The Mixing Star and the social media


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Presentation made for Disaronno in the "Creating Cocktail Legends With Social Media" seminar, within the "Tales of the Cocktail" event

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The Mixing Star and the social media

  1. 1. July 2010 LiveXtention live contents for extended brands Interconnection, by pchweat on Flickr:
  2. 2. Bartending has always been a way of life and a part of an identity.
  3. 4. The social web is the ideal tool for a bartender to express himself and gain visibility in his own environment, even at an international level
  4. 5. Vertical websites and blogs quickly become influential voices and benchmarks for the bartenders audience
  5. 6. Many bartenders have chosen Facebook to keep and increase the links with their professional network
  6. 7. Many bartenders have chosen Facebook to keep and increase the links with their professional network Friendships and professional contacts are managed together in a funny way. The multimedia features give bartenders the possibility to express themselves “digitally” in a way which is consistent with what they do behind the bar. They can invite friends to events at their bars; they can upload pictures and videos of their creations; they can create events and community pages themselves
  7. 8. The interest in the beverage world is widely spread and aggregates crowds of passionate fans GENERIC COMMUNITY PAGES (former FANPAGES) on Facebook Audience with bartending-related interests (according to Facebook advertising)
  8. 9. Facebook application developed by Patron Tequila to manage an online bartender competition and featured in the famous “web 2.0” blog Mashable
  9. 10. Twitter is crowded with bartenders and mixologists, twitting about their recipes, events, competitions, awards. This is true in the English-speaking countries much more than elsewhere (even if Twitter is already very big in Japan and it is rapidly growing everywhere)
  10. 11. A way to keep in touch with their world and communicate anything with their tweets (even from the bar!)
  11. 12. The world of Mixology and Bartending is narrated and represented also through images of thousands of amateurs and nightlife lovers.
  12. 13. On YouTube millions of views are reached by a lot of videos about flair bartending. Also cocktail preparations, videos of famous bars, performances by the bartending celebrities are often YouTube hits
  13. 14. Prestwich Crew, cocktail tricksters . A big YouTube hit and an examplary viral video. Flair bartending re-invented in a funny way (probably, with many fake tricks…) http :// iDLr99tlGiA
  14. 15. The great potential of social media is that they allow talented people to quickly gain popularity, even worldwide .
  15. 17. If you are a young bartender, whether professional or emerging, and dream of one day becoming a major player, Disaronno is offering you the chance to put your talents on dazzling display. Invent a cocktail that brings out the best of Disaronno's mixability and sign up for the contest on to participate in the castings held nationwide. The finalists chosen by a panel of judges, which includes the mixologist Dom Costa, will compete in the European final in London. The big prize? A once-in-a-lifetime experience in the U.S., the chance to become the Disaronno mixability bartender and make a spectacular star appearance in Hollywood.
  16. 18. The Mixing Star – Disaronno bartender competition on social media MIXING TRIVIAL THE MIXING STAR ON THE SOCIAL WEB THE MIXING STAR WEBSITE The Mixing Star profiles were created on all the main social networks, and actively integrated with the web site (eg: Facebook social plugin; YouTube embedding tools). Also, a Facebook application ( Mixing Trivial ) was created to engage bartenders in a different way. Facebook ads were directed to the Mixing Trivial application. The Mixing Star ads were positioned within the application. Social profiles and FB app all played the same role of positioning the Disaronno brand and communicating the innovation of The Mixing Star competition
  17. 19.   Guidelines of social media activities for The Mixing Star - Grow every social channel through the periodic posting and spreading of brand-related contents (balancing information, professional contents, entertainment)   - Attract new fans and followers. Build a community of people around the initiative   - Make the bartenders try and use the Mixing Trivial Facebook app (which can itself take people to register to The Mixing Star competition website)   - Adapt each content according to the features of each social media; creating synergies and cross-links between each social media, the website and the Mixing Trivial app
  18. 20. <ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Tone of voice and subjects </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>cocktail recipes, with related information and suggestions </li></ul><ul><li>the myth of the Star of Mixing, that is Mixology as an art, Hollywood as playground, the Hall of Fame as goal </li></ul><ul><li>news, information and curiosities about the cocktails world </li></ul><ul><li>the different codes and meanings of the cocktails world, cocktails pictures , cocktails preparation techniques </li></ul><ul><li>famous cocktail- or bartending- related places, bars, movies, novels </li></ul><ul><li>Mixing Trivial’s contents </li></ul><ul><li>call to actions for The Mixing Star competition, countdown for events and The Stars’ proclamation </li></ul>
  19. 21. Facebook. The Mixing Star page Posting of any multimedia content which can contribute to communicate The Mixing Star and create engagement towards the Disaronno competition Facebook. The Mixing Trivial app 12.000 interactions with the Facebook app in 15 days (promoted with ads addressed to selected audiences with bartending-related interests)
  20. 22. Twitter Creating conversations and promoting the contest. Building a network (searching tweeps by proprietary analyisis tools or Twitter Advanced Search) and managing the relationship with it
  21. 23. Flickr A platform to upload all the images of Disaronno bartending events; or pictures posted by the participating users. A way to contact more users (bartending and cocktails groups and pools)
  22. 24. YouTube Uploading videos of TMS participating users and events; selection of the best video contents from anything related
  23. 25. LiveXtention , a Digital Magics Company Via Orobia 3, 20139 Milano Tel. +39 02 52.505.1 Fax +39 02 52505.616