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Career and transition case studies final


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Published in: Education, Career, Business
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Career and transition case studies final

  1. 1. Career and TransitionAboriginal Personalised Learning Plans through a Teams Approach.
  2. 2. Career and Transition Planning Should be Teams based, is about the overall coordination, delivery and facilitation of career and transition support for all students, connecting these young people with quality career and transition provision beyond the schoolWestern Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET
  3. 3. The Teams approachThe team may include a number of school personnel such as the• careers adviser,• School to Work coordinator/s,• year coordinators,• curriculum coordinators,• transition adviser,• student representatives,• and executive team member/s.Western Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET
  4. 4. Personalised Learning PlansThe Teams Approach: The Student, The family or other significant adult, The Aboriginal Education Officer, The year Advisor, Curriculum advice, Careers Advice, and Transition Advisor.Western Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET
  5. 5. Year 10- Year Meetings To link student interests and abilities to subject selection and ultimately career choices. To provide a link between school and home by providing To provide ongoing support for students moving into senior school. To establish links with local industries and tertiary education bodies.Western Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET
  6. 6. The Process- Whole Schoolsupport Community and Parental involvement:  Opportunity for parents to gain an understanding of the options and choices facing their child for their education.  Workshop day for students to hear speakers discuss all the options, both School curriculum, TAFE Private providers and Community and Business representatives,  Interviews held by staff with every student.Western Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET
  7. 7. The Process- In class support Uses Guest Speakers and Teacher Expertise,  Resume preparation  Applications & cover letters  Interview techniques  Personal Presentation  Work place readiness  Financial LiteracyWestern Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET
  8. 8. Tips and Tricks Have good communication with all school staff and students It is all about connecting students with business, community and parents, Have a clear understanding and a shared school vision about the role, including what to do in the role and who to work with, Have tools (planners, proformas, systems) to use and directions to take. Rely on accurate Data: Operate within a context by knowing students through surveys, self and teacher appraisals, attendance information and issues thatWestern Sydney Region: Planning My Future. impact on the students that you work with.VET
  9. 9. Using My Future to support PLPs ons/MyGuideSection1-v3.html My Guide: personalised profile for career exploration The Facts: Information about Industries and occupations, courses and work opportunities, Assist others: Bullseye posters, Job Videos, and links for Parents and Community to support young people in their Career Planning.Western Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET
  10. 10. Internet Based Resources chools/school-to-Work/career-Pathways- Planning/index.html /guaranteeing-futures/pathway ansitions/Pages/default.aspxWestern Sydney Region: Planning My Future.VET