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  • Microsoft PowerPoint is very common software.
  • According to your survey, all of you have used PowerPoint more or less before. Do you remember why do you use PowerPoint?
  • So many fields are changing. So, How can we can do more, different and better with PowerPoint? How can we make PowerPoint a better teaching tool? Now let’s try. Give your idea. We can have two groups to discuss based on your experience.
  • They began using virtual museums as a replacement for the original art history report
  • The interactive quizzes are usually designed by Flash or Java. This is an interactive quiz. It is a type of fun and interactive assessment. Feedback is immediately.
  • There are many animation software now. Why choose PowerPoint? If you want to make good animations, but do not want to spend the money and a lot of time on Flash, Power Point is a very good tool for you. It is much simple than Flash. It is easy to learn, easy to edit . It is the tool you know and you will be comfortable with using it.More important, most of animation can create by Power Point. I’ve seen some animations that were so advanced I would have thought they were built with advanced animation tools. But it is really developed by PowerPoint. Do you believe that? Let’s have a look.
  • I think we will develop this animation after this workshop! Haha.
  • Now, let’s begin to learn animation in PowerPoint 2007. Are you ready?
  • Before we learn to make our own animations in PowerPoint, it’s a good idea to understand some basic animation concepts. If you would like to learn more animation concepts, I recommend you to visit the Cartoonstersite. It introduces some basic animation concepts.  Most of the concepts that you learn at this website can be applied in PowerPoint.
  • PowerPoint provides a lot of preset and exciting animation schemes. It is very simple to do. It You can just click animation, and choose what you like. And apply it in your slide. It is very easy to do. I know all of you were not new to animation PowerPoint. You used slides transition. So I am not going to introduce these basic skills. If you have some questions, you can use your quick source to find answers. You can apply an animation effect to one side or all the slidesPowerPoint has In this workshop, I’ll share three impressive, andeasy-to-do animation techniques that you can create more complex animation. The custom animations are visual effects applied to individual items on the slide such as graphics ,titles, clipart, auto shapesUse the custom animation take pane to set animation effects, direction, property, and speed for text in a slide
  • What is flipbook. Based on the concept of animation, flipbook is……
  • look at this, it will help you understand better. These key frames form the animated ball. Each of them is at a single point in time. Let us see the animation.
  • Here is how you do it.
  • Advanced Power Point 1

    1. 1. Play
    2. 2. Wei Li Oct 13, 2009
    3. 3. There are 300 million PowerPoint users in the world
    4. 4. They do 30 million presentations each day
    5. 5. About a million presentations are going on right now
    6. 6. Remember … Why did you use PowerPoint? What did you do with PowerPoint?
    7. 7. Image How can we make PowerPoint a better learning tool?
    8. 8. Text
    9. 9. charts 9
    10. 10. tables 10
    11. 11. Discussion
    12. 12. Breakthroughs Interactive quiz Game Virtual Museum Poetry Readings Field Trip Slide Show Portfolio ......
    13. 13. Animation
    14. 14. Why choose PowerPoint? Money Time Easy Comfortable Powerful
    15. 15. Start!
    16. 16. What is animation? Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images in order to create an illusion of movement.
    17. 17. FlipBook Motion Path Power Point 2007
    18. 18. Flipbook Flipbook At the most basic level, animation is the Motion Path cycling of key frames to give the illusion of movement. Key frames are snapshots of an image at a single point in time. Flash Once
    19. 19. Key Frame Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4 Frame 5 Frame 6 Frame 7 Frame 8
    20. 20. How to do a Flipbook? Play
    21. 21. Flip Book Step 1 Create a slide and add an object description 1 Insert a duplicate slide by selecting the slide thumbnail and Step 2 typing CTRL+D Step 3 description 3 On the new slide, slightly move the object to a new position Step 4 Repeat until you create the number 4 images you need description of Step 5 As you cycle through thedescription 4 see the animation effect slides you’ll
    22. 22. Where to find images? Insert > Clip Art
    23. 23. Time to Practice Using Flipbook to create the animation of sunrise!
    24. 24. Flip Book Motion Path Allow you to create custom paths for your objects. Motion Path Fli With some of the other animations, you can create a animated sequence that could look like it was created in Flash. Flash Once
    25. 25. How to do Motion Path Play
    26. 26. How to add a Motion Path animation ? Step 1 description 1 Select the object that you want to animate Step 2 Go to Custom Animation> Add effect Step 3 Select a desired motion path. 3 description Apply the motion path to the object and modify the Step 4 description 4 timing and effect settings.
    27. 27. Time to Practice Using Motion Path to create the a animation of moving car
    28. 28. Flip Book Flash Once Flash Once does exactly what you think it would do, it flashes once and then it Motion Path disappears. Allow you put a series of images together that can appear in sequence and give the illusion of motion. Flash Once
    29. 29. How to do Flash Once Play
    30. 30. How to add Flash Once? Step 1 Create an object. description 1 Step 2 Add Flash Once animation. Step 3 Duplicate the object on screen. 3 description Step 4 Move the object along a desired 4 description path Step 5 Rotate the object as needed. 4 description
    31. 31. Time to Practice Using Flash Once to create the a animation of flying bird.
    32. 32. Question Comparison of three methods for PowerPoint animation
    33. 33. Next Section Comparison of three methods for PowerPoint animation Combination of these three methods to create more complex animations in PowerPoint. Applying PowerPoint animation Sharing more PowerPoint tips. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
    34. 34. Reference
    35. 35. Thanks! 66