Distinguished Group Brand Marketing


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Distinguished Group Brand Marketing

  1. 1. NEXUS BRANDS, LLC Definition: n. pl. NEXUS 1. A means of connection between members of a group or things in a series; link; a bond 2. A connected group or series Mission: Become a leading force in the growing movement to combat childhood obesity and Type-2 diabetes with products and services that promote healthy eating habits and regular physical activity.
  2. 2. NEXUS – “Health Juice”• Product Description: - The healthiest juice products for kids - NEXUS Health Juices are vitamin fortified fruit juice beverages made with all natural ingredients, advancednutritional supplements and no high fructose corn syrup• Target Audience: - 50 million school children K-12 - Concerned Moms and caregivers at retail - Fast food, government, military & hospital services• Consumer Proposition: - 50% less sugar and calories than regular juice - 3 servings of fruits and vegetables per 8 oz serving - More vitamins than Vitamin Water
  3. 3. Manufacturing Partner Global Brands: - Same manufacturer for Snapple and Fuze - Over 15 years in the beverages industry - Key contacts, distribution resources and consultation to keep NEXUS on track
  4. 4. Competitive AnalysisBrand NEXUS Minute Maid Tropicana Welch’s Capri-Sun Hi-C Kool-AidCalories 60 150 130 160 110 90 100Sugar (g) 19 34 40 38 28 25 25No Corn Syrup ✓ ✓ ✓10% Vitamin A ✓25% Vitamin B ✓100% Vitamin C ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓10% Vitamin D ✓20% Vitamin E ✓20% Calcium ✓30% Folate ✓
  5. 5. A Political Movement! • Combating Childhood Obesity - The first lady, Michelle Obama, is launching a campaign to fight childhood obesity. - The U.S. Department of Agriculture is restricting the sale of sugary drinks in school vending machines. - NEXUS has already met with key White House personnel and we are positioning NEXUS Juice as the “healthy alternative” to combat childhood obesity. “There is no reason why we can’t have water and healthy juice drinks in vending machines.” Michelle Obama (USA Today 02.09.2010)
  6. 6. NEXUS Political Supporters • New York State Political Supports - Dr. Dorothy Height (recently passed away) - Michelle Paterson (wife of Governor Paterson) - Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz - Senator John Sampson - Senator Malcolm Smith - Senator Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. “I am very proud of my great nephew for continuing to invest in the future of our country; Our Children!” Dr. Dorothy I, Height, The National Conference of Negro Women
  7. 7. Community Marketing Strategy• NEXUS Brands will reinvest $1.00 per case! - NEXUS Brand’s “Change 4 A Dollar” - $1.00 from each NEXUS case sold will go back into the communities in an effort to support education initiatives and to combat childhood obesity NEXUS – POWERS YOUR COMMUNITY.
  8. 8. School Marketing Strategy• NYS Public Schools Reinvestment - 3 million students in New York State - If 1 in 5 kids drink NEXUS each day at school, $500,000 per month reinvested in public schools THAT’S $6 MILLION PER YEAR!
  9. 9. MBE Growth Strategy• Minority Business Enterprise Bottler - NEXUS is the only African American owned and operated national beverage company - 15% of all retail, fast food and municipal juice sales - MBE allocated guaranteed Supermarket shelf space
  10. 10. Fast Food Growth Strategy • Healthy Alternative in McDonald’s Happy Meals - Millions of Happy Meals sold each year - Desperately seeking “healthy choices” - Restaurants located in urban communities - Most significant source of long term growth
  11. 11. In-Store Activations • Leverage Celebrity Partners - In-store appearances by pro athletes - Radio, TV, web, mobile and in-store circulars - In-school promotions with celebrities - Fitness equipment to top schools and organizations
  12. 12. Celebrity Charitable Partners -Diverse portfolio of celebrity spokespersons including musicians, actors and athletes that resonate with youth and exhibit the core values of the NEXUS brand “I choose to work with NEXUS because they truly care about the kids.” Diana Vishneva, Prima Ballerina
  13. 13. Celebrity Charitable Partners • Branded NEXUS Celebrity Bottles - Paul Pierce, NBA - Alexander Ovechkin, NHL - Grant Hill, NBA - Sam Madison, NFL - Summer Sanders, Olympian - Diana Vishneva, Ballet - Marcos Ambrose, NASCAR - Terrence & Rocsi, BET 106 & Park