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Album%20 cover%20research

  1. 1. This album cover is quite fitting with our music video because of the plain empty room. We use a lot of rooms in our, symbolising a new stage in the girl’s life. It is also quite like our barn idea that occurs in the video where the band our playing in an empty barn.
  2. 2. This album cover has that ‘urban’ or ‘alternative’ vibe that we think our band might have. However, we don’t want to go down the route of boy band sitting on the grass, looking off into the distance. The Verve have very similar music to The Kooks.
  3. 3. This album cover has a bit of controversy with underwear being on show. The cover is very simplistic and is just a slightly edited. I like the idea that the girl is playing the drums, because out music video does revolve around the life of a girl.
  4. 4. This album cover is interesting because it is initially a seemingly classy innocent image, and then you can see the slight corruption in each situation. I think the idea of corruption within an innocent image is clever and fitting with our music video because the girl is going through some corruption in her life.
  5. 5. This is probably my favourite album cover because the image is comic book like. This is really fitting with our music video because of how the music video is structured. We have an almost comic book/ episodic style to our video.
  6. 6. This is a great website that would suit our band because it’s clean but edgy. It is also very interactive which is great for their target audience which is from ages 16 to 26. Along here they have loads of tabs that link you to their most recent news and shows, loads of media and places to buy their merch. Along the bottom of their website, they have a media player. Playing their newest songs. They have links to their facebook, youtube, twitter and myspace. Their music is available in vinyl too!
  7. 7. Has lots of tabs that takes you to photos and new releases. The overall look is quite bland, and I’m not sure that I like it that much for our band. I do however like how clean it is and the concept behind the fan forum. This I think is important and would want this for our band. I feel like they need to be in touch with their audience.
  8. 8. I really like the Two Door Cinema Club website. I think they have done such clever things with the modern technology making their website by far one of the most interesting. Once you have clicked enter site you are taken to the home page that takes great advantage of their newest video and uses this as an opportunity to market it. At the top of the screen their music video plays automatically, making people listen to the song and see the video. The first thing you see is this amazing photo from a concert with an option to buy tickets or enter the site. I love this touch and would want to use it for our band’s site.
  9. 9. Once on the main homepage, a blog like style is formatted. I really like the idea, that it appears the band are updating it themselves, making it more personal and makes the connection between the band and their fans stronger. Here they have all the links to facebook, twitter, youtube and other networking sites. Very accessible!
  10. 10. Another great example of a clean yet edgy website. However, I feel that there is just too much empty space, and it looks a bit unfinished.