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    1. 1. The By Dr. Billi Method By Dr. BilliOct-11 Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Coaching 855-DrBilli 1
    2. 2. A Personal note from Dr. Billi To YOUIf you’re an adult with ADHD you may have always felt like the odd one out. I understand howyou feel. I’ve struggled with ADHD myself. Throughout the years, I have helped many womenand men conquer their ADHD issues and move on with their personal and professional lives.As a Professional (Ph.D.) with ADHD, I know that the struggle with ADHD is not aboutdesire or being broken. It is not about trying harder—and it is not hopeless. It is abouthighlighting what you do best and finding ways around the obstacles in our life. Workingtogether we will begin a partnership of equals that you can count on for non-judgmentalknowledgeable support and guidance.Imagine having your creative ideas appreciated, not camouflaged by disorganization or socialissues. Imagine having a system at work and home that is easy and feels right to you—and getsthings done. Imagine knowing you are serving as a positive role model for your children.Imagine connecting with people in meaningful ways and knowing that you are beingunderstood. It is this sense of peace of mind and self-confidence that grows through our worktogether. 855-DrBilliOct-11 2
    3. 3. Wouldn’t you like to stop: Feeling frustrated with yourself because you know that you could do better? Getting overwhelmed when you look at your desk? Jumping from job to job? Relationship to relationship? Having money trouble because you cannot remember to pay bills? Feeling as if you stick out in a group; misunderstood by your peers?Sound familiar?STOP PROCRASTINATING!!! > > Contact me NOW 855-DrBilli (372-4554) 855-DrBilli Oct-11 3
    4. 4. The Method is a unique and very effective Neuro-Cognitive-Behavioral approach to treating ADHD  Evaluate your life’s circumstances, past successes and patterns  Identify your specific talents and strengths  Create an individualized plan that allows you to overcome your hurdles  Develop strategies, techniques, tools, and build skills to cope with emotions when feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed  Utilize a variety of scientifically proven methods and techniques such as Expressive Arts Therapy, Strength Based Skills Building and AttenGo, a Neuro-Cognitive web based software 855-DrBilliOct-11 4
    5. 5. Who can benefit from The Method? Adults Children Parents Families Teachers Students Professions 855-DrBilli Oct-11 5
    6. 6. The Method enables you “TO DO IT YOUR WAY” Learn how to set goals, stay on task and organize in a way that works for you Acquire and improve social skills–and learn how to handle emotions Feel better about yourself and your future Build a system that suits you and fits with work, home, school Know what to do when you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed Create new habits that enhance your cognitive skills by using AttenGo™ Neuro-Cognitive online solutions Improve your reading, writing, organizational skills, memory, concentration, and physical coordination Have an ongoing, caring partner to hold you accountable to achieve the change or the goal you want. 855-DrBilli Oct-11 6
    7. 7. Your Unique Benefits of the Method  Transform your symptoms in to strengths  Improve your educational and behavioral skills  Overcome challenges, set goals, stay on task  Acquire and improve social and communication skills  Feel better about yourself and your future  Build self confidence/self esteem  Increase memory, concentration and cognitive skills  Achieve excellence in all areas of your life  Have an ongoing, caring professional partner to hold you accountable Oct-11 855-DrBilli 7
    8. 8. FOR PARENTS: A PERSONAL NOTEFROM Dr. BilliAs a parent with a child diagnosed with ADHD or any learning challenge, you want to make yourchild’s life better. You want to take away the struggle, frustration and pain. You want to boost yourchild’s self-esteem and make the social issues go away. You feel helpless. You or your spouse mayeven struggle personally with a related challenge, and may want to spare your child from what youwent through. 855-DrBilli Oct-11 8
    9. 9. The Method For Your Family,You are parenting in a way that will work for you and your child.• I will help you ease the pain• I understand the stress, heartache and frustration that ADHD can place on a child, parent and family.• I know these challenges firsthand—both professionally and personally. For many years, I have worked with children, families and educators to create systems and to teach skills that reduce stress and build a better quality of life.• Your child can make friends and have play dates. You can have family vacations that are enjoyable. You can sleep through the night knowing that you are parenting in a way that is working for you and your child. 855-DrBilliOct-11 9
    10. 10. The Method Dr. Billi offers coaching and therapy from many convenient locations. HOME OFFICE VIRTUAL 855-DrBilliOct-11 10
    11. 11. The Coaching MethodWant to know the secret of many successful people? They have a coach.A coach can motivate you to reach your peak potential.My Co-Active Coaching methods are unique.I give you the tools. You get to fine tune them with mymethods and support so they work for you.You are in the driver’s seat, you have thetalents, I will help you to reach yourdestination.Oct-11 855-DrBilli 11
    12. 12. The Method with Expressive Arts TherapyAllow your inherent creativity to shine on top of your ADHDsymptoms.Express your unique voice through drawings, music,movements and stories – To unleash your uniqueness.Create your own personal metaphors – To bypass the gapsbetween what you think and what other people areunderstanding.Understand body language and nonverbal communication –Use it as a social tool to achieve your goals. 855-DrBilli Oct-11 12
    13. 13. Teaching & Pedagogy For Teachers, Mental Health Professionals and executives in relations to ADHDTeach you how to tailor The Method to yourPatients, Students and Co workers.Share valuable insight about ADHD - & relate it to youpersonally and professionally.Educate you in a way that’s interesting and motivational andteach you how to do it yourself.Customize a system that works for you – for all aspects of yourlife – work, home, school, or any other life situation. 855-DrBilli Oct-11 13
    14. 14. At You can benefit from ™ Innovative Neuro-Cognitive Training Software Enhances various aspects of attention:  Attention Duration,  Selective Attention and  Divided Attention Reduces hyperactivity, impulsivity and impatience Develops key fundamental cognitive skills essential for learning Increases self-awareness and self control  Working Memory  Executive Functions  Sequential and Simultaneous Processing  Processing Speed  Multitasking  Visual & Audio Processing  Sensory Motor Coordination and Integration * Clinically tested and approved by: Hebrew University, Jerusalem; ACE Clinic, Canada; Further clinical studies underway (Australia, Israel) 855-DrBilli Oct-11 14 www.AttentionB.comCopyright © AttenGo™ Ltd.
    15. 15. We also provide ASQ Screening  Highly reliable and valid screening tool  ASQ looks at strengths and trouble spots  Professionals rely on ASQ as the best developmental and social-emotional screening for children from one month to 5 ½ years  Educates parents about developmental milestones and gives parents recommendations and tools  Incorporates parents expert knowledge about their children with a professional analysis andTop organizations including the interpretationAmerican Academy of Neurology& Child Neurology Societyidentify ASQ as a high quality 855-DrBilliscreener. Oct-11 15
    16. 16. The Method WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING Here is just one testimonial from a satisfied mother:“With my son’s severe ADHD and behavioral issues, Dr. Billi has worked to train his behaviorists, family and provide groundwork for school. She has been innovative with Expressive Art Therapy and methodology utilizing the AttenGo software program. My son reports that, “I love her.” We are getting results with his behavior management plan designed by Dr. Billi. I look forward to further insight that Dr. Billi will provide us along our journey.” 855-DrBilli Oct-11 16
    17. 17. Who is Dr. Billi?Dr. Billi is a Neuro-Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist andCoach. With a Ph.D. in Education, M.A. in Expressive ArtsTherapy and B.A. in Teaching/Pedagogy, Dr. Billi has over35 years of experience helping people of all ages manageADHD and live happier, fuller lives Dr. Billi is the creator of The Method 855-DrBilliOct-11 17
    18. 18. Preserving Your Uniqueness. Reframing Your Perspective of ADHD. Transforming Your ADHD Impairments into Assets. Web: Phone: (855) DrBilli (372-4554) Email: 855-DrBilliOct-11 18