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  1. 1. SATYA PATHSatyapath is the leadingorganization who is specialized inarea of traditional irrigationsystem(Pyne-Ahar system) which isin existence since 5000 years old.SatyaPath organization hasexperienced in the field ofrenovation and rejuvenation ofAhar -Pyne system in the centralBihar specially we have beenworking on the Falgu river basin for20 years. Satyapath organization is alsoworking successfully on the subjectfor community advocacy, socialjustice, education and legal affair .
  2. 2. FUNDING ORGANISATION ∗ JAMSETJI TATA TRUST BOMBAY HOUSE, 24HOMY MODY STREET MUMBAI The trust provided fund for Mandai – Bihta pyne renovation through diversion based irrigation and for the social welfare .
  3. 3. ABOUT THE PROJECT & SITE∗ This project is Diversion based irrigation in which the PYNE is renovated at the Mandai Bihta pyne at Khizarsharai Block of Gaya district. This pyne is situated on Eastern side of Falgu river at the distance of 20km from Gaya District head quarter.
  4. 4. RENOVATION OF MANDAI- BIHTA PYNE∗ Mandai-Bihta pyne renovation work started through the help of people participation from March 2008-09. In the 1st phase from March 2010 to Aug 2010 we received the 1092240 cft, Earthwork total employment 10922 manday in earthwork both male and female . In the 2nd phase we started from sept, till the reporting time. We collected 1079080 cft. Earthwork from Sept. to Dec. 2010. In this part total 10790 Manday generated with the participation of both male and female. The unskilled labour received employment against migration and poverty in the time of drought in central Bihar. So the total earthwork is done to 2171320 cft. Against the total project work 2671280 cft.
  5. 5. PLANTATION∗ 10000 Plants of different variety like sesum, Neem, bamboo, Sagwan , Gamhar, Bel were planted on both side of the canal .The cost of Rs. 1,00,000 expense over it.
  6. 6. FARMERS TRAINING PROGRAMME∗ In the 2nd phase we organized 50 farmers and 5 farmer training to teach the agriculture process for sustainable development at Khizarsharai block 25 to 26 Dec.2010 in which we receive the guidance of local Manur, Green compost, SRI vidhi with use of river water and traditional seed on the basis of low cost cultivation. Rs.22364 expense over it.
  8. 8. EMPLOYMENTPeople get employment throughout the year .Due to properirrigation facilities they producedifferent crops & vegetables .Manas well as woman participated inthe job with safety and securityand social justice.
  9. 9. ECONOMICAL IMPACT Due to 331.7 mm of rainfall against the average of 568.5 mm. This is a deficiency of 42 percent, and has resulted in 58 percent decline in paddy production in the Bihar State within two years . The food security damaged but now availability of water resources in the area of Khizersarai, villagers able producing food grain and vegetables.
  10. 10.  This irrigation facility helps reducing the rate of poverty through increase in agriculture production as well as increases in the income through wage @Rs.100 each villager who engaged as worker. Cost of irrigation also becomes less than other artificial resources. Some of the farmers also thinking to adopt the new agribusiness like fishery, Herbal, Floriculture etc.
  11. 11. WAGE PAID TO THE WORKERIn this 2nd phase total 10790 Manday generated with the participation of both male and female. The unskilled labour received employment against migration and poverty. We did the payment of Rs. 1079080 for the month of September to Dec. in 2nd phase. This increased the standard of living and consumption level to the workers.
  12. 12. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT∗ Through the pyne renovation in the area of Khizersarai the ground water level also maintain for safe drinking water as well as irrigation in the drought.  ∗ Plantation also helps to maintain the environmental balance and conserve the soil.∗ Stopped the indiscriminate use of the ground water through the use of Diesel pumps.
  13. 13. STAFFS∗ Three field operators (Mr. Anil Kumar, Mr. Arun Kumar and Mr. Ajay Sinha) are involved in this project. Mr. Gopal Prasad is working as Office assistant cum accountant. The programme work is being coordinated by Mr. Chandra Bhusan. On the post of field assistant Mr.Manish, Mr.Sawat Balaji and Mr. Gaurav Kumar are working.
  14. 14. VILLAGE BENEFITEDAbout more than 15 villages benefited and 6600 acre land irrigated by this programme. Paddy need about 700mm rain fall for production but the rain fall in the year is approx.350mm. So the rest water is managed by this Ahar-pyne.
  15. 15. xkWo pys unh;k dhvkssj, unh;k ns[ks rsjh vksj THE END