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Presentation1 officer buckle


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Presentation1 officer buckle

  1. 1. Officer Buckle and Gloria
  2. 2. Plot: there was a police man his name is officerBuckle. He likes to write safety tips. And one day hewent to the Napville school and he started to readhis safety tips, and all the students were bored.One day the police station bought a dog, and theynamed it Gloria. Gloria came to officer Buckle andhe start teaching her some moves. And when theywent to the Napville school and stood up on thestage to tell them about the safety tips he wrote,the students were very excited.And when officer buckle got back to the policestation, he read the messages the were sent fromthe students.. He was so happy! After that, all theschools in napville called officer buckle and toldhim: we want you to come to our school to tell yoursafety tips to our students.
  3. 3. After he finished visiting all schools, he took his dog Gloria tobuy her an ice cream for celebration.Officer Buckle became very famous , everyone could see him inthe news and the TV, and all the kids in the street asked him fora picture with him. And we he got home, he turned on the tvand he saw his interview , and he noticed his dog Gloria at theback making some moves and very hyper, and when he turn hisface to check up on her, she stand and still quiet,He got mad at Gloria because of what she did.The day after, he got a phone call from the school principle andtold him we want u to say your tips at our school, but officerbuckle reject his offer and said no and you can take back gloria.Gloria went back to the school and got up onstage and madesome moves but everyone wasn’t paying any attention to him, itwas a bad luck because officer buckle wasn’t there to tell histips, and the teacher who was standing at the chair, fell downand got hurt.
  4. 4. Officer buckle went to the police station and foundsome letters from the students for him, and on of themessages says: Gloria miss you yesterday,, PS, don’tworry I was wearing my helmet,, safety tips #7Officer buckle got so happy and they got back as teamwith Gloria. And then he thought of his best safety tipyet…Safety tip #101 “always stick with your buddy” !!
  5. 5. Time: in themorning
  6. 6. Characters: officer buckle, Gloria and students
  7. 7. Place:Napvilleschool