Indian Wedding Ceremony


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Most important day of anyone’s life. Every girl starts dreaming about her wedding avatar since her childhood days.Complete guide to wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding dresses, venues, flowers, photographers.

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  • Great attractive and informative slide. Best collection of pictures and arrangements. Well done. For indian wedding sarees and gowns.
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Indian Wedding Ceremony

  1. 1. Indian Wedding: Indian wedding is a gala occasion with bundles of celebrations, festivity,lavishness and pomp. This is not any closed and silent affair but a music, dance and get-togetherfilled extravaganza. It is an emotional event which every Indian family long to celebrate with delightand elation.The ceremonies of any Indian marriage start at least a week before with many auspicious rituals.Every Indian girl starts dreaming about her wedding since her childhood days. It is not only theunison of two people but also their families. Lot of money is spent on this fanfare and the extent ofthe celebration isassociated with thesocial status of thefamilies.Beautiful decor,colourful attires,thunderous music,mouth wateringdelicacies, heaps of giftsand emotional milieu isall about Indianwedding. The groomalong with his friendsand family reaches thebrides house formarriage. This whole procession with band and music is known as Barat . Indian marriage iscelebrated in different manner in different cultures.Usually in Indian culture the bride leaves the house of her parents and stays with her husband andhis family after marriage. The parents send their daughter with loads of gifts and blessings for herupcoming life. This is an event of nuptial togetherness for a blissful future ahead.
  2. 2. Astrologers:Can you guess what is the very first step in any Indian wedding? Matching of thehoroscopes, what else! And who plays the all-important role in all this? Obviously, theastrologer.
  3. 3. 1) Mehendi Ceremony: Its is a pre wedding ceremony, traditional in India. InIndia, a lot of prominence is given on traditions and rituals.
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  5. 5. 2) Sangeet Ceremony: It is one of the vital rituals in an Indian wedding. IndianWeddings signify much more than mere Wedding Planning, Wedding Ideas,Wedding Dresses, Venues, Flowers, Photographers and more like...
  6. 6. 3) Tilak Ceremony: The Tilak ceremony is performed in most of the familiesaccording to the tradition and culture of that particular caste.
  7. 7. 4) Engagement Ceremony: Exchange of rings between the bride and thegroom.
  8. 8. After this pre-wedding ceremony, the main ceremony is Var Mala ceremony butbefore this some pre-wedding ceremony happen like Haldi Ceremony and more.
  9. 9. On the Marriage day Bridegroom rides a Mare (Female horse) and with Barat.5) Mandap ceremony: Its a supreme importance because all the major ritualsare performed during the mandap ceremony.
  10. 10. 6) Var-Mala ceremony: It is a wedding day ceremony also known as Jaimalaceremony. In it basically involves exchange of Jaimalas between the bride and thegroom.
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  12. 12. 7) Vidai ceremony: Its a sad event of marriage. Usually in Indian culture the brideleaves the house of her parents and stays with her husband and his family aftermarriage.So, its all about the indian tradition wedding but you just cant find the time to planeverything yourself. Youve tried to work planning into your schedule, but its justnot possible. Its OK. Were here to help. Velvet Thread has plenty of weddingplanners at your beck and call. Your day needs to be special, and it should be. Withour list of planners, you can find the right person who will work hard to give you thewedding of your dreams.
  13. 13. A) Wedding PlanningWedding-Planners - Delhi-NCR:-
  14. 14. Wedding-Planners - Delhi-NCR:-Wedding-Planners - Mumbai:-
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  16. 16. Wedding-Planners - Bangalore:-
  17. 17. Wedding-Planners - Kolkata:-
  18. 18. B) Banquet Halls
  19. 19. C) Bridal-Fashions (Lehengas and Sarees) Browse through this exhaustive list ofbridal stores and fashion designers who offer unique, individual lehenga, sari andother formal wear options in a wide variety of styles.
  20. 20. D) Photographers: A picture is worth a thousand words. Or so they say. Well, if itstrue, then dont you deserve to have your special day captured beautifully?Pictures are the ultimate way to freeze time. No matter how much life changes,you can always look back to the way things were in that amazing moment andsmile.This service available in other cities1) Mumbai2) Bangalore3) Kolkata4) Pune5) Chennai6) Jaipur and more cities..
  21. 21. E) DJ and Live Music: Be it the sangeet night, the wedding or the reception, themusic that you choose helps create and enhance the mood of the celebration.This service available in other cities1) Mumbai2) Bangalore3) Kolkata4) Pune5) Chennai6) Jaipur7) Hyderabad and more cities....!
  22. 22. F) Makeup artists: A make-up artist will transform you with their tricks of the trade,without you losing your inner beauty and elegance. We have a line-up of thefinest in the industry, so you get nothing but the best!
  23. 23. G) Mens Fashion: has put together a list of stores anddesigners who will help create the look you desire.This service available in other cities1) Mumbai2) Bangalore3) Kolkata4) Pune5) Chennai6) Jaipur7) Hyderabad and more cities....!
  24. 24. H) Honeymoons: He was the perfect groom and she was the perfect bride. Now itstime to get away as husband and wife. Whether you and your sweetheart lovethe beach or the mountains, youll be able to find the perfect honeymoon spotby using our list of honeymoon and holiday destination specialists.
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