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Sinister Trailer Review


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Sinister Trailer Review

  1. 1. Sinister Review
  2. 2. An establishing shot is used toshow where the film is going totake place and insinuate that it isan important part of the film.The shot uses low key lighting toshow that it is a dangerous placeand sets the scary feel for therest of the trailer. The darknessconnotes evil so the audiencewill now associate the house Establishing shot of the house in the darkwith evil. Fast paced editing is used to disturb the audience as it flashes on the screen in between the establishing shot. It is a symbol and connotes evil or the devil, which shows that the film is scary and has an evil presence in the house.
  3. 3. Disturbing images of a family are shown in anorder that allows the audience to quicklyunderstand what happened to them. The redring around the girl shows that she has beenchosen by the devil. The red shows bloodwhich shows death and pain. The next pictureis the child’s drawing of her family being hung.This shows that she is either planning to killthem or already has. The contrast of the childand murder shows that the film may be quitedisturbing and isn’t normal. The last picture isof the family’s legs on the ground, insinuatingthat they are dead. Throughout the montageof the pictures the flash of evil is used, whichshows that it is controlling the girl. A voiceover is on talking about the murder of a familyshowing that it is in the past andforeshadowing what is going to happen to thenew family that move in. It also confirms theaudience’s idea of a murder within the family
  4. 4. There is a montage of the new family moving in to make theaudience feel sympathy because they’re talking about making a newstart and how happy their lives in the new house will be. This is a keyconvention of a horror film because to find the film more scary youhave to like the characters and want the best from them. By showingthat the house is dangerous at the start the audience know thatsomething bad is going to happen to the family and want to carry onwatching to find out. The non diegetic music used is eerie, indicatingthat their thoughts for the future isn’t right and they will be hurt insome way.
  5. 5. The dad goes into the loft to find a solitary box in the middle.The lighting is low key to show that this box is dangerous or evil.After the box is shown it says some well known films that areproduced by the same people. They are horror films too soreinforce the genre to the audience. He finds old family films inthe box and watches them in a dark room which indicates thatsomething bad is going to happen whilst he is watching them.The family videos show a normal family which would make theaudience think that something could happen to the new family.A quick flash of the family dead cuts the happy images up andthe dad jumps up, scared, and switches it off. The fast pacedediting of this bit builds tension up to the part where a lightningstrike sound comes on and the dead family are shown.
  6. 6. The dad finds the the pagan symbol, which hasconnotations of evil and horror so shows that somethingbad is going to happen to the characters. He finds out thatthe symbol means that the pagan deity which takes overthe souls of children. The innocence of the children makeit scary because they are vulnerable. It is a key componentfor a horror film because it gives the evil character a senseof power.
  7. 7. He looks at old images of the deity inpictures. The face is distorted whichis a key convention of horror moviesbecause the unknown is scary. Heholds the picture up to where it wastaken in his garden and as he takes it This shows that something bad is going todowns there is a loud crashing happen because he has returned.ambient sound and he is stood there.
  8. 8. When the characters know that they are in danger a fast pacedmontage is shown to quickly show the audience what sort ofthings happen to the family. Throughout it there is screechy musicand screaming from the child to cause tension and fear.