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Campus safety is everyone's concern


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Campus safety is everyone's concern

  1. 1. The University together with Campus Safety works diligently toensure a safe environment for its students and staff.
  2. 2. Overall, students feel safe on DU’s campus andsurrounding neighborhoods.
  3. 3. The Clery Actmandates that allfederally fundedcolleges anduniversities maintainand publicize crimestatistics.
  4. 4. Blue boxeshousingemergencyphones arelocated instrategicpointsaroundcampus.
  5. 5. Both genders indicate that they feel less safe at night. Outside of barWomen worry about sexual assaults.
  6. 6. bike
  7. 7. Campus police patrolcampus andinvestigate reports.
  8. 8. StephenBanet, aSergeant/CrimePreventionOfficer withCampusSafety, worksto reducecrime onDU’scampus.
  9. 9. Students have a sense of security knowing that CampusSafety is only a phone call away.