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Buffalo: The Provincial as Providential (Pt. 2)


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Presentation for ISEA 2012

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Buffalo: The Provincial as Providential (Pt. 2)

  1. 1. ISEA2012:Machine Wilderness
  2. 2. Cultivating Culture: theContemporary Museum as “Economic Catalyst”
  3. 3. • catalyst [ˈkætəlɪst]n1. (Chemistry) a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself suffering any permanent chemical change Compare inhibitor [2]• 2. a person or thing that causes a change
  4. 4. A brief history of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (collections and controversy)
  5. 5. Timeline Part 1 (pre-contemporary addition) become the first president of the MOMA in NYC.• 1862 Buffalo Fine Arts Academy is the 6th public art institution to be created in America • 1931-1942 Director Gordon Washburn acquires ancient and renaissance works• 1900 John Joseph Albright, a dedicated and generous supporter offered to provide the funding for a permanent • 1937 The Boy Krishna acquired (Bala Krishna) 14-15 century home for the academy AD.• 1905 The Greek revival building, designed by Edward B. • 1934 Giovanni del Biondo’s The Annunciation: The Angel Green, completed and dedicated on May 31 1905. and The Annunciation: The Virgin (1366) acquired.• 1926 “Fellows for Life” endowment program started by A. • 1939 Room of Contemporary Art Fund endowment via Conger Goodyear (gallery board director) intended to raise Syemour H. Knox and family. funds to “buy the works of such significant modern and • 1945 Knox family “enhanced the collection” (p 9) through contemporary artists” as Matisse Rodin, Gauguin and their gift of important 18th century English (mostly of the Cezanne landscape and genre type) paintings• 1926 Acquisition of Picasso’s La Toilette, 1906. Purchased by • 1946 Acquisition of Paul Gauguin’s The Yellow Christ (1889) Academy board director A Conger Goodyear • 1953 Acquisition of Late Shang Dynasty bronze Ritual Vessel• 1927 “Societé Anonyme” exhibition in Buffalo (the only city ( 13- 11 century BC). outside of NY to host it. Founded by Katherine Drieir and Marcel Duchamp in 1920 – advocates of modernism • 1959 Acquisition of Jasper John’s Numbers in Color (1958-9) through gift from Seymour H. Knox.• 1928 Goodyear removed from the board of the Albright (in part because of dissent over modernist purchases, etc.) to
  6. 6. New wing, designed 1962 by Gordon Bunshaft – who also designed DC’s HirshhornMuseum and Sculpture Garden and NYC’s Lever House
  7. 7. Timeline Part 2 (post-contemporary addition)• 1962 New contemporary wing designed by • 1993 Nam June Paik’s video installation Piano Gordon Bunshaft opens - institutional name Piece created and acquired. changed to the “Albright – Knox Art Gallery” • 1996 Bill Viola’s video installation The• A 1962 internal museum publication refers to Messenger created and acquired the institution’s tradition of collecting “outstanding works of arts from those cultures • 2001 Strategic plan released that refocuses where human expression and art has the museum’s mission on specifically appeared to reach its greatest level.” contemporary art.• 1964 Acquisition of Dynamism of a Dog on a • 2007 several hundred items from the Albright- Leash, 1912 by Giacomo Balla Knox’s antiquities collection auctioned off by Sotheby’s• 1965 Acquistion of Spirit of the Dead Watching , 1892 by Paul Gaugin • 2011 Acquisition of Tracy Emin’s Only God Knows I’m Good created 2009• 1985 Acquisition of Francesco Clemente’s Son, 1984 • 2011 Acquisition of Rachel Harrison’s Vampire Wannabes created 2010• 1986 Acquisition of early American portraits by Ammi Phillips (Portrait of Mrs. Lewis • 2012 “Wish You Were Here: the Buffalo Avant- Northrop and Portrait of Mr. Lewis Garde in the 1970s” opens Northrop, 1833-35)
  8. 8. A few of the more valuable deaccessionedworks – the Roman bronze Artemis and theStag, a 15th century Bronze Krishna statue, anda very ancient Chinese ritual vessel
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