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Md® all done 2014


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Md® all done 2014

  1. 1. MobileDiagnosis® 2008-2014 All Done
  2. 2. MobileDiagnosis® 2008-2014 All Done TIMELINE ACTIVITY DONE COUNTRY TRAINED PEOPLE RESULTS OBTAINED 2008- the solution- the IT patent fil low cost transmission of diagn images and education Identified low cost tele-m system* 2009 The european patent request- 2-months Course in rural H Uganda 45 2010 Prof Yunus Invitation 3-months Course in Kalyan rural HC Bangladesh 25 2011 PIME 2-months Course in rural H B’desh 21 2011 MAE 2-months Course in Herat H Afghanistan 12 Identified a new training method ** 2012 Feasibility study for Madagascar Short course in rural H - Tulear Madagascar 3 2012Start collaboration with COE 2-months course in rural H DRC 22 2013 AIT Yunus Center Studies for explore coll in BKK Thailand 2013 Shoklo SMRU-Oxford Short course in rural HC Thailand 15 2013 COE DRC Second course in rural H DRC 26 Second –time consolidation in DRC 2014 SHOKLO SMRU Oxford Second course at Shoklo unit Thailand 31 Second –time consolidation of coll
  3. 3. MobileDiagnosis® 2008-2014 All Done Scientific Results and References 1**-2014 Bellina L.Azzolina,G.Nucatola I.,Maggio, A:.Consiglio,F:Ingrassia, R.; Vitrano,F.,and Carrabino, R.:M-phone impact on practical training: role of m-phone as part of the educative method for training local health workers of rural areas of developing countries 2-*2011-Bellina, L,.Missoni, E. Mobile Diagnosis: Bridging Sociocultural Gaps and Empowering Women Telemedicine and e- Health November 2011, 17(9): 750 750.‑ doi:10.1089/tmj.2011.9976. 3*-2011-Bellina, L., Missoni, E. Mobilephone image transmission for diagnosis. In: World Health Organization, Compendium of new and emerging health technologies, WHO/HSS/EHT/DIM/11.02, Geneva, 2011 4*-2011-Bellina,L:Missoni,E:MobileDiagnosis:an appropriate technology for tele microscopy,an effective tool for training European Journal TM & IH vol 16,Supplement‑ 1,October 2011,pag 88 5*-2011-Bellina,LMissoni,E: M learning: mobile phones‑ ’ appropriateness and potential for the training of laboratory technicians in limited resource settings Health and‑ ‑ Technology 2011 October , DOI: 10.1007/s12553 011 0008‑ ‑ 6*-2011-Bellina,L In Good Practice Mobile Diagnosis : The Grapevine Summer Euripa Magazine [PDF] The Grapevine‑ ‑ 7*-2010-Bellina,L:MobileDiagnosis, in Good Pratice-2011,July Freedom From Want(MDGC-AIT) 8*-2010 -Bellina L., Missoni E., Increasing connectivity of isolated health workers in poor countries using locally available technology. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 2010, 14, 11 suppl.2, pp. S46 S47‑ 9*-2010-Grameen Kalyan :Training on Diagnostic Pathology 07 10 june 2010‑ Tutorial Book of Course for Healthworkers trained by Dr Livia Bellina ,assisted by Dr Baqui Supported by Regional Office Comilla Venue:Rajapur Health Center ,Comilla Unpublished 10*-2009-Bellina, L., Missoni, E., Mobile cell phones (M phones) in telemicroscopy: increasing connectivity of isolated laboratories, Diagnostic Pathology, 2009, 4: 19‑ ‑
  4. 4. MobileDiagnosis® 2008-2014 All Done TIMELINE MEMBERSHIP 2011- Global Health Workforce Alliance -GWHFA-WHO 2012- Ashoka Changemakers Health Innovation Group‑ 2013- M Health Alliance‑ 2013- Members of HIFA2015: Healthcare Information For All by 2015: 2013- M health expert in the consultancy network mHELP expert network of m health alliance org.
  5. 5. MobileDiagnosis® 2008-2014 All Done TIMELINE ACTIVITY DONE COUNTRY PARTNER 2009-2014 8 Field Courses – 199 Trained People 7 Different Countries 2012-2013 two collaboration established Training on the field DRC AND THAI COE SHOKLO-SMRU 2012-2013 a friendly collaboration established for exploring all possible S.B. introduction on the Model Yunus Center AIT 2009-2014 10 article published on m-health on the main international scientific revues 2014 JANUARY Publication of the new Method of training 2014 StartIng of the Collaboration with ESA European Space Agency Future efforts will be done for creating “Micro-Welfare Islands” for the Rural Communities wellness also by introducing the S.B. model in the last ring of MobileDiagnosis Chain Studies are conduct for exploring all possibilities and mechanisms in friendly collaboration with Yunus Center AIT
  6. 6. MobileDiagnosis® 2008-2014 All Done
  7. 7. MobileDiagnosis® 2008-2014 All Done