Planning my furure sharing event


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Planning My Future is a WSR initiative for the NSLA

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Planning my furure sharing event

  1. 1. Planning My FutureSchool Sharing Video ConferencePUBLIC SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/20121 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  2. 2. • Riverstone High School – Todd Shepherd• Kellyville High School – Caroline Wilson• Glenwood High School – Dave Lewers• Evans High School – Vicki Jansen and Chris Lanske• Blacktown Boys High School – Karen BurkePlanning My FuturePUBLIC SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/20122 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  3. 3. Successful Outcomes for All Students•Individualplanning, mentoring andgoal setting for thestudents.•Increased studentengagement and learningoutcomes. Planning My Future Student Engagement and AttainmentPUBLIC SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/123 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  5. 5. Online Resources SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/20125 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  6. 6. Online Resources School to work SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/20126 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  7. 7. KLA STW support documents SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/20127 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  8. 8. STW logbook SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/20128 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  9. 9. My Future Website SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/20129 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  10. 10. PMF Support Documents for Schools School to Work – Online Resources for Planning Planning My Future – Western Sydney Region My Future Schools Support for the New School Leaving Age Implementation of Planning My Future to cater for students 15-17 years REGIONAL STRATEGY: REGIONAL INDICATORS Online Student log book Support schools to implement the Increase in number of students raised school leaving age completing Year 12 or Australian Qualifications Framework II (AQF II) KLA Support Booklets Planning my Future is a Western Sydney Region initiative that seeks to address the needs of the whole student through a strategic, school-wide approach to the New Enterprise-Learning/kla.html School Leaving Age policy thereby incorporating various other departmental policies. The underpinning strategy of ‘Planning my Future’ is the development of a KLA Resources for Schools – Power point for each KLA each contains additional links specific coordination team to ensure the planned provision of career and transition support for to that KLA young people at school. Student Pathway Survey AUDIT OF CURRENT SCHOOL TEAMS AND ACTIVITIES – QUESTIONS BEFORE PLANNING 1. What teams currently exist in the school and what is their role? Vet in WSR Wiki School to Work page has links to many resources 2. How do the currently existing teams’ roles and personnel overlap? 3. How is information shared amongst the teams currently? Can this be NSLA in WSR Wiki also has additional links to resources streamlined for more efficiency? 4. Are the current structures in the school providing optimum outcomes for your students? Stage 6 Content Endorsed Courses Resources 5. How is career and transition planning undertaken by your school? Does it involve more that the careers advisor? 6. After looking at your current team structures and their roles begin My Future Website forming a strategy for you school to make your teams more efficient and reduce the pressure on key members who may be represented across a number of groups. Depending on the needs of your school community it may be preferable to form a larger whole planning group (Planning My Future team) with a number of sub groups responsible for specific tasks who report to the whole team and the wider school community.PUBLIC SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/201210 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU
  11. 11. Resources •Ken Robinson - Changing School Paradigms •Staying on at School Report •Understanding Virtual Pedagogies for Contemporary Teaching and Learning •Future Work Skills 2020 •The Lost Generation Poem Planning My Future Student Engagement and AttainmentPUBLIC SCHOOLS NSW 29/02/201211 WWW.SCHOOLS.NSW.EDU.AU