120 ml 7,90 EUR 4. Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Mat Effect Cream Activates cellular respiration, stimulating metabolic processes in tissues. Nourishes the skin, whilst reducing wrinkles and pigmentation signs. Code: 12110, 50 g 7,90 EUR 5. Efficiently Moisturizing Cream Immediately restores skin tone and a healthy level of hydration. Protects against unfavourable environmental impacts. Code: 12111, 50 g 16,90 EUR 6. Eye Skin Care Intensive Treatment Complex Moulage Mask and Phyto Essence provide active nutrition of the eye skin, eliminating puffiness and “crow's feet” effect. Moisturizes the skin, restoring its radiant looks. Code: 12106, 100 pсs. + 10 ml Hamamelis Extract renders a tonic and antiedemic action, improving the condition of vessels, as well as normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands and softening the skin. Crocus Sativus Extract excretes toxins and stimulates the metabolism in cells, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while preventing its age-related changes. Allantoin regenerates and protects the skin, while moisturizes and soothes, while making it look it smooth and supple, as well as eliminates shedding and revives healthy complexion. Angelica Extract activates blood circulation, stimulating regenerative processes in tissues and rendering a distinct anti-inflammatory action. Aloe Vera moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin, improving its elasticity and tone. 3 4 5 6  Based on Oriental Medicine Recipes
  44. 44. 44 6,90 EUR 1. Sheep Placenta Peeling Dead Skin Removing Cream Quickly renews the skin, stimulates metabolism. Code: 10301, 80 g YOUTH ENCORE! N o matter what role you play in your life, you should always look great! Use fabulous remedies of the Placental Series and revel in your everlasting youth. The Action of the Placenta Protection Regeneration at the Cellular Level Renewal Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E Interferon Transforming Growth Factor Coenzyme Q-10 Vitamins A, E, C, D, PP, H Amino Acids Microelements Placenta Series 1
  45. 45. 45 face care 6,90 EUR 2. Sheep Placenta Moisturizing Nourishing Cream Restores the hydrophile- lipophile balance, eliminates shedding and tightness. Code: 10304, 50 g 6,90 EUR 3. Sheep Placenta Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Cream Returns facial skin vitality and elasticity, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Code: 10303, 50 g 6,90 EUR 4. Sheep Placenta Dispel Spot Cream Evens out the skin tone Relief and restores skin tone. Effective for the post-acne treatment. Code: 10302, 50 g 7,50 EUR 5. Sheep Placenta Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Instantly refreshes eye skin. Reduces the visible age-related signs. Smoothes wrinkles, renders a magnificent skin toning and firming action. Code: 10306, 50 g 6,90 EUR 6. Sheep Placenta Natural Look Foundation Cream Efficiently combines the properties of a concealing and nourishing cream. Code: 10305, 50 g Sheep Placenta Extract prevents skin ageing and restores it due to the new cells formation, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, enhances the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin, significantly improving the immune system. Sprouted Wheat Oil moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles, eliminating shedding and irritation. Aloe Vera Extract is a natural biological stimulant that increases skin protective properties, accelerating the regeneration of the tissues. Propolis renders a distinct antibacterial, antitoxic, anti- inflammatory and stimulant action, promoting skin restoration and rejuvenation. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is a powerful antioxidant that slows the ageing process, preventing unfavourable environmental impacts upon the skin. 2 3 4 5 6
  46. 46. 46 Восстанавливающий тоник Refreshes and tones the skin, instantly moisturizing and making it elastic. Increases the efficiency of subsequent cosmetic care procedures. Code: 13504, 100 ml Проникая во внутренние слои кожи, коллаген восстанавливает структуру коллагенового волокна Структура кожи заполняется коллагеном, становится гладкой и упругой Проникая во внутренние слои кожи, коллаген восстанавливает структуру коллагенового волокна труктура кожи заполняется коллагеном, становится гладкой и упругой 30,80 EUR Marine Collagen E very woman has a secret gift of an actress... Unlock your talents and “Marine Collagen” will take gentle care of the ultimate appearance of a movie diva! 1. Revitalizing Toner Refreshes and tones the skin, instantly moisturizing and making it elastic. Increases the efficiency of subsequent cosmetic care procedures. Code: 13504, 100 ml Penetrating deep into the inner layers of the skin, Collagen restores the structure of the collagenous fibers Skin structure filled with Collagen becomes smooth and supple 1 MOVIE STAR PERFECTION…
  47. 47. 47 face care 28,60 EUR 2. Nutritious Rejuvenating Night Cream Provides a comprehensive restoration of the skin from within, reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, strengthens the skin structure, while improving elasticity and lifting facial contours. Skin looks supple and firm. Code: 13502, 30 g Омолаживающий дневной крем Обеспечивает пролонгирован- ное увлажнение и питание кожи. Разглаживает мелкие морщинки, повышает тургор кожи, защищает от негативного влияния свободных радикалов. Придает свежий сияющий вид. Code: 13501, 30 g 3. Rejuvenating Day Cream Provides a prolonged skin moisturizing and nourishing effect. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin turgor, protecting it against the negative influences of free radicals. Makes skin Revives skin radiant looks. Code: 13501, 30 g 4. Smoothing Eye Gel Cream Reduces puffiness and dark patches, smoothes wrinkles, protects against the negative impacts of free radicals. Code: 13503, 15 g COSMETICS PREM IUM CLASS 30,80 EUR30,80 EUR 2 3 4 Marine Collagen is the analogue of the human protein, that is why it can be easily and profoundly absorbed into the skin, it renders an active and comprehensive rejuvenating effect, enhances skin elasticity, moisturizes, regenerates, nourishes, smoothes wrinkles, grants a lifting effect and protects against harmful sun irradiation. Algae activates skin self-protective mechanisms, stimulates circulation and cell regeneration, regulates acid-basic equilibrium, while noticeably improving skin conditioned looks. South Seas Pearls contain 22 kinds of amino acids, which are the basic material for the creation of new healthy cells, 18 microelements, Magnesium, Calcium, Ferrum, Silicon, Vitamins B, D and Proteins. Promotes rapid tissue regeneration and slows down the cellular ageing processes. Hyaluronic Acid actively moisturizes the skin, promotes a longer action of the cosmetics composing biologically active substances, boosting their effectiveness. Provitamin B5 stimulates skin regeneration, making it feel soft and supple. It is as well composed of: Tocopherol, Centella Asiatica, Retinol, Allantoin, Jojoba oil, Squalene, etc.
  48. 48. 48 BEING SPLENDID THROUGHOUT THE DAY… 3. Olive Energy Cream Strengthens and regenerates tired-looking skin, gives energy and super hydration. Code: 12028, 50 g 1. Olive Antiacne Cleanser Provides gentle cleansing. Prevents appearance of the oily sheen and the “blackheads”. Code: 12024, 100 g 2.OliveFacialAntiacneLotion Reduces inflammation, irritation and contracts pores. Code: 12027, 100 ml “203040…” TIMELESS BEAUTY BEING SPLENDID THROUGHOUT THE DAY… WITH OLIVES! 9,90 EUR 10,80 EUR 12,90 EUR Olive is one of the strongest natural anti-stress components. The remedies based of this amazing plant grant with energy and strength, firm the cells and prolong youth. 1 3 2 motion TIMELESS BEAUTY
  49. 49. 49 face careBEING SPLENDID THROUGHOUT THE DAY… 4. Aloe Facial Cleanser Cleansing with no tightening effect. Code: 12001, 100 g 7. Aloe Facial Hydrating Toner A stunning effect of the long-lasting hydration. Code: 12026, 100 ml 6. Aloe Balance Clarifying Toner Delicately refreshes and moisturizes skin. Code: 12002, 100 ml 8. Aloe Balance Cream Hydrates and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands. Code: 12016, 50 g 5. Aloe Facial Cleanser Clear Pore Effectively cleanses. Helps to treat acne. Code: 12025, 100 g TOTAL FACE CARE COMPLEX “203040...”! Every woman is a goddess of radiance and beauty. She is always attractive! What is her secret? 8,90 EUR 9,30 EUR 8,50 EUR 9,90 EUR 10,80 EUR 5 6 7 8 4 Aloe Vera is one of the strongest natural phyto moisturizers. The Universal healer of the plant kingdom hydrates dry skin, renders a matting effect over the oily one and soothes the sensitive one. WITH ALOE VERA! BEING SPLENDID THROUGHOUT THE DAY… motion
  50. 50. 50 Wheat Proteins stimulate the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin, nourishing the stress- affected skin. Silk Proteins protect and prevent dehydration. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which stimulates skin renewal. Aloe Vera moisturizes, softens and soothes skin. “203040…” BEING SPLENDID THROUGHOUT THE DAY… WITH THE PLANT KINGDOM RICHES! 1. Cleansing Milk Gently cleanses and normalizes pH- and hydrobalance. Code: 12003, 100 g 2. Moisturizing Toner Restores moisture balance of the skin, soothes and smoothes its texture. Code: 12004, 100 ml 3. Optimum Hydration Day Cream SPF-12 Saturates skin with moisture, promotes skin regeneration, while protecting it against harmful UV rays. Code: 12017, 50 g Greet the advanced formula of your favourite products! Specially to meet the needs of the sensitive skin there is a unique soothing phyto composition. 1 3 2 9,20 EUR 10,00 EUR 11,20 EUR motion
  51. 51. 51 face care z The effect of the radiant and smooth skin z Macro hydration and reducing of wrinkles z Unique and charming tactual sensations BEING PERFECT IN THE EVENING... z Even tone z Supple skin z Profoundly cleansed and hydrated 7. Silk Touch Intensive Moisture Mask The base and soaked coating are both made of natural silk. You witness a magical feeling and an effective result. Facial skin regains its fresh look. Code: 12023, 38 g 4. Delicate Peeling Gel Deep and coincidently gentle cleansing, skin smoothing and oxygenating. Code: 12009, 100 g 8. Active Peeling Gel Code: 12029, 3 g 9. Silk Touch Moisturizing Cream Code: 12030, 3 g 8 9 7 5 6 4 Silk Protein penetrates deep into the layers of cell division, activating biochemical regenerative reaction and reviving fresh looks to a very tired face. 11,90 EUR 0,50 EUR 0,50 EUR 5,20 EUR 5. Active Peeling Gel Grants a unique smooth and conditioned looks. A visible reduction of wrinkles and pores contraction. Code: 12008, 80 g 6. Silk Touch Moisturizing Cream Restores damaged cells, intensely moisturizing skin and smoothing the wrinkles. Code: 12022, 50 g 12,00 EUR 14,00 EUR motion
  52. 52. 52 2. 24-Hour Hydrating Cream Complex of Vegetable Oils and Extracts provide extra intensive moisturizing. Code: 12018, 50 g 3. Active Anti-Wrinkle Essence Intensively corrects age-related changes of the skin. Composed of Collagen, Aloe, Hamamelis, Hyaluronic Acid. Code: 12011, 30 g 1. Firming and Lifting Cream Collagen and Vitamin E provide an excellent lifting effect. Code: 12020, 50 g “203040…” RELAXING AT NIGHT… Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Vitamins, Allantoin, Aloe, Lipids, Silk Proteins... At the heart of all these products there is a genuine natural diversity for your youth and beauty. 2 3 1 4 14,20 EUR 13,90 EUR 12,50 EUR 4. Recovery Night Cream Revives fresh complexion and skin youthful looks. Code: 12019, 50 g 10,80 EUR motion
  53. 53. 53 face care 6. Anti-Wrinkle BioGold Eye Cream Gel Effectively reduces wrinkles. Restores skin elasticity. Code: 12013, 30 g 5. Revitalizing BioGold Cream Gel Provides profound vitamin nutrition, restores skin functions, which are distinctly peculiar to the young age. Code: 12021, 30 g THE BEST EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOUR EYES! Composed of: BioGold, Peptides, Wheat Germs, Hyaluronic Acid Composed of: BioGold, Hibiscus, Hedera Helix, Tocopherol Composed of: BioGold, Hibiscus, Hamamelis, Hyaluronic Acid Composed of: Peptides, Jojoba Seed Oil, Tocopherol 12,90 EUR 12,90 EUR 7. Firming and Lifting BioGold Eye Cream Gel Reduces puffiness. Removes dark patches. Code: 12012, 30 g 8. Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel Combines the most powerful natural rejuvenating ingredients. Reduces wrinkles, removes black patches and puffiness. Code: 12014, 30 g 5 6 7 8 BioGold and Peptides are both the strongest natural rejuvenating components that have a strong recovery capacity. 13,60 EUR 16,20 EUR motion
  54. 54. 54 Collagen Active Youth Blockbuster 8,50 EUR 1. Delicate Cleanser Gently cleanses, smoothes and soothes the skin, granting with a pleasant feeling of comfort and tenderness. Code: 12701, 100 g 2. Delicate Moisturizing Toner Effectively cleanses, refreshes, tones and moisturizes the face, neck and décolleté, relieving any irritation. Code: 12712, 150 g 15,70 EUR 4. Intensive Lifting Cream Tightens and rejuvenates the skin, restoring its tone and elasticity. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles, softens and nourishes the skin with vitamins. Code: 12703, 50 g 12,30 EUR 3. Firming Face and Neck Emulsion Regenerates skin cells, improves its tone and elasticity. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Code: 12705, 100 g 13,60 EUR z Gives a visible lifting effect z Improves skin tone and colour z Strengthens the skin structural framework HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN 1 2 3 4
  55. 55. 55 face care 7. Extra-Firming Face Contouring Gel Makes skin firm, while smoothing its texture. Reduces the amount of fat deposits in the cheeks and a double chin area. Removes swelling and enhances facial contours. Code: 12707, 150 g 12,60 EUR 5. Firming Anti-Couperose Essence Restores the tone and elasticity of capillaries, removes vascular net on the skin surface, as well as fights redness and inflammation. Code: 12706, 30 g 15,60 EUR 6. Lifting Eye Contour Cream Tightens the eye skin, reviving its young and healthy looks, fights fatigue and a feeling of heavy eyelids. Reduces baggy skin and dark patches under eyes. Code: 12704, 15 g 16,90 EUR 8. Anti-Cellulite Firming Body Cream Effectively treats cellulite and fatty deposits, improves microcirculation, normalizes lymphatics draining, shaping a slender silhouette. Excretes toxins, removes puffiness, restoring skin elasticity and smoothness. Code: 32708, 150 g 13,20 EUR z Makes your silhouette slim and slender z Excretes toxins ANY MOVIE SHOT OF YOU IS A REAL MASTERPIECE. WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? – THE UNIQUE FORMULA OF “COLLAGEN ACTIVE” SERIES. 5 6 7 8
  56. 56. 56 Collagen Active 4,20 EUR 2. Crystal Collagen Eye Mask Refreshes, moisturizes and strengthens the eyelid skin. Rendering a rejuvenating and lifting effect, it smoothes fine lines. Code: 12710, 1 pс. 3. Intensive Lifting Corrective Facial Mask Complex of herbal extracts alongside the Hydrolyzed Collagen nourishes the skin with moisture, strengthens it, preventing premature ageing. Reliable moulage fixation (postaural) provides the effect of the face “tightening”. Code: 12711, 1 pс. 5,20 EUR 1. Crystal Collagen Facial Mask Mask tight fixation and the thermal effect provide the absorption of nutrients up to 97%! Strengthens and tones the skin, smoothes its surface, slows the ageing process, and corrects the facial contours. Code: 12709, 1 pс. 3,40 EUR z Instant lifting and hydration z Skin relief evening z Slowing down of the ageing processes, regeneration z Effective skin tightening z Smoothing of wrinkles net z Elasticity restoration 1 2 3 Wonder-Working Collagen
  57. 57. 57 face care AWAKEN THE INNER RESOURCES OF YOUR SKIN AND BE IRRESISTIBLE! 5. Eye Corrective Serum in Capsules Unique moisturizing and regenerating remedy for the delicate eye skin. Act as a strong agent protecting skin against free radicals. Code: 10102, 36 pсs. х 0,7 g 23,60 EUR 4. Corrective Serum in Capsules Makes skin delightfully velvet like and soft. Instantly gets fully absorbed leaving no oily sheen, improves metabolism, enabling a thorough nutrition. Code: 10101, 36 pсs. х 0,7 g 21,90 EUR z Effectively nourishes and moisturizes z Makes skin firm and supple z Freshens the complexion, slows down the ageing process z Removes any signs of fatigue and stress z Improves complexion and skin texture z Quenches skin “thirst” 4 5
  58. 58. 58 1. Cleansing Milk Thoroughly cleanses the skin of impurities and makeup, gives a feeling of comfort. Composing Vitamin C strengthens skin protective properties, refreshes and revitalizes the skin. Code: 13801, 100 g 2. Refreshing Toner This is a real vitamin bomb and first aid for dehydrated skin. Effectively cleans the skin, removing the remnants of makeup and cleanser, maintains the natural skin balance. Gives a feeling of freshness and purity, prepares the skin for the further face care treatments. Code: 13802, 100 g Vitamin C VITAMIN С stimulates Collagen synthesis and cellular respiration, regenerates the skin. VITAMIN С strengthens the tissues, nourishes, protects and prevents skin ageing. VITAMIN С activates blood circulation, brightens, reduces pigmentation, improves immunity. DOUBLE-QUICK TIME SUPER CLEANSING SUPER AGENT “VITAMIN C” IS A SPECIALIST IN THE KEEPING YOUTHFUL LOOKS! BREATHE! MOISTURIZE! SHINE ON! 6,20 EUR 8,00 EUR 1 3 5 6 2 4
  59. 59. 59 face care 5. Renewal Facial Cream Revitalizing, vitamin-enriched cream. The active ingredients of cream provide adequate nutrition and hydration while you are asleep, recover damaged cells, neutralize aggressive factors, charge skin with energy, prevent and smooth the first wrinkles. Code: 13804, 50 g 6. Makeup Removing Pad Delicately and effectively cleanses face and neck. Code: 90139, 1 pс. 3. Light Facial Moisturizing Cream Light moisturizer provides long-term, intensive skin moisturizing. Instantly makes skin feel smooth, look radiant and healthy, providing tone and elasticity. Vitamin C enhances the protective properties of the skin, preventing premature ageing. Code: 13803, 50 g 4. Eye Contour Cream Cream moisturizes and protects the delicate eye skin, preventing the premature appearance of wrinkles, reducing puffiness and dark patches. Eye skin becomes softer, smoother and more radiant. Code: 13805, 25 g NIGHT NOURISHMENT IS ENERGY AND RADIANCE 6,20 EUR 6,20 EUR 7,70 EUR 3,10 EUR PROTECTION AND HYDRATION THROUGHOUT THE DAY KEEPING SKIN YOUTH – MISSION IS POSSIBLE! Is an even and beautiful complexion something you ultimately aspire for? Include “Piaoliang” BAA into your daily ration. “Vitamin C” cosmetic products and these beauty capsules guarantee a stunning result. Screen Version
  60. 60. 60 TRANSDERMAL SKINRECONSTRUCTION NANO CORRECTOR Lifting Effect The result’s in 7 days: firm skin, significantly tightened facial and neck contours. Code: 12201, 3 g /7 ml NANO CORRECTOR Botox Effect The result’s in 7 days: reduced number of wrinkles with the whole preservation of the facial mimic expressions. Code: 12202, 3 g /7 ml z Localmusclerelaxation z EnhancestheproductionofCollagen z Smootheswrinkles Apply to dry, clean skin once a day (in the morning) – with a moderate problem and for the prophylaxis, 2 times a day (morning and evening) – with a pronounced problem (in the morning and evening, 2 hours before bedtime). APPLICATION 1) Squeeze a few drops Meso Cocktail (remedy № 1) over the tips of your fingers and spread over the skin. 2) In addition, the second layer of the Meso Cocktail should be applied to the problem-prone areas. 3) Apply a small amount of microcapsules (remedy № 2) to the fingertip and spread it over the Meso Cocktail treated problem-prone zones with percussive movements. 4) Massage your skin for the regular spreading of the remedy. z Saturates the lower layers of the dermis with Collagen z Activates the synthesis of its own Collagen fibers z Restores the skin elasticity and distinct facial contours 44,70 EUR 44,70 EUR
  61. 61. 61 face care STARRY EXPERT BEAUTICIAN MesoRoller is the first class specialist in the field of comfortable rejuvenation. Effective procedure will not only make your skin perfect, but also will grant you with an enjoyable massage. MesoRoller Enhances the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin, restoring the whole young skin. Through 0.2 mm-deep pricking the applied cosmetics gets profoundly absorbed and “work” with a vengeance. Code: 90141, 1 pс. z Get rid of wrinkles and post-acne scars z Gives a powerful impetus to the skin cells to regenerate z Increases the absorption of cosmetics z Gives smoothness and elasticity z Improves blood circulation 40,00 EUR FRESH HEALTHY SKIN TONE COMES THE VERY NEXT DAY! How to enhance the action of MesoRoller? It's possible! Add the usage of NANO CORRECTOR to a regular course of needle massage. The result – a restored tightened skin – will not keep you waiting! Screen Version
  62. 62. 62 2. Milk Hand Care Cream Milk Protein and Allantoin will grant unmatched softness to your skin. Code: 40101, 80 ml 3. Sheep Embryo Essence and Aloe Vera Hand Cream Relieves irritation and skin shedding, eliminates breaking and brittle nails. Code: 40103, 80 ml 4. Placenta and Pearl Hand Cream Promotes active cell regeneration, while brightening and evening skin tone. Code: 40104, 80 ml 5. Aloe Vera Extract Regenerating Hand Cream Cream Composing Aloe Vera is a strong phyto moisturizer. Works well against shedding. Code: 40102, 80 ml 6. Sheep Milk Nourishing and Moisturizing Hand Cream The unique combination of properties – nutrition and hydration – for the conditioned look of hands. Code: 40105, 80 ml 1. Ling Zhi Rejuvenating Hand Cream Ling Zhi Extract will smooth out your skin all day and all night. Code: 40106, 80 ml THE SOFTNESS OF YOUR TOUCH WOMAN’S HANDS ARE A MAGNET... ONE GENTLE ELOQUENT TOUCH CAN SAY A LOT WITHOUT WORDS 2,00 EUR 3,50 EUR 3,40 EUR 2,00 EUR 3,40 EUR 5,50 EUR 2 4 5 6 3 1
  63. 63. body care 63 7. Snake Skin and Oil Peeling Instantly removes skin callous layer. Increases the efficiency of subsequent cosmetics treatments. Code: 31104, 100 ml 9. Snake Oil Foot Cream Restores chapped skin. Grants feet with unique softness. Code: 41101, 80 ml 12. Snake Oil Repairing Foot Cream Removes plantar callosities and skin crevices. A unique fungus-fighter. Code: 41103, 30 g 8. Snake Oil Hand Cream Heals and restores the skin. Soothes irritation and softens the skin. Code: 41102, 80 ml 10. Warming Foot Cream Prevents appearance of roughness friction-made blisters and scratch marks. Gives a feeling of comfortable warmth. Code: 40108, 50 g 11. Snake Oil Antifungus Cream Prevents skin infections and renders a strong asepticizing effect. Controls unpleasant odour and excessive sweating. Code: 41104, 30 g REVIVED SKIN SILKY TEXTURE 6,00 EUR SNAKE OIL: Restoration of rough skin Effective hydration and nutrition Healing of wounds and cracks Getting rid of the fungus 5,90 EUR 2,00 EUR5,10 EUR 2,00 EUR 7,90 EUR 7 8 9 10 11 12
  64. 64. 64 1. Apply some amount of peeling gel upon wet hands 3. Apply the salt scrub 5. Apply cream upon clean hand skin 2. Rinse thoroughly with water 4. Rinse thoroughly with water 6. To achieve a better result, put on cellophane gloves for 2-3 minutes 7. Enjoy the silky softness of your hands! Deeply cleanses the skin, making it feel supple and elastic Enriches with Vitamins and Minerals, grants the skin with smooth and silky sensations Moisturizes, regenerates and grants with tenderness “Silk Perfection” Set Silk Protein Products in a handy set: Peeling Gel + Gentle Salt scrub + Hand Cream. Complex procedure gives a result totally compared to a saloon one. Unique hand softness and tenderness. Code: 43301/01/02/03, 120+150+80 g THE AWAKENING OF THE TENDERNESS1 2 3 4 6 5 7 18,60 EUR Hands can tell a lot about you, your age, health, and even your nature. In a matter of seconds “Soft Touch” professional Spa-procedure can turn you into a beautiful enigma – girl, granting your hands with tender, soft and youthful looks
  65. 65. body care 65 HANDI- CRAFT Dryness, shedding, redness ... Everything can be put right! Hand creams with natural extracts are ready to solve any problem in a matter of moments. Sweet Lemon Hand Cream The cream provides intense moisturizing skin and restores its protective properties. Lemon and Vitamin E revive fabulous hand skin looks. Code: 40110, 80 g Intensive Hand Care Cream Perfectly protects your skin against harmful environmental factors, eliminates irritation and shedding. Placental Protein intensely nourishes and softens the delicate skin, promoting effective recovery. Code: 40107, 80 g Sunny Olives Hand Cream Excellently restores skin softness and elasticity. Olive Oil and Pearl Extract grant the cream with magnificent nourishing and moisturizing properties. Code: 40109, 80 g Placental-Collagen Nourishing Hand Mask Placenta and Collagen are the strongest natural ingredients for the beautiful and youthful skin looks. Code: 51407, 1 pс. 2,90 EUR 1,70 EUR 1,70 EUR 2,20 EUR
  66. 66. 66 Tea Tree Foot Phyto Salt Renders a distinct antiseptic and antibacterial activity, profoundly softening feet and stimulating the immune system. Code: 41320, 50 g Lavender Foot Phyto Salt Renders a soothing effect, while removing a sensation of heavy feet and softening the rough skin. Code: 41321, 50 g Chinese Herbs Foot Phyto Salt An effective remedy to fight tired and heavy feet sensations. Has refreshing, antiseptic and relaxing effects. Code: 41322, 50 g Master Herb Lavender Essential oil Artemisia Extract, Taraxacun Extract and Cnidium Monnier Root Extract Chamomile Exctract and Tea Tree Essential Oil YOUR FEET DESERVE THE “RED CARPET” WALK! 1,50 EUR 1,50 EUR The foot baths taking is not only an effective cosmetic procedure that returns the aesthetic looks to your feet and heels. This is a real healing ritual, granting health and energy throughout the body. As a matter of fact, the reflectory zones of all organs are localized on the human foot. 1,80 EUR Master Quartz Pedicure File One side treats rough keratinized skin. The other side polishes feet soles. A visible result is achieved after foot bath taking. Code: 90202, 1 pс. 8,60 EUR Screen Version
  67. 67. body care 67 Herbal Tonic Foot Bath Treats and prevents foot fungus. Code: 42301, 26/8/12 g Warming Jeely Foot Bath Disinfects and cures colds. Code: 42302, 24/38/10 g 33 Talasso LIGHTNESS! FRESHNESS! MAGIC! One package contains three remedies Therapeutic Bath Massage Oil Sanitizer Removal of swelling and heavy feet sensation Prevention of foot fungus 4,90 EUR 5,40 EUR Refreshing Jeely Foot Bath Removes swelling and a feeling of heavy feet. Code: 42303, 30/32/10 g 4,90 EUR Cold and influenza treatment assistance
  68. 68. 68 Dolce Vita “Dolce Vita”is your sweet life day by day! M-M-M, IN THE MORNING YOU WANT SOMETHING SWEET... PLUNGE YOURSELF INTO THE DELIGHTFUL MOMENTS WITH THE FIRST SUNRAYS OF THE SUN, AND YOUR DAY WILL BE INCREDIBLE AND FABULOUS! 5,20 EUR 1. Mandarin Dessert Shower Cream Gel Bright, cheerful, gentle, sweet and tantalizing smell of a tangerine refreshes and invigorates. Gel perfectly cleanses and tones the skin, clears the mind and helps fight fatigue. Code: 33701, 200 ml 2. Chocolate Fantasy Shower Cream Gel The choice of every sweet tooth! Delicious Cream- Gel with a gorgeous creamy texture turns bathing into a real pleasure, while filling your bathroom with an intoxicating chocolate aroma. Has a relaxing and soothing effect on the skin, making it feel silky smooth. Code: 33703, 200 ml 3. Morning Coffee Shower Cream Gel The best thing we can start a new day with is an invigorating and refreshing shower. Let yourself get plunged into the pleasure – every morning with “Morning Coffee” Shower Gel. The Gel refreshes the skin, while cheering you up with the coffee aroma. Code: 33702, 200 ml 4. Apple Pie Shower Cream Gel Fruit tenderness and luxurious creamy texture of the Gel will grant your skin with ultimate bliss. Light airy foam gently cleanses the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and possessing a delicate summer fragrance. Code: 33704, 200 ml 1 2 3 4
  69. 69. body care 69 FRUIT TEMPTATION. YOU CAN’T RESIST IT! 6,20 EUR6,20 EUR 5. Summer Peach Shower Beauty Mousse Makes the skin feel smooth, supple, velvety soft and perfectly clean. Thanks to Peach Extract it contains all the soothing, calming properties of this miraculous fruit. Code: 30107, 240 g 6. African Mango Shower Beauty Mousse Forming a soft creamy foam, it gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Mango Extract has a terrific property to smooth the skin relief and remove wrinkles. Code: 30108, 240 g 7. Juicy Kiwi Shower Beauty Mousse Gently cleanses and conditions the skin every day. Thanks to Kiwi Extract and nourishing components the mousse improves skin tone, makes it firm, reducing signs of fatigue and granting with healthy radiant looks. Code: 30109, 240 g TheEnergyofYouth TheTendernessofSkin VitaminDelight 5 6 7
  70. 70. 70 Hainan Tao 1. Alpine Lavender Body Salt Scrub Lavender Essential Oil cleanses and nourishes the skin, relieving irritation and shedding. Code: 32610, 60 g 2. Royal Jasmine Body Salt Scrub Jasmine rejuvenates. The aroma relieves insomnia and cheers you up. Code: 32608, 60 g 3. Rose Petals Body Salt Scrub Rose Essential Oil has strongly pronounced antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Code: 32606, 60 g 4. Fresh Lemon Body Salt Scrub Lemon improves skin tone, normalizing metabolism and promoting weight loss. Code: 32611, 60 g 5. Green Tea Body Salt Scrub Green Tea gives the skin elasticity, eliminating toxins and enhancing natural protective properties. Code: 32614, 60 g 6. Mint Splash Body Salt Scrub Peppermint Oil is a magnificent refresher, which profoundly increases the skin protective functions. Code: 32612, 60 g 10. Milky Blues Body Salt Scrub Milk Protein Amino Acids nourish the skin, promoting cell renewal. Code: 32615, 60 g 11. Strawberry Shake Body Salt Scrub Strawberries neutralize free radicals, slowing down the ageing process. Code: 32607, 60 g 7. Magical Olive Body Salt Scrub Olive regenerates skin cells, rendering antiseptic and emollient actions. Code: 32609, 60 g 8. Sea Algae Body Salt Scrub The Algae increases the skin elasticity, moisturizing and make it profoundly strong. Code: 32613, 60 g 9. Oriental Sandal Body Salt Scrub Sandalwood Essential Oil rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, refreshing and toning it. Code: 32616, 60 g AffectionateFlowers RevivalEnergy SoulDelight YouthRadiance 2,30 EUR Hainan Tao 1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 9 10 11 Choose your temper!
  71. 71. body care 71 YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY IS A SPLENDID BESTSELLER! THE CARING TOUCH OF THE TEXTURES AND FLAVORS WILL MAKE YOU MELT IN A DELIGHT. 13. Aloe Shower Cream Succulent Aloe is an unsurpassed skin moisturizer, which makes it elastic and supple. Code: 32601, 350 g 14. Silky Rose Body Lotion Sensual Rose is a fabulous refresher, which grants the skin with the unmatched fragrance. Code: 32603, 350 g 15. Sunny Olives Shower Cream Gel Olive Extract combined with soft cleaning ingredients gently cleanses the skin, prolonging its youthful looks. Code: 32602, 350 g 16. Sunny Olives Body Cream Milk Olive Extract and Vitamin E nourish the skin, making it feel soft and velvet like. Code: 32604, 350 g 12. Sweet Dream Bath Foam It helps relieve stress, improving the quality of sleep and overall health. Code: 32605, 60 g Tenderness Delight Awakening 12 13 14 15 16 8,60 EUR 12,30 EUR 8,60 EUR 12,30 EUR 1,40 EUR
  72. 72. 72 SPA technology Body Salts are not only pleasant, but rewarding SPA-products. Use them as a scrub. Salt will make your skin baby soft and smooth fine lines. Aromas of Essential Oils help relax and give energy. BENEFIT AND SATISFACTION 2. Green Tea Body Salt Green Tea will tone the skin and excrete toxins. Code: 30215, 380 g 4. Lavender Body Salt Lavender Essential Oil relieves nervous tension and removes puffiness. Code: 30214, 380 g 3. Rose Body Salt Rose perfectly hydrates, refreshing and rejuvenating the skin. Code: 30216, 380 g 5. Honey Peach Body Salt Peach Extract makes your skin miraculously soft and smooth. Code: 30213, 380 g 1. Honey Peach Body Salt Code: 30221, 50 g 9,70 EUR 9,70 EUR 9,70 EUR 9,70 EUR 2,00 EUR 1 2 3 4 5 Screen Version
  73. 73. Movie: Nothing more... Directed: by You! Shots 1, 2, 3 Date: 2013 body care 73 3,40 EUR Anti-Cellulite Chili Salt Speeds up the metabolism, while detoxifying and smoothing the skin surface. Code: 30210, 80 g 12,50 EUR Anti-Cellulite Chili Cream Has a warming effect, improving blood circulation, “breaks” the fat tissue, as well as removes the “orange peel”. Code: 30211, 100 g Chili Abs Model Mask Removes wrinkles and sagged skin, while profoundly reducing volumes. Code: 30212, 1 pс. 2,50 EUR Shot One:Improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins! Shot Two:Farewell to the “orange peel”! Shot Three:Fighting centimeters and evening the relief! Happy End: Your beauty attracts the attention of men as a magnet.
  74. 74. 74 Sea Algae Waist MaskReduces the amount of subcutaneous fat, smoothes stretch marks, gives elasticity, as well as relieves swelling.Code: 50241, 1 pс. 2,60 EUR Sea Algae Bust Mask Restores bust shape, providesa tightening effect and preventsstretch marks. Code: 50242, 1 pс. 3,10 EUR Figure Spa – Rescue! GO AHEAD, TRY ON SEDUCTIVE OUTFITS! AND “SPA TECHNOLOGY” WILL GUARANTEE YOUR FLAT TUMMY AND GORGEOUS BUST. z Modeling the body shape z Toning and firming the skin z Providing a lifting effect SPA technology
  75. 75. body care 75 ATTRACTIVE POWER Bust Beauty Cream Eliminates stretch marks and loose skin. Rejuvenates the bust skin, pronouncedly stimulating cell renewal. Code: 32502, 100 g 24,00 EUR 2,50 EUR z Gorgeous bust shape z Firm and elastic kin z Reducing of stretch marks Bust Beauty Mask Stimulates the production of Collagen in the bust cells. Intensively restores the breast form, making décolleté skin look firm and conditioned. Code: 32501, 35 g IT’S NO SECRET THAT THE FEMALE ATTRACTIVENESS ENIGMA IS HIDDEN IN THE CHIC BUST SHAPE, WHICH IS GENUINELY ACHIEVED THROUGH THE USAGE OF UNIQUE PRODUCTS “MODEL UP” – A REAL SCULPTOR OF IDEAL FORMS. Model UP
  76. 76. 76 ARMED AND VERY… BEAUTIFUL! Model UP 14,50 EUR 1. Ginger Salt Body Gommage Cleanses the skin, stimulating blood flow and circulation in the tissues, improves drainage and protective function of the skin. Effective cellulite-fighting remedy. Code: 32507, 380 g 1 “MODEL UP” IS YOUR POWERFUL WEAPON AGAINST THE “ORANGE PEEL” AND EXTRA INCHES ARMED AND VERY… BEAUTIFUL!
  77. 77. body care 77 SPECTACULARS’ CHOICE 2. Bath Phyto Salt Sea Salt in combination with a complex of herbs helps you get rid of fat deposits and excess fluid. Give a pleasant feeling of relaxation and lightness. Code: 32506, 80 g 2,90 EUR 3. Lipo Reduction Complex Stimulates the elimination of toxins, “splits” body fat deposits. Reduces even the most pronounced appearance of cellulite. Code: 32504, 150 ml 15,40 EUR 5. Anti-Cellulite Patch Has an active anti-cellulite effect 24 hours a day, reduces the body volume. Code: 32503, 2 pсs. 6,50 EUR 4. Body Shaping Cream Effective remedy to combat cellulite and excess volumes. Has a comfortable texture for massaging. Code: 32505, 100 g 19,30 EUR 2 3 4 5 TOXINS ARE EXTERMINATED CELLULITE IS DEFEATED EXCESS WEIGHT IS OVERTHROWN
  78. 78. 78 A REAL MAN SETS UP RULES. IN HIS MANIFESTO ANY FEARS AND DOUBTS ARE DISTINCTLY REJECTED. ALL WHAT HE NEEDS IS – SPEED, CONFIDENCE AND STRENGTH! AND HIS APPEARANCE, ATTRACTING BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, IS GUARANTEED BY UNIQUE PRODUCTS FOR MEN. The victory over the oily shine and imperfections 1. Face Cleanser Perfectly cleanses the skin without overdrying it. Natural ingredients soften the skin and help keep moisture. Code: 10124, 100 g Absolute skin comfort. No irritation! 2. After Shave Balm Effectively soothes the skin after shaving, relieves irritation. Gives a pleasant sense of comfort for the whole day. Code: 10122, 100 ml 9,90 EUR 9,10 EUR 1 2
  79. 79. for men 7979 Tonus in the morning and in the evening is the energy for your new achievements For strong men’s hands The Brutal Man’s Carte-de-Visite 3. Recovery Cream Formulated specifically for men’s skin. Perfectly nourishes, hydrates, stimulates circulation, slows the skin ageing process and prevents its shedding. Code: 10123, 50 g 4. Hand Care Cream Excellently softens the skin and restores its elasticity. It is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin with a splendid feeling of comfort. Code: 40126, 50 g 5. Joss Eau de Perfume Composition: distinct Green freshness, enhanced by the Spices, sensual Amber, sincere Cedar and Clove notes. Code: 10125, 30 ml MASCULINITY PROCLAMATION 4,90 EUR 11,60 EUR 12,00 EUR 3 5 4
  80. 80. 80 Bio Rehab At the heart of "Bio Rehab" remedies is the Ginger Extract, which has a pronounced stimulating effect on the scalp. Therefore, using these products, you can feel a pleasant warming and a delicate tingling. z Stimulate hair growth z Prevent hair loss z Remove dandruff z Normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands Hair Growth Activator Shampoo Mountain Ginger Extract improves blood flow to the hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Code: 23401, 250 g Hair Growth Activator Mask Vegetable Proteins with cation properties, Mountain Ginger Extract, Ginseng Extract, Angelica Extract restore the protein structure of a hair, enhancing the activity of the hair follicles. Hair growth gets accelerated. Code: 23402, 250 g Hair Growth Activator Tonic At the heart of this remedy there is a rich bouquet of Tibetan Herbal Extracts, retrieved by means of the supercritical extraction technology. This provides distinctly concentrated beneficial properties. Code: 23403, 50 g HARMONY OF THE ANCIENT EASTERN WISDOM AND THE CIVILIZATION HERITAGE 13,30 EUR 13,30 EUR 15,10 EUR  Based on Oriental Medicine Recipes motion
  81. 81. hair care 81 GLOSS FIRST PERFORMANCE The main weapon of a woman is her gorgeous hair and ... Innovative Regenerating Serum! Feel an instant effect of this unique remedy, reviving your hair’s healthy colour and luxurious shine. z Instantly restores z Grants with shine and elasticity z Strengthens weakened hair z Deeply nourishes Hair Repair Leave-in Serum Penetrating deep into the inner layers of damaged hair, the Serum nourishes, strengthens and restores it. Prevents splitting ends. Revives hair shine, elasticity and its healthy conditioned looks. Code: 20121, 15 pсs. х 1.1 g 14,50 EUR SPECTACULARS’ CHOICE
  82. 82. 82 Panax Special Hair Care Set: Shampoo + Mask Code: 20101, 220 + 100 g Ginseng Shampoo Natural Ginseng, saturating hair with vitamins and minerals, restores its natural beauty and strength. Code: 20102, 450 ml Ginseng Recovery Hair Balm Protects against moisture and UV loss, stimulating hair growth and preventing its loss. Code: 20115, 500 g Crocodile Restorative Hair Mask Restores damaged hair, restores its healthy and conditioned looks. Protects against aggressive factors. Code: 20119, 500 g Shark Nutritive Hair Mask Contributes to the hair thickening and strengthening. Has excellent nutritional and tonic properties. Code: 20120, 500 g Intensive Nourishment and rapid hair Growth Extra regeneration and vitamin nourishment Anti-Stress Protection Strenthening and Toning 10,90 EUR 9,90 EUR12,90 EUR10,60 EUR10,60 EUR  Based on Oriental Medicine Recipes
  83. 83. hair care 83 "Shou Wu" is translated from Chinese as "does not let go gray." For many centuries in China it has remained as the most popular folk remedy against gray hair. "Ling Zhi" is translated as "the grass of the immortal." Accelerates the synthesis of collagen in the hair pivot and strengthens the roots. Activation of pigmentation and hair growth. For graying hair Strengthening and hair loss protection. For weak and recede hair 8,90 EUR 8,60 EUR 7,90 EUR Shou Wu Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo Code: 20108, 220 g Ling Zhi Hair Strengthening Shampoo Code: 20107, 220 g Shou Wu Hair Rejuvenating Balm Code: 20110, 220 g Ling Zhi Hair Strengthening Balm Code: 20109, 220 g 8,90 EUR THE FIRST PERFORMANCE OF YOUTH AND STRENGTH motion
  84. 84. motion 84 Master Herb "Golden Ginger" products consist of Ginger by 15%, which nourishes the hair and scalp with more than 400 useful compounds. Gold Ginger Shampo Stimulates the hair follicles and protects hair, making it voluminous-looking, while restoring its structure. Code: 21308, 300 ml Gold Ginger Balm Strengthens hair, promotes its growth. Improves its structure, making it soft and elastic, as well as removes dandruff. Code: 21309, 300 ml z Control the high fat content in the hair roots z Get rid of the dryness of the hair tips z Prevent dull, brittle hair z Prevent dandruff 13,60 EUR 13,60 EUR
  85. 85. hair care 85 HEALTH AN ENERGY FIRST PERFORMANCE Should your hair certainly glow with beauty and health! So, you need “Master Herb” products on the basis of a unique recipe of the Chinese Herbal Medicine z Restore pigmentation z Stop the process of hair loss z Grant with healthy and conditioned looks 17,70 EUR 17,70 EUR Anti Gray Hair Shampoo Stimulates the production of Melanin, the recovery of the natural pigment, recreates the structure of the outer and inner hair layers. Code: 21315, 420 ml Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Increases blood flow in the hearth of baldness. Strengthens the roots damage repair the hair cuticle. Code: 21310, 420 ml 10,90 EUR Damaged Hair Treatment Cream Balm Enriches hair with nutrients and vitamins, has a pronounced regenerating and moisturizing effect. Code: 21316, 500 g Anti Hair Loss Treatment Cream Balm Promotes cell division, stimulates the activity of the blood and lymphatic vessels. Restores intracellular metabolic processes. Code: 21311, 500 g 10,90 EUR  Based on Oriental Medicine Recipes
  86. 86. motion 86 Aloe Rich Composing Aloe intensely moisturizes the hair, saturating it with natural antioxidants (Vitamins A, B, C, E), more than 30 microelements, 18 amino acids and minerals. z Restore vitality z Nourish directly from the root up to the hair tip z Make hair voluminous-looking 6,90 EUR 1. Aloe Volume Up Shampoo Excellent and delicate care for the weak and thin hair. Grants it with splendid voluminous looks and radiance. Code: 20117, 200 g 2. Aloe Glossy Volume Balm Saturates the hair with moisture and essential nutrients, strengthens, making it pronouncedly volume-looking. Code: 20116, 460 ml 10,30 EUR Prevents hair splitting Protects against Dandruff Solves the oily hair problem Grants with shiny looks 1 2 3 4 5 6
  87. 87. hair care 87 Fruit Energy Eliminates the vitamin deficiency signs Give your hair a vitamin cocktail of profound health, give it a “Fruit Energy” present! 7. Fruit Energy Recovery Shampoo Fruit Extracts effectively strengthen hair, promoting glossy shine and elasticity. The active components can easily fight dandruff. Code: 20118, 200 ml 6,20 EUR 4. Guava Hair Cream Balm Penetrates deep into the hair, saturating it with nutrients, Vitamin C and Oxygen. Code: 20111, 250 g 6,90 EUR 6,90 EUR 3. Papaya Hair Cream Balm Eliminates splitting and hair loss, neutralizes the effects of harmful components of hair sprays, mousses or gels. Code: 20114, 250 g 6,90 EUR 5. Jojoba Hair Cream Balm Unique Jojoba Extract has excellent antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Makes hair feel soft and satiny lustrous. Code: 20112, 250 g 6. Strawberry Hair Cream Balm Boosts hair viability, perfectly tones and nourishes. Solves the oily hair problem. Code: 20113, 250 g 6,90 EUR SOFTNESS AND SILKINESS FIRST PERFORMANCE 7
  88. 88. 88 3. Orange Lip Balm Code: 80112/06, 3.5 g 9. Pineapple Lip Balm Code: 80112/11, 3.5 g 10. Peach Lip Balm Code: 80112/09, 3.5 g 1. Strawberry Lip Balm Code: 80112/07, 3.5 g 11. Raspberry Lip Balm Code: 80112/08, 3.5 g 5. Grape Lip Balm Code: 80112/10, 3.5 g 8. Mint Lip Balm Code: 80112/01, 3.5 g 7. Apple Lip Balm Code: 80112/02, 3.5 g 4. Vanilla Lip Balm Code: 80112/03, 3.5 g 6. Bilberry Lip Balm Code: 80112/04, 3.5 g 2. Cherry Lip Balm Code: 80112/05, 3.5 g Fruit Flavour and Favour Style Natural 2,50EUR 10 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1
  89. 89. hygiene products 89 For Natural Veil deodorant Alunite is specially mined in the deposit occurrence on the south of China. z effectively fights the perspiration odour z no flavouring agents – no contradictions with the perfume you are wearing z absolutely safe for human beings, can be used by pregnant women and allergic individuals Alunite Crystal is a natural mineral, which excellent properties have successfully been used by the rulers of the Ancient Egypt and the Emperors of China. COMPARING WITH THE REGULAR DEODORANTS AND ANTIPERSPIRANTS IT PROVIDES 6-12 TIMES MORE EFFICIENT PROTECTION AGAINST THE PERSPIRATION ODOUR. Natural Veil Cristal Deo Stick 100% consists of the igneous volcanic mineral, which effectively removes the perspiration odour. Has high antibacterial properties. Non-odourous, suitable for both men and women. Economizing to use. Code: 30101, 60 g THE CRYSTAL FRESHNESS OF ALUNITE 22,60 EUR SPECTACULARS’ CHOICE
  91. 91. hygiene products 91 Liquid Calcium Tooth Gel A real finding for those who suffer from the hypersensitive teeth problems. Relieves unpleasant discomfort and strengthens enamel. Code: 60140, 120 g Natural Bamboo Salt Tooth Gel Bamboo Extract has obvious antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Gel effectively removes plaque without damaging the enamel. Code: 60141, 120 g Natural Oceanic Pearl Tooth Paste Created due to a unique “White Bond” Technology, which employs oceanic pearls as the lightening components. Code: 60142, 120 g z Removes plaque z Polishes the teeth and tones mouth cavity z Prevents the formation of dental caries z Fights bleeding gums z Prevents tooth decay and plaque z Increases the strength of the teeth, preventing their destruction z Excellently whitens teeth z Effectively removes pigmented stains without damaging the enamel z Strengthens teeth, saturating them with natural calcium 3,50 EUR 3,50 EUR 4,80 EUR Make your smile whiter and your teeth stronger! An added thimbleful of Pearl Powder Instant Mask on p. 27 to either the toothpaste or the gels 100% crushed pearls will ultimately whiten your smile and grant you with a streamline of luxurious attention. Screen Version
  92. 92. 92 According to the canons of the Traditional Chinese Medicine the Essential Oils will make a human-being strong, as well as will improve the quality of his life energy “The Secret of the Blessed Summits” Massage Cosmetic Oil Has clearly pronounced salutary effects on the lactiferous gland engorgements, tumor and nodules formation. Relieves breast pain associated with the premenstrual syndrome. Code: 30120, 10 ml 79,90 EUR HELPS ACHIEVE EXCELLENT RESULTS: z in the initial stage of Mastopathy (as the complex treatment therapeutic appliance) z to treat the lactiferous gland engorgements Legendary Chinese Remedies Based on Oriental Medicine Recipes PEOPLE IN CHINA BELIEVE THAT A FREE FLOW OF ENERGY IN THE BREAST MAKES A WOMAN GENTLE AND HAPPY, ABLE TO NOURISH HER MAN WITH THE BENEFICIAL ENERGY
  93. 93. 93 health lineWhat can a few drops of oily miracle do? Love z Release the pain and engorgement in the breast and revive the joy of sensations! z Restore masculine glory and happiness of healthy relationship! 79,90 EUR “The Secrets of the Emperor’s Private Quarters” Massage Cosmetic Oil Purifies the blood and removes its stagnation. Eliminates pain in the perineum, reducing inflammation, normalizing urination. Code: 30121, 10 ml HELPS ACHIEVE EXCELLENT RESULTS: z while treating inflammation, swelling and tumors of the prostatic gland z while treating painful urination IN THE PRIVATE QUARTERS OF THE ANCIENT CHINESE EMPERORS BESIDE THE MAIN WIFE THERE WERE 39 SUPPLEMENTAL WIVES AND 81 CONCUBINES. WHAT IS THE SECRET OF THE IMPERIAL POWER? IN THE MIRACULOUS OIL, THE SECRECY OF WHICH HAS BEEN KEPT FOR MANY CENTURIES.
  94. 94. 94 Master Herb How to use it? Method Rubbing in Massage Compress Baths Action Prevention and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, colds, pain relief, skin and muscle tensions. Restorative, relaxing and anti-cellulite effect. Treatment of skin diseases, relief of pain, itching and swelling caused by insect bites. Tonic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, toning effect. Procedure Apply the Oil to the problem-prone area in massaging movements 2-3 times a day. After oil’s being fully absorbed wrap it up with a woolen cloth and keep warm. Apply a desired amount onto the impact zone, massage for 10-15 minutes. Moisten a cotton ball with the Oil and apply it onto the problem-prone area for 15-20 minutes. Dilute 1 tablespoon of Oil with 100 g of hot milk, pour it into a bath filled with water (38-40 degrees), stir it up. Bath should be filled up to the heart level and taken for 10-15 minutes. 6,50 EUR Relaxing Massage Oil Provides local warming effect, relieves swelling, reduces the symptoms of venous insufficiency, relieves pain in the joints and the muscles, removing heavy feet sensations. Code: 31312, 20 ml
  95. 95. 95 health line THE NATURE GRANTED HEALTH z Excretes toxins, purifies the blood, normalizes microcirculation, z Restores the cells activity, enhances immunity, z Promotes functional recovery of the body, neutralizes the side effects of the medication-based treatment. THE BODY CLEANSING: STICK ON FOOT SOLES THE DIRECTED TREATMENT: STICK TO THE FOOT SOLES AND PROBLEM-PRONE AREAS SPECTACULARS’ CHOICE Feet Detoxifying Plaster Excretes toxins, purifies the blood, normalizes microcirculation, restores cells activity, stimulates recovery of body functions and helps to avoid side effects of the medication-based treatment. Code: 41314, 2 pсs. 5,20 EUR  Based on OrientalMedicine Recipes
  96. 96. 96 ALL PHYTO PATCHES OPERATE MOST EFFICIENTLY WHEN APPLIED TO THE PAIN AFFECTED AREAS AND ONTO THE CORRESPONDING ACUPUNCTURE POINTS. THERE IS A RECOMMENDATION TO APPLY THE PHYTO PATCHES ARE ON THE SKIN PRELIMINARY DEOILED WITH THE ALCOHOL SOLUTION. Wutong Body Phyto Patch Provides pain relief and removes swelling, improves local blood circulation, renders a strong anti- inflammatory effect. Composed of: Pinus Sylvestris Resin, Lanolin, Petroleum Butter, Zinc Oxide, Cinnamomum Cassia Essential Oil, Common Ephedra Extract, Eucalyptus Globulus Extract, Angelica Sinensis Root Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius Root Extract, Camphor and Menthol. Code: 30104, 5 pсs. Jian Kang Body Phyto Patch Renders an Inflammatory effect, stimulates the metabolic processes in the joint cavity, increases the range of motion in the joint, reduces pain syndrome. Composed of: Pinus Sylvestris Resin, Lanolin, Petroleum Butter, Zinc Oxide, Common Ephedra Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Angelica Sinensis Root Extract, Plantago lanceolata Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Essential Oil, Camphor and Menthol. Code: 30103, 5 pсs. z Rheumatic pains in the joints and muscles z Disorders of the metabolic processes in the joints (osteochondrosis) z Muscular pain, sprains, dislocations and fractures z To prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system z To treat inflammation of the joints z To treat inflammatory and metabolic lesions of the musculoskeletal system 5,50 EUR 4,90 EUR The Secrets of Chinese Healers  Based on Oriental MedicineRecipes
  97. 97. 97 health line Dong Feng Phyto Patch Reduces inflammation in the joints, prevents the destruction of articular cartilage, improves permeability of the blood vessels. Composed of: Cinnamomum Cassia Essential Oil, Common Ephedra Stem Extract, Angelica Sinensis Root Extract, Clematis Vitalba Root Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Frankincense Oil, Myrrh Resin, Borneol and Menthol. Code: 30119, 4 pсs. Tie Gao Phyto Patch Renders strong analgesic and anti- inflammatory actions. Composed of: Common Ephedra Stem Extract, Pistacia Lentiscu Resin, Ginger Root Extract, Frankincense Oil, Angelica Sinensis Root Extracts, Laurus Extract, Curcuma Extract, Pepper, Camphor Laurus Bark Extract and Menthol. Code: 30113, 2 pсs. Zhui Feng Phyto Patch Has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, improves local blood circulation. Composed of: Angelica Sinensis Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius Extract, Frankincense Oil, Myrrh Resin, Capsicum Annuum Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Essential Oil, Borneol, Camphor and Menthol. Code: 30114, 4 pсs. Yaoshen Phyto Patch Renders a distinct anti- inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, immunity improving effect. Composed of: Achyranthes Extracts, Bidentate, Gentiana Extract, Plantago lanceolata Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Cinnamomum Cassia Essential Oil, Notodontidae Extract. Code: 30116, 2 pсs. 4,00 EUR2,60 EUR 2,60 EUR6,80 EUR z Arthritis and rheumatic pains z Bone and muscle pain z Pain in the joints and intercostal neuralgia z Tension pain and muscle inflammation pain z Myositis and myalgia z Uratic arthritis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism and sciatica z Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system z Quickening night urination and enuresis z Impotence, premature ejaculation, and as a part of the prostate prophylaxis z Rheumatism and neuralgia z Lumbus pain, joi nt and muscle pain z Sprains and bruises Recommended to treat: Recommended to treat: Recommended to treat: Recommended to treat:
  98. 98. 98 19 Altai DREAM OF THE MOVIE STAR’S FLYING MANNER OF WALKING? – NO PROBLEM! z Relieves stress and a feeling of heavy feet z Soothes and deodorizes the skin of the feet z Reduces sweating Healing Herbs! Chelidonium, Mint, Lavender soothe, grant skin with freshness and comfort. Olive Oil, Achillea, Chamomile soothe, relieve cracks and corns. Calendula, Glycyrrhiza, Rosa Canina cope with excessive sweating feet, disinfected tone. Cumin, Eugenia, Melilotus Officinalis possess analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Lebanese Pine Needles, Hyperiaim, Arnica Montana improve overall body tonus, relieve fatigue, swelling and muscle pain. Artemisia, Silver Fir, Foeniculum, Thymus – deodorize, soothe, have strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. USE A COOLING BALM, AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT IT MEANS – A FLYING MANNER OF WALKING! Foot Cooling Balm Softens, improves blood circulation, normalizes perspiration and renders a strong antifungal effect. Code: 43105, 75 ml 7,10 EUR
  99. 99. 99 health line Slaviton Foot Phyto Gel Code: 43103, 125 ml PURE ENERGY OF ALTAI MOUNTAIN HERBS z Strengthens the blood vascular wall z Improves blood microcirculation z Reduces feet fatigue and swelling z Revives feet health and lightness z Effectively relieves pain z Reduces inflammation in the joints and spine z Restores the connective and cartilaginous tissues Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Matricaria Chamomilla, Melissa, Cymbopogon Citratus Oxgail, Mint, Eucalyptus, Abies ALTAI SERIES HEALING HERBS ARE COLLECTED WHERE EVERYTHING IS SATUATED WITH THE PRISTINE POWER  ALTAI HERBS POWER ACTIVATES METABOLISM, GIVING VIGOR AND ENERGY! Orthophyt Oxgail Body Massage Gel Code: 33102, 125 ml 8,30 EUR 8,30 EUR
  100. 100. 100 z stimulates the immune system; z promotes cell regeneration; z increases the efficiency of the brain cells; z renders an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect; z protects the cardiovascular system; z increases the production of Melatonin and Serotonin, affecting the sleep regulation, temperature and mood swings; z brings low the precancer functions and the growth of cancer tumors. Tropics are getting closer! BREW A CUP OF "NONI" TEA EVERY MORNING AND FILL YOUR BODY WITH THE ENERGY OF THE TROPICAL SUN! Hollywood Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Mickey Rourke and Jack Nicholson like spending time on the islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora, Hainan to recover their strength with the ancient heavenly remedy - the Noni fruit!
  101. 101. 101 health line “Noni” Fruit Tea Code: 120104, 15 sachets, 30 g 72,10 EUR is a beverage of those people who choose health, longevity, beauty, and joy-filled life! Helps fight the body ageing processes Noni is a gift of the magical island of Hainan. The unsurpassed healing properties of Noni have been known for thousands of years in the East. Modern scientists are rediscovering this ancient remedy for people from all over the world! 150 biologically active substances; valuable Vitamins and Minerals; more than a hundred of indications for use; no allergic reactions. “NONI” TEA SPECTACULARS’ CHOICE
  102. 102. 102 NEW QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE In our modern world, the regular use of food supplements has become a norm for those ones, who consider health to be of crucial value: actors, athletes, businessmen... z shortfall of Vitamins and Minerals z prevention of many diseases z repair of health after some illness z strengthening of the immune system z general health improvement TUNE IN FOR SUCCESS! “FU XIN” BAA A unique anti-stress complex, capable of supporting the body's physical and mental stress regulating capacities, it increases working efficiency and provides antioxidant protection. Extracts of healing plants, enhanced with Vitamins, grant energy and make life brighter! Code: 113008, 30 capsules 21,60 EUR "SHOUXIN" BAA Helps prolong youth, increase the duration of the active life and imbue it with energy, health, youth. Grants life with a sense of fineness and joy. Fights stress and its dangerous consequences, while being a source of energy and "food" for the brain. Code: 113009, 30 capsules Containsnaturaladaptogens– GinsengExtract,GreenTeaExtract, SuccinicAcid,Antioxidants, VitaminsandCordyceps Astorehouseofvaluableelements. VitaminsC,PP,E,B5,B12,B6,B1, B2,A,B9,N,D3,VacciniumFruit Extract,Cordyceps,CoenzymeQ10, Quercetin,Resveratrol 24,90 EUR STOP THE TIME!
  103. 103. 103 health line TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH – AND YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE CENTER OF THE SCREENSHOT! 21,60 EUR "Piaoliang " BAA Increases the body's defensive capacities, strengthens the hair structure, improves the condition of nails and slows down the skin ageing processes. Has a healing effect on the male reproductive system, as well as it prolongs sexual activity. Code: 113007, 30 capsules Anoptimalcomplex,whichincludes GreenTeaExtract,Taurine,Selenium, Zinc,andVitamins:C,Nicotinamide, E,B12,B6,B1,B2,A,FolicAcid, Biotin,D3 The desire and ability to be beautiful is the self-confidence that can be your career prime mover and a guarantee of happiness. EACH CAPSULE IS A BALANCED COMPOSITION OF HERBAL EXTRACTS, VITAMINS AND MINERALS. THEY ARE EXTRACTED FROM PLANTS, WHICH MEDICINAL PROPERTIES ARE TIME-TESTED. RADIATE WITH BEAUTY! "PIAOLIANG " CAPSULES MAKE WEIGHT CONTROL EASIER AND MORE TIME CONSUMING!