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MGCLC LOCATION, OFFICE AND BACKGROUND: The registered coordination office of MGCLC is located at KWARE TRADING CENTER, KWARE LOCATION, of plot number OCC.LND16/KWARE/TML 111/830 registered under the name –AFRICAN ISRAEL NINEVEH CHURCH, This is a COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION (CBO). CONTACTS: The contact address for MGCLC shall be : C/O Livingstone Ofula Amakati P. O. Box 51522-00100 Nairobi Kenya Email Telephone numbers:- 0720-548802, /0737677633, /0711-152935 TARGET. To offer free education from early child education to Primary 1 to eight and secondary form one to form four. To accommodate 480 to 520 girls and boys children day school only. To provide school uniform, textbooks, exercised books first and lunch to all students. To employ 28 Teachers for six

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Mama gladys mutesa

  1. 1. MAMA GLADYS COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER C/O PASTOR GILBERT O. MAYAKA, P. O. BOX 51522-00100, NAIROBI KENYA (EAST AFRICA) CELL-PHONE.0720-548802, 0727-775284, 0711152935, 0751-717790 EMAIL ADDRESS: Mama Cladys Community Learning Center is a Community Bassed Organization based in Nairobi Kenya. This is a community learning center and Intergrated Community Empowerment and Development Center. The Organization works in pertinership with-; 1, Community Investment Trust Organization, 2, African Israel Nineveh Church and 3, Kware Community people of Ongata Rongai, Kware up-grating slums of Western side of Nairobi City. Mama Gladys Community Programs 1. To provide education center for children, youth and aged people., 2. Community School Feedding Center, 3. Day children Rehabiltation center for Orphans, Vulnerable and street children. 4. To provide the Community Social-Economic Deveopment Empowerment program, 5. A rehabiltation center for youth involved in Illicit Drugs and to the Abuse of Alcohol. 6. A CommunitySocial-Economic Development and Tranformation center for brewing and selling of illicit alcohol, Smoking and selling of Opium, Drugs, Drugs Abuse and fight against small arms/armunition. 7. A center Guidelines for the safe use of prescription drugs. 8. Civic Education. Objectives; The Organization is Non- Profit making, Non-Governmental organization registered by the Government of Kenya in the year 2012 with the office of the District Gender and Social Development Officer (DGSDO) AS A Community Based Organization (CBO).
  2. 2. The goal of the project is to offer free care and support to orphans, vulnerable and street children aged 3 to 15 years. To offer free cancelling and day rehabilitation service to our youth and elementary business support to widows, widowers and vulnerable families. This will bring development of alternative options and long-term scenario’s through the establishment of abroad framework on existing knowledge of the community development from a growing child to an elder person, while highlighting the importance of the education. As a result the following objectives have been sate: Establishment of care and support center for the orphans, vulnerable and street children. 2. The elaboration of care system into conceptual paradigms. 3. Developments of methodology, which will be able to outline, analyze and evaluate childcare system, youth initiative and women training systems using a multi-criteria approach. 4. The adaptation of proper integrated system and decision support procedures that describes entire potential responses to be used and suggested appropriate solutions. 5. The formulation of widely applicable guidelines and protocols for efficient implementation of Legal protection and care services for child abuse and child care program under different socio-economic conditions of assumptions. 6. The development of possible synergic among different projects that address comparable issues and questions on child education care with well-trained project staff. 7. The establishments of a department to rise mobilize and disburse funds and other resources for promotion of education for all people with regardless of age and gender issue. 8. Run Human growth and Development program through Community Health Aid Care Development Center in Kenya. 9. Run Community Capacity Building and Mobilization program through Community Mobilization Center in Kenya. Run Community Women Empowerment program in Kenya. 11. Run Community Poverty Eradication/ alleviation program in Kenya. 12. Run Relief Support Center (food, clothing, housing medical care, education and security) services to the most Disadvantaged need, poor Refugees and Residents in war towns area. 13. Diversity the provision of clean and save water and sanitation to the community through community water and water sanitation program. Mama Gladys Community Learning Center is therefore a Community Based Organization whose Mission is to create a Society that is free from Poverty, Illicit drinking/brewing, Illiteracy, Ignorance, disease, corruption, violation of human rights
  3. 3. based on Social Transformation and Integrity. Volunteers Opportunities; Based on Long and Short term Mission Work. 1. Teaching (Primary Education). 2. Youth, Counseling and rehabilitation center program. 3. Women Empowerments through sustainable Micro Finance business instructors. 4. Early Child Care and Education instructors. 5. Orphans, Vulnerable and Street Children Sponsorship Volunteers. 6. Girl Child Education Sponsorship Volunteers Program. 7. Boy Child Education Sponsorship Program. 8. Child with disabilities Challenges Education, Care and Support Sponsorship Volunteers Program. 9. ICT Instructor. Youth talents and sports Center. We are to provide Good Learning Environment and security, lunch, learning materials and uniform to all children, youth and women entrepreneurship seminars and trainings. Kware is located at western side of Nairobi city. It is about 60 kilometers from city center at Ongata Rongai Trading Center. This location started in 1997 when the Government of Kenya banned the mining of building stones. The people who were surviving on the rock mining became jobless and started putting up small structures calling the houses. The location is about 37 by 62 Kilometers square. By the Government censors of 2009 stated as follows; Children age 1 day to 18 years ---------------------69876 Youth aged 19 years to 35 years--------------------94254 People with disabilities age 1 day to 65 years---------3627 People aged 36 years to 65 years-------------------52115 People aged 66 and above years--------------------14516 Total population of Kware = 234388 The 62% of children are not schooling because; 1-the Government learning center for children is about 3 to 3.8 kilometers far away, 2-the parents or the family is poor and do not have any income to enable the children go to school. 3-parents involvement in corrupt ways of life, like, illicit brewing, selling of opium and drugs or engaged in sexual working,
  4. 4. 4- the parents died, are single or separated and remarried leaving the children in the hands of aged grandmothers. The number of children going to school is small compared to the one that do not go to school. The 49% of youth are illiterate or received semi-formal education that can not enable them any employment and the educated once are not employed resulting into some parents not taking their children to schools. This are the people who are most security dangerous to the people leaving in Nairobi City. This are the people used by the reach to supply, sale and use drugs and to the abuse of alcohol, opium smoking and using small arms to transport or in use of small arms and ammunition. The 78% People aged 36 and above are leaving under USD 1 per day and not fixed. This people are real poor in a sense that the work that most of them can do is to work in other people’s houses, worshiping cloths/utensils or the small farms. This is done on daily basis by curing outside the gates of able people waiting for a watchman/woman to pick one and allocate duties as informed by the home owner. This is where selling of bodies starts from by selling them salves to watchmen before their are given a change to work. Presentation letter PERSONAL INTRODUCTION Dated 12 03 2013 FULL NAMES-------------------------Livingstone Ofula Amakati BIRTH------------------------------- Born in the year 1962, aged 51 years. COUNTRY ---------------------------Kenyan (in Kakamega County). REGISTRATION IDENTITY CARD NUMBER--------------0509131 FAITH-----------------------------Christian (I believe in Jesus ideology) I am a protestant. MARRIEGE------------------------ Yes NAME OF MY WIFE-----------------Ruth Iminza Ofula (born in 1968) FAMILY------------------Three Sons and one Daughter. (Aged 24, 22, 19 and 15 years). ADDRESS-------------------------Care of Pastor Gilbert Ochenge Mayaka, X Jesus Glory Worship Center x P. O. Box 51522-00100 x Nairobi Kenya (East Africa)
  5. 5. E-MAIL ADDRESS OR CELL-PHONE----------------------+(254) 720-548802 OR 0737667633 MY EDUCATION Started learning in 1971 at Ekapwonje Primary school in class one. 1977 sat for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) passed. SECONDARY EDUCATION, 1988 and 1989-------- Out of school due to luck of fees. 1980 to 1983 --------Joined form one at Central High School Nairobi. Sat for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) passed TRAINING 1984 --Joined Western Collage of Arts and Applied Science to sturdy for Accounts Stage one and two. 1991------Joined Nyango’ri Bible Theological Collage to sturdy for Diploma in Bible Theology (In Church pastoral Leadership and Church Planting). 1994---Joined Nairobi University where I started for a certificate in Education for Social Transformation and Community Development. (Nine Months full time course). WORKING EXPERIENCE. 1985 to 1988 July worked with Crown cork Company as book keeper in Accounts office. 1988 to 1997 working for African Israel Nineveh Church Headquarters’ as Finance Controller/Pay Clerk as well us a student at Bible Collage. 1997 to 2007 Worked for Simba Tanks (Plastic Water Storage Tanks) as Sales Manager. 2007 to 2009 Worked for Humanist Movement Organization as Field Coordinator, 2010 started and registered Mama Gladys Community Learning Center where I work as Executive Director to now. MY LEGACY It is my aim to use the communities’ power that is hidden and not known to them in odder to exploit it
  6. 6. for their own benefits. MY WORKING TEAM I am working with nine board elected community members, trained in different professions. One of my working mates is a motor vehicle engineer, two are teachers, two are company administrators, two are company accountants, one is District Children officer and I am a social worker. We have Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is employed to work as project administrator and is directed, monitored, supervised by the board. The board meats every after three months unless there is un emergence to work upon. ABOUT MAMA GLADYS COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER. Mama Gladys Community Learning Center was started in the year 2010 after signing a memorandum of understanding with Mama Gladys Mweresa to rent a Church school that started in the year 2001 at Ongata Rongai Kware Location in Ngong’ County of the Republic of Kenya. This school was doing very well but collapsed during chaotic 2007-2008 post election. The memorandum of understanding states that I will use the school assets for 10 years before shifting to my own purchased plot. I made quite number of consultations with the church members, local community and the Government leadership before signing a memorandum of understanding with the church to us the facilities and church assets for a period of ten years. REGISTRATION Mama Gladys was official registered by the Government of Kenya, under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, as a Community Based Organization (CBO) on 11/10/2012, Registration No. KJD,(N)/CBO/1800087/12, CERTIFICATE No. A4271. RGANIZATION: MAMA GLADYS COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER ORGANIZATION STATES--------------COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION (CBO). STREET/P.O.BOX: ONGATA RONGAI, KWARE LOCATION, P. O. BOX 51522, Zip--------------------------------------- 00100,
  8. 8. TOTAL NUMBER OF PROJECT BENEFICIARIES BY DECEMBER 2013; Total number of children in our school are --------------------------162. Women in Micro- Finance program---------------------------------------------------------125. Youth in various classes and trainings------------------------------- 86. Old aged men and women under our watch---------------------------41. Total number of our current members------------------------------414. In ten years from now (2023)we are expecting to have reached and transformed 5000 people and 300 children to be in various secondary schools in Kenya from this community. ABOUT THE NAME MAMA GLADYS Simply means Mother Gladys. Her full names are Gladys Kahai Mweresa wife of Archbishop of African Israel Nineveh Church. She is a project TRUSTEE. Head office is in Nairobi capital city of Kenya and working in Ngong’ County on the border of Nairobi County. ABOUT REGISTRATION, The organization was registered on 11/10/2012 by the Ministry of Children Gender and social Development. The registration number is KJD.(N)/CBO/1800087/12, Certificate number A4271 The organization is an indigenous Non-Governmental, Non-Profitable, Non- Discrimination, Non-Political Organization but a Community Based Organization that is guided by one principal being “to ensure respect for human dignity, accountability, equity and equality to apply to all communities”. Our aim is to close the gap that prevents people from accessing their basic rights; education, basic health care, better life and working community. Head office is in Nairobi capital city of Kenya and working in Ngong’ County on the border of Nairobi County. Our Vision A society where everyone, especially the most marginalized is empowered economically, culturally, and socially, with equal opportunity capable of enhancing him or her and exploiting his or her fullest potentials. Our Mission Statement We strive to improve lives, reduce poverty and empower people so that they can meet their
  9. 9. own needs, without compromising posterity. OUR OBJECTIVES; To built Non-Political aligned governmental, Non-business making, Non-tribal, racial, religious, color or programs that are against human social life, but with strong bias on human activities without prejudice or discrimination whatsoever to other organizations, CBO’s and other governmental registered Groups ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION Mama Gladys Community Learning Center is aiming to be the indigenous non-Governmental, non-profitable, non- discrimination, non-political, but to be guided by one principal being, “To ensure respect for human dignity, accountability, equity and equality to apply to all communities” and civic participation for women and youth. We believe that addressing disparities in land control, in decision-making processes and in the representation of historically diverse communities, will be a critical factor in securing rights and opportunities for East Africans, particularly women and Youth in East Africa Region. The foundation is aiming to provide significant support to advance the region's two decades of progressive reform. Our strategy focuses on consolidating and continuing this quest. We believe in success and impact of our work will be determined and measured by how women and youth engage with and benefit from the progressive change. Our effort is to establish equitable, democratic, economically secure and peaceful societies in all counties of the Republic of Kenya. This center allows God to transform our members with the truth in life. This is a full- time Life Transforming Christian learning Center for children under 15 years and a vulnerable training center to reduce poverty and to eliminate ill trace, illicit brews, termination of pregnancies (abortion), sale and smoking opium, engaging in drugs and drugs abuse, daylight and night raping of women and school going girls and idleness among our youth. Using dynamic teaching sessions, discussion groups and ministry times the CENTER is to influence the lives of vulnerable children through educational, feeding, clothing, and shelter programs to let them know that they are not forgotten. Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge". There are always more of God's ways for us to understand, and that means we need to keep learning. Sometimes we are unable to break free because we do not understand certain things. In over 25 years experience in community and the church, God has revealed specific keys from His Word in the areas of Healing, Deliverance & Discipleship to AFRICAN ISRAEL NINEVEH CHURCH that when applied to a believer's life can bring long lasting freedom. Our desire is to share these keys with you. ABOUT KWARE PEOPLE AS THE MAIN PROJECT, BENEFICIARY Kware is a cosmopolitan densely populated formal settlement of County Council of Olekajuado
  10. 10. at Ongata Rongai Trading Center. The areas 70% occupants are poor people who are leaving under one dollar per day. The only employment for these occupants is doing small vender business of selling vegetables charcoal, firewood, tea kiosks carpentry work, masonry work, working in kware and selling second hand cloths fetching and selling water. Most of Kware people are engaged in brewing and selling of illicit brews, Drags and drags abuse is the daily life of youth. The main market is the people leaving in Nairobi and its surrounding towns. The area is experiencing many problems ranging from water, sewer lines, schools, community social centers, market, medical health centers and administration center. For example! It is about 2.5 Kilometers from Mama Gladys Community Learning Center to a Government Primary School and to a Government Health Center. When a few people identified this problem, they invested heavily into education and medical sector and they are overcharging this resident heavily. The poverty and dissidence factors are coursing children from not going to school and people not accessing to medical health facilities. OUR OFFER TO THIS COMMUNITY.  To offer free and affordable education to orphan/vulnerable child.  To offer affordable education to all Need vulnerable children  To offer affordable lunch to all children in our school.  To offer for an affordable canteen to this community children learning in other schools.  To offer for Home Management School Extensive Self Studies.  To offer for education to youth who were dropped out of schools because they failed examination or who did not attempt seating for Class 8 or Form 4 examination or did not have school fees.  To offer for affordable community Meeting place.  To construction of water Borehole for the school and the community. ACHIEVEMENTS  By bring school facilities and free education to this Location means accepting and allowing more children in school. Free lunch attracted quite number of children and freed most parents to have time for other parental activities for life. Free lunch also omits children from having freedom to be used by dangerous people to curry for them ammunitions, drugs and illicit brews to supply to users or agents to gate money.  Lunch also attracted quite number of children to school because some parents are poor in a sense that it’s not easy to have food on table ate the end of the day This project is all about working with the community men and women, youth and children to reduce poverty to a tiny percentage. From the current of 78% to 20%. Training women how to fish, by engaging in mobile business and other income activities for their own benefits. To educate and train youth better leaving activities and to have more education to come out of idleness illicit drinking and drugs trafficking for had better hope in life.  To transform the society from illicit life, drugs abuse and small guns of killing small innocent people to a prosperous beautiful life full of splenetic glory of honey and milk.
  11. 11. KIND OF HELP WE GIVE TO OUR LEARNING CHILDREN 1--Children aged 3 to 15 years this are 162 children, who are in class learning and we offer the following list of items per team.  SCHOOL FEES----------------------------35% Three times per year  TEXT BOOKS------------------------------13% Once per year  FEEDING PROGRAM------------------------10% Only learning days (five days per week)  EXERCISE BOOKS/WRITING PENS-------------7% 12 books Size A4 200pages 3 times a yr.  SCHOOL UNIFORM/SHOES------------------13% Two pairs a year, and shoes one pair.  OTHER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES------------------3% once in a year  AWARENESS TRIPS/TOURS-------------------3% Three times in a year  MEDICAL COVER INSURANCE----------------2% Once in a year  OFFICE MANAGEMENT/ALLOWANCES.--------2% Once in a year  CHILD HOME SUPPORT----------------------3% we buy home items for the family.  CHILD SAVINGS FOR FUTURE DEV.-----------4% We deposit money on a child a/c once  HEAD OFFICE/MAINTENANCE/TRAV—---------5% Once per year TOTALS 100%. = USD $520.00 This is financial estimates of one child one yearly expenditure of $ 520.00 US Dollars KIND OF OFFER WE GIVE TO OUR YOUTH AGED 18-35 YEARS; Mama Gladys Center have a youth solution. We have opened a door to welcome youth to join us. The first think we do is to have a general mentoring class; this is one-hour evening class on daily basis for one month. After which we give a freedom of self-choice. The teaching includes, dangers of smoking, drinking of illicit brews, dangers of drugs, like Co-Cain, marijuana, opium and arms/ammunition. On these topics, we base on life and its benefits and results. We accept those who are in need to continue with education to do so after verification to where he or she had reached and the age. We offer free coaching and examination application to them, two hours daily for six days in a week for one full year. We also train mostly young married women and girl’s computer, counseling and first aid course free for a period of three months. Our second target is to create employment to our youth who are graduating yearly in thousand of numbers. If we can be stable financial we will be in a by the year 2014 we will start giving loans to Agricultural sector supporting youth to start agricultural business in farming sector. The most area that we have identified profitable in farming is bee keeping, animal farm for meat, e.g. beef, fish, chicken rearing and eggs, skin and other products. The other animal farming sector that is productive and profitable is milk, Eggs, silk, oil, and bones. Food farming products, e.g., maize, beans, rice, sorghum, cow beans, finger millet, Sweet potatoes and others. Vegetable farming like tomatoes, onions, cabbages, hot culture farming products and many others. Another program is water. This people spent a lot of time queuing on line to gate water. If we our water project can materialize then our youth will have to employ themselves
  12. 12. supplying water to area residents. This is the only way we can engage our youth in good various activities to be busy productive and supportive to the society. MAMA ANAJALI JAMII. We also train and support family planning its importance how it works and dangers of abortion and having quite number of children that you can support. KIND OF THE OFFER WE GIVE TO OUR AGED MEMBERS 36 AND 60 YEARS; The importance of Micro-finance program to members, The main objective of the organization is to reduce and eliminate poverty to a tinny level, to make poverty a sustainable and controllable. This means that by reaching people on the grass roots in the rural villages, Train them and include them in the field of participation, to be among the players for them to fill the impact of the social activities and how the togetherness can bring a change to the society. We register 50 members in an evening one-hour class on daily basis for two months. We train them on basics of looking for a better way to be responsible of managing yourself. We give various verities, as peasant farming, small-scale business and working in middle class peoples homes. We introduce Micro-business working system, how it works, its impotence and benefit and at last business mobile banking system. We group the members in five member small groups (this applies to only members who are interested in business), to start banking with us about $1.176 Dollars per week for a period of 8 weeks to qualify for a loan of times five the total savings. The lowest person can gate $47.04 US Dollars and the highest can gate $353.041 US Dollars. This is teamed a soft capital to start small business of which we monitor and supervise for a period of six months. The loan is paid buck weekly for a period of 24 weeks with an interest of one percent per week. This program is called MAMA ANAJALI JAMII. By now, we have 125 members and we are looking for funds to loan and train many members who are interested in joining the project. We are expecting to assist 5000 members by 2023 this is our target. KIND OF SUPPORT WE GIVE TO OUR MEMBERS AGED ABOVE 61 YEARS; we offer free cleaning suffices to all homes of people age 61 and above years. Our youth are grouped into 5 members in a group to visits this people once in a month. We train them passion, love, leadership and care. We also take the responsibilities of any children that might be leaving with them, may be the children parents died of HIV/AID’s the parents separated and remarried
  13. 13. and children were left behind to stay with their grand parents. MAMA ANAJALI JAMII. ANY SUPPORT. Since I started this organization in 2010 to now, I got USD $300.00 Donations organized by the area member of parliament in May 2012. Otherwise, I do contribute 50%, board members contribute 30%, and the community people contribute the remaining of 20%. The board members and I, we are filling a heavy weight being imposed on us even if the project is doing very well. OUR PLANS; CHILD EXPENDITURE CHART PROGRAM % TOTAL AMOUNT IN $ USD REMARKS School Fees 35 182.0 Salaries/Others Text Books 13 67.6 Purchased once in a year Feeding Program 10 52.0 Purchase of Food/Snacks Exercise Books/Writing Pens 7 36.4 Provided 3 Times in a Year School Uniform/Shoes, socks, Bug 13 67.6 2 Pairs per year/Games Uniform School Activities 3 15.6 Games Activities School Awareness Learning Trips 3 15.6 School Trips for learning Medical Cover Insurance Program 2 10.4 For Child Treatment Office maintenance Service 2 10.4 Website to upkeep child information Child Home Support 3 15.6 Home child up keep/home purchase Child Savings 4 20.8 Child A/C to use after 18 yrs. Office Management Expenditure 5 26.0 Maintenance of transport/others TOTAL 100% $ 520 US DOLLARS ONE YEAR EXPENDITURE PER CHILD PROGRAM REQUIRED AMOUNT USD REMARKS SCHOOL FEES 182.0 29484.0 This is real affordable and better TEXTBOOKS 67.6 10951.2 Supplied once per year per class SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM 52.0 8424.0 Lunch for 9 months learning EXERCISE BOOKS/PENS AND OTHERS 36.4 5896.8 A4 200 pages 12 books/pens UNIFORM,SHOES,GAMES /SOCKS 67.6 10951.2 Given at the begging of first term ACTIVITIES 15.6 2527.2 Money spend in sports activities SCHOOL TRIPS 15.6 2527.2 Distance/visitation learning MEDICAL INSURANCE COVER 10.4 1684.8 To cover medical treatment
  14. 14. OFFICE MAINTENANCE SERVICE 10.4 1684.8 Supervision/Information upkeep CHILD HOME SPORT/SANITATION 15.6 2527.2 To take care of a child sanitation CHILD SAVINGS 20.8 3369.6 Child savings for support after 18 OFFICE MANAGEMENT 26.0 4212.2 Office use for child management. TOTAL AMOUNT REQUIRED 520X162 84’240.20 FOR EDUCATION ONLY PROJECT ESTIMATED AMOUNT $ PER PROJECT REMARKS EDUCATION PROGRAM 84,240.20 This is our Key factor of having this center certificate and objective to this community SCHOOL BUILDING PROGRAM 25,000.00 We have 6 classes and we want 6 more classes and 1 Office block with store SCHOOL FENCE PROGRAM 870.00 Currently our school is in open without security fence and gate/perimeter wall. PIGGERY FARMING PROGRAM 1,020.00 We are looking for a project that can generate income and use the remnants of food remains/ easy to manage and space. SCHOOL WATER PROGRAM (WATER BORE HALL PROJECT) 11,765.00 Ngong is a District that is having water problem. This project can generate income and reduce expenditure by 15%. It is true that it can bring in $850 per month after all deduction. (we gate supply from 3.5kms away @ $1.711 for 100lts of water) STAFF SALARIES/ALLOWANCES 30,000.00 This salary is not inclusive teachers. This is salaries for social, project and security guards. OFFICE STATIONARY/EQUIPMENTS 229.00 These are stationery that up keep the records and information for the project. COMMUNICATIONS/SEMINARS 358.00 Traveling, communication and seminars are the key pillars of any organization. TOTAL ESTIMATE EXPENDITURE. $153,482.00 USD If we can gate this donation, we are able to put every thing in place and in the second year, this project can be self-financial reliance if well supervised/managed. These donations do not have period to gate it, but sooner we gate it the better for the project and the community art large. Members can try through organization of donation contributions after Elections of 2013 to raise
  15. 15. 20% of the total required ($30’696.40 US D Equivalent to KSH.2.6m). OUTCOMES; Mama Gladys Center is based on an outcomes approach. This means that we are interested in how the project will make an impact difference in this Kware community and women youth and children who use it. Outcomes are the changes that happen as a direct result of this project. These changes will make a difference to the environment, to the community and to the people who benefit from the project. The Mama Gladys Community Center program outcomes are:  A better local environment  An increase in access to quality local educated children, quality mothers with quality business and self-reliable financial.  An increase in people actively involved in a practical environmental project  Zero rating to illicit brews, drugs and drugs abuse, idleness, opium smoking, day and night thugs, use of small arms and ammunition by killing innocent people.  An improvement in partnership between support organizations, communities and authorities. Example: A project to create a community that is well educated and a family can support itself to put a daily meal on table, It can take a child to a better learning institution, It can easily a quire for medical care more faster and be able to pay for the medical bill without problem. Outcomes might include increased gardening skills, community cohesion and improvement of the local environment because of people putting their skills into practice. These outcomes would therefore fulfill the objectives that were laid down and implemented by Mama Gladys Community Learning Center, outcomes of a better local environment, and an increase in people actively involved in a practical environmental project. OUR APPEAL. I therefore request for my plea! Representing myself, the working board and on behalf of the transforming community, to come out in large number and support this project. I take this excellent opportunity to welcome you as individual, society, group, donors and well- wishers to come and see by yourself what we are doing own the ground. WELCOME ONE COME ALL WE ALSO HAVE FOUR WORKING PERMIT'S TO PEOPLE WHO MIGHT DEVELOP A WILLING TO COME AND JOIN TO WORK WITH US. PLEASE WELCOME WE ARE READY TO WORK WITH YOU UNDER ANY CAPACITY.
  16. 16. CONCLUSION We are ready to transform the decisions and actions of poor people to make and bring about sustainable improvements in their lives and livelihoods. Inequitable power relations exclude poor people from decision-making and prevent them from taking action. Poor women and men need to gain and exert influence over the political, economic and social processes that determine and, all too often, constrain their livelihood opportunities. Sustainable poverty reduction needs poor people to be both the agents and beneficiaries of economic growth to directly participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes. Strengthening poor people’s company and community work, providing them with more control over assets and promoting their influence in economic governance will improve the terms on which they engage in markets. This education network empowerment combined with social community company will make growth much more effective in reducing poverty. This report aims to build our members by understanding of empowerment and presents good practice on how we can support empower them by processes through their development assistance. Educating kids is our business as well as your mission, and Community helps us make the connection. With more than three decades of experience working with thousands of members, Mama Gladys Community Learning Center and consulting services to Community Church women organization, public and private schools, and supportive organizations with a mission to improve educational opportunities in this District. We are small enough to ensure that your contribution reaches the recipient-Yet, we are Big enough to offer you a space of mind regarding your contribution and any other equipment you might think wise for supporting any program under our cover. Thank you Ofula REMEMBER; MAMA ANAJALII JAMII AND SIMPLICITY/SINCERITY/SECURITY