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ADHD Awareness Expo Take 1 Table


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ADHD Awareness Expo Take 1 Table

  1. 1. Conquer Clutter and Chaos…Achieve Order and Balance! Are You Tired of Living in Disorganized Chaos? If you've been diagnosed with AD/HD, you probably have a good idea of how it is impacting your ability to get organized and effectively manage your time. As you know, many people with AD/HD struggle with inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, forgetfulness, a “fuzzy” sense of time, procrastination, and a low tolerance for tedious tasks. All of these things contribute to disorganization and inefficient time management. We Can Help. Order and Balance®, LLC specializes in working with clients who have AD/HD and offers a variety of customized coaching and organizing programs to meet your needs. The Order and Balance®, approach to ADHD coaching is very goal-oriented, strengths- based, and solution-focused. We help you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. We work with your AD/HD, not against it. We help you get organized and manage your time better so you can focus on the things that truly matter to you. Achieve Order and Balance Now! Schedule a Free 30 Minute Phone Session! Contact us at: Visit us at: Follow us at: Tiffany deSilva, MSW, LSW, CTACC: Expert Organizer and AD/HD Coach
  2. 2. Becca Gross Colao combines her academic training in Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences with her diverse work experience to offer clients a Problem-Solving and Systems Approach to coaching. "She has an affinity with inattentive ADHD and enjoys working with professionals, graduate students, and small business owners." We work together so you can:  Stick with your priorities  Learn how you function best  Notice opportunities instead of challenges  Increase your reserves  Increase self-confidence  Do more of what works  Increase resilience  Get and stay organized How does coaching work? Typically we work together by phone 3X’s a month for 45 minutes each time. What's next? Contact for a complimentary call to see if coaching is a fit. Becca  Colao  |  |  |  |  781.894.2343  
  3. 3. This AD/HD workbook is GIVE KIDS THE POWER one in a million! OF POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT! Featured in this invaluable workbook are: • More than 50 reproducible diary pages that help children experience and acquire a positive attitudes self-image! • Exercises that encourage children to communicate their inner thoughts, develop self-awareness, accountability, and demonstrate their courage • Individualized step-by-step prompts that focus on time- management and many other AD/HD challenges. • Result-oriented activities for parents and caregivers that encourage constructive, positive actions • A customized Home/School Accountability Form for par- ents and teachers designed to im- prove daily correspondence and collaboration for Parent/Teacher conferences. • Tools for helping teachers, stu- dent-teachers and classroom aides to identify and cope with AD/HD is- sues. • Practical applications for school psychologists and clinical practition- ers to be used on a one-on-one “Kerin’s understanding, borne of her many years of working basis or in a group setting in the field of AD/HD, has given her the ability to write a work- book that is an essential and comprehensive resource.” Get the full details at Roy J. Boorady, M.D. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine or call 888-761-6268 to order by credit card today! Director, Psychopharmacology Service, NYU Child Study Center
  4. 4. Geraldine Markel, Ph.D. Are Distractions Sabotaging Your Efforts to Get Ahead? Plagued by technology, an unruly mind, or interruptions? Stop feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and stressed. Discover simple strategies that can have a profound effect on your work/life. Rid your life of 8 common distractions that lurk around you! If you hate to read, but love to talk, then contact Geri for brief, results-oriented coaching. Write to: or call: 734 761 6498 for a complimentary consultation. This and other books are available as print, digital downloads, and as a visually pleasing 28 item card deck. ORDER NOW!
  5. 5. Who's Nick The Coach? Serious Silly Loves a Laugh and like a lot of ADD'ers Born to Explore Sailing to Buenos Aires at 20 Estes Park And... A professional AD/HD coach. Certified counselor. Licensed third age (50+) coach. Executive and management coach. Former career guidance center director for the Illinois Board of Education. With an MA in psychology. With twenty years of management experience. Helping individuals find success in work, school and relationships for thirty years. Certified to teach Accountability that Works, Focusing, Managerial Mediation, Individual and Organizational Transition. Contact Nicholas Head at Specialized Coaching Services, twitter, Linkedin , email, or 602-314-4571.
  6. 6. Ready to Try ADHD Coaching? Looking for a coach who’s flexible, fun and focused? Meet Coach Melissa Fahrney and get her Expo Offer: FREE COACHING FOR A MONTH! (via phone or skype) For more details and to register visit soon to be Or contact via email: Phone:1-888-327-5727 Melissa specializes in working with teens and college students, but welcomes ADDers of all ages who want to Master their Mountains using the power of Heart I.Q.! Melissa Fahrney, M.A., CPC ADHD & Life Coach, HeartMath® 1:1 Provider, Adult ADDer, former school psychologist, mom of 4, Lover of the Rocky Mountains, Nordic & downhill skiing
  7. 7. Robin Roman Wright, AD/HD & Career Coach Partnering with Teens & Young Adults Ages 15 - 29   Coaching services might help you with:   Time management and study skills  Career planning:  o  Identifying your talents, skills and strengths, choosing a major or launching a job search  Goal Setting and supporting you in a structured way as you implement plans and take action! Complimentary 15 - 30 minute inquiry session - discuss your coaching needs and learn about my approach! Professional Member ADHD Coaches Organization     Call (978) 447-1496 or visit to learn more! Free videos explain coaching and demonstrate methods teens can use to find a rewarding career path!   
  8. 8. A Breakthrough for with A must read for anyone who has wanted to learn about the entire coaching process as it relates to youth with ADHD, incorporating coaching skills, parenting skills and valuable information for all readers. Sleeper-Triplett’s industry and practical expertise makes this book an extraordinary resource. By Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC Available at • 800-233-9273
  9. 9. Empowering Youth With ADHD is the essential resource for coaches interested in expanding into a new niche; for parents hoping to provide young people with ADHD a more holistic treatment, and for mental health professionals struggling to understand coaches’ role. Empowering Youth With ADHD offers insight on • Assessing a young person’s readiness for coaching • Helping young people stay focused and achieve goals • Adopting coaching language, through sample coaching dialogues • Applying practical coaching techniques to solving real-life problems In this enlightening guide, author Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Master Certified Coach to hundreds of young people with ADHD, shares her unique, step-by-step coaching plan for creating positive Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC change for youth with ADHD. is a pioneer in the field of ADHD youth coaching and has been “Empowering Youth with ADHD is a must read for any educational, medical or mental health working with young people for professional committed to helping teens and young adults with ADHD. nearly 35 years. As cofounder of Empowering Youth with ADHD is an exceptionally well-written, diverse volume. It is a must for the Institute for the Advance m ent all professionals. Sleeper-Triplett’s approach to coaching is reasoned and reasonable. The strategies of ADHD Coaching and Director offered in this volume can make an immense, positive difference in the lives of youth and young of Coach Training for the Edge adults with ADHD.” Foundation, Sleeper-Triplett is Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Attention Disorders seen by many of her peers as the “Sleeper-Triplett has that elusive combination of heart, intelligence, energy, and spirit that have made foremost expert in the field of her the pre-eminent coach and coach trainer for youth with ADHD. With Empowering Youth with ADHD coaching for youth. Her ADHD, Sleeper-Triplett’s tireless commitment to meeting the needs of this underserved population company, JST Coaching, LLC, takes on a new and inspiring trajectory!” Susan Sussman, M.Ed., MCC, SCAC provides premiere coach training and coaching worldwide. “Written in a clear and straightforward way by one of the true pioneers of the coaching field, this book demystifies coaching and explains in great detail everything you need to know about the coaching process. Whether you are a professional coach that wants to learn more, a parent, or a young person considering coaching, this book will be of enormous benefit to you.” Kevin Murphy Ph.D., The Adult ADHD Clinic of Central MA and co-author of “ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says”
  10. 10.  404‐713‐0488    ________________________________________________________________________ All My ADHD Clients are Creative, Resourceful and Whole. Although an ADHD diagnosis is helpful, it’s the real work in coaching that will change your life. From high school and college students to adults in their ‘60’s, my clients are affirmed through my comprehensive coaching in their strengths, talents and capabilities. ADHD Coaching is both directive and interpretive in nature. My clients’ attention challenges require that I use excellent listening skills to redirect clients to pay attention to their greatest need in the moment in order to achieve their goals in the future. You learn to set the agenda and to come prepared to be transformed – I suggest tools and strategies tailored to your brain style for you to be successful. • You may come to coaching to learn about time management and discover one area of strength that compensates for the challenges of your ADHD; • You may come to coaching for academic challenges and learn that you’re in the wrong program; • You will come to coaching to learn that Interest is everything. My Your Attention Coach clients say: I learned more about ADHD from Maureen in one hour than I did in six months with my psychiatrist. Photographer L. B., age 48 Maureen is a gem as an ADD coach and mentor. Her gentle guidance helped me reclaim and embrace skills, strengths and resources I already had, and encouraged me to own them. Her clear and focused approach helped me prioritize issues and projects and pave the way for growth and new opportunities. Her flexible work style is perfect for short or long-term collaboration. She’s always available as a sounding board to help you find your own solutions and point you in the right direction. I will continue to work with her in the years to come. Maria/Communications, age 38 This afternoon was the first time in my adult life that I was able to converse with another person about my ADD. Thank you for showing me the computer program that I will be able to use; the one that will read back my letters and documents will get daily use. James, age 65, successful business owner, entrepreneur   Please visit and read my blogs about life in Georgia with ADHD, everything from the dog that ate a $1000 sock to stories about life with two children with ADHD. I’ve lived it all. And that and my training is why I’m good at ADHD Coaching. Making a difference in your life is why I coach. The first five new clients to contact Maureen Nolan, ACC at or 404-713-0488 and use the code word licorice will receive a $60 coaching session.