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  1. 1. Strengthening TechnicalInterventions and Support System Manas, Ramamohan, Jitendra, Biswa nath, Jyoti Prakash, Biswajith and Shyam Bihari
  2. 2. Areas of support required..• Feasibility / site selection on the basis of contiguity• Topographic survey• Design and Estimation
  3. 3. Capacity Building of Imp: partners• Organize / group imp: partners into clusters• Training the key persons from all imp: partners in all clusters by the core group• Core group – Jitendra, Manas, Nityananda, Sanjay, Ramamo han, Kamal Biswas, Saroj, Sunil, Hari Sankar, Anil Singh, KK Pandey, Sanjeev Sharma• Modules to be developed (incl catchment area dev / mgt)
  4. 4. Clusters• South Bihar + North Jharkhand• Manipur, Assam and Meghalaya• S.Jharkhand + West WB• South Orissa + North AP + S. Chattisgarh• N. Ch + E.MP• Maharastra• S.Raj + N.Guj• SW AP
  5. 5. Follow up to cap building• Some of the key persons trained will extend support to other imp partners in the cluster• One key person from each imp partners is expected• Integrate budget for tech services from key persons / org.• A brigade of tech man power from the community for future maintenance