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Cold Email Tactics That Generate Warm Leads


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Cold Email Tactics That Generate Warm Leads

  1. 1. Cold E-mail Tactics That Generate Warm Leads Emilia Mosiewicz Sales Director, LiveChat
  2. 2. 1.How to write responsive e-mails 2.How to open a dialog with a corporate client 3.How to close more deals with cold emailing SalesHackingDay
  3. 3. What is Cold E-mailing? “A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact or a request for information previously. Cold emails are different from spam mails. If some proper procedures are not followed, a cold email could become a spam mail” - Wikipedia SalesHackingDay
  4. 4. SalesHackingDay 10 Golden Rules That will turn you into Cold E-mailing Super Hero
  5. 5. Keep it short - 3 - 6 sentences 1. SalesHackingDay - short and simple - clean - mobile friendly
  6. 6. Bad E-mail
  7. 7. Good E-mail
  8. 8. Keep it clear - focus on them - get to the point - talk benefits not features 2. SalesHackingDay
  9. 9. Keep it natural 3. - be human - read it out loud - imagine you are face 2 face with a prospect SalesHackingDay
  10. 10. Not natural
  11. 11. Natural
  12. 12. Personalise it 4. - do a research - show you care - tailor-made content SalesHackingDay
  13. 13. Tailor-Made for Basecamp Hello Jason, Hope your holiday weekend went great. I'm outreaching to you because of two reasons: #1. I would like to congratulate you on a great book! "Rework" provided me with some great values. I really like that you cut the unnecessary content and delivered just the essentials - it makes it an amazing piece, so pleasant to reread. #2. I would like to ask you for some insights. I 'd be happy to find out if our solution could boost sales and simplify support for Basecamp. I know that you have an excellent support and use Twitter for customer inquiries. Have you thought about doing it via chat straight on your page and help more customers?
  14. 14. Tailor-Made for IKEA Hello Siri, I’m outreaching to you because yesterday I had a call with Corey Walwalski, Customer Support Team Leader at IKEA Canada. Corey’s team is using our tool to chat with website visitors, answering their questions regarding an order, tracking which products/landing pages are the most visited ones and converting visitors into customers. After implementing LiveChat on their website, the conversation rate increased in 25%. How about your customer service and sales goals? Is there anything missing at your current customer support service that prevents you from selling to more customers online?
  15. 15. End it with a question 5. - focus on your goal - be specific - be clear SalesHackingDay
  16. 16. Examples Are you available for a 15-minute Skype or GoogleHangouts meeting this week? How about a quick call tomorrow afternoon? Does your [AREA] team have any interest in learning more about [YOUR PRODUCT BENEFITS]? Goal - Schedule a meeting Goal - Get a feedback Is there anything missing at your current [AREA] that prevents you from [THEIR GOAL]? Have you ever though about improving [AREA] so you can [THEIR GOAL]?
  17. 17. Add cool signature 6. - HTML format - clean and pretty - your happy face - up to date channels - web address - phone number SalesHackingDay
  18. 18. Keep following-up 7. - make it natural and consistent - make it valuable - make it short - make it funny SalesHackingDay
  19. 19. Be different 8. - find your unique style - add your own cherry [ picture, gif, song? ] SalesHackingDay
  20. 20. Example
  21. 21. 9. - prospect within your Ideal Customer Profile - automate your process - work only with verified e-mail addresses SalesHackingDay Prospect like a pro Dux - Soup
  22. 22. Keep learning 10. - A / B test - measure open and response rate - test new ideas - test different subject lines SalesHackingDay
  23. 23. SalesHackingDay # Open rate 60 % - 70 % # Reply rate 20 % - 30 % E-mail Campaign Example 1 E-mail + 5 Follow-ups
  24. 24. Sebastian Stadil App for: - Automatic swiping - Automatic messaging - Automatic date scheduling
  25. 25. “Bonjour ! I read your profile and think we might get along; want to grab coffee some time next week?” No response. Wait one day. Second shot: Perhaps I can tempt you with some pastries instead? I know of place with fruit tarts, chocolate pies, and macaroons. :)” No response. Wait one day. Third attempt: “Fine, if you don’t like coffee nor pastries, we can do tea. How does tea sound?” Her: “You’re confident, I like that. Tea sounds good :)”. Bingo. But I wasn’t confident, I was automated.
  26. 26. Results
  27. 27. How did it go? “I failed at engineering love. 150 dates without success. Most of the first dates led to nothing: we didn’t have much in common.” - Sebastian SalesHackingDay
  28. 28. First E-mail Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I’m reaching to you on behalf of LiveChat because: - You work hard to {{SNIPPET_1}} - Our tool can really help you convert more visitors into buyers - {{WWW}} is one of the coolest e-commerce websites I’ve ever seen :) Right now, 18.000 businesses, including 6,725 retail companies like Quicksilver, Warby Parker, and Kogan are using LiveChat. Our software allows to engage and chat with your customers directly on {{WWW}}, so you can increase your sales and customer retention. Does your team have any interest in a quick call to see if this is something they can effectively utilise?
  29. 29. Follow-up #1 Hello {{FIRST_NAME}}, I just realised I haven't received a reply from you and I'd like to give you more info on us. I've been talking with a lot of e-commerce business' lately and most of them want to: - Convert more website visitors into buying customers - Increase customer happiness, loyalty, and retention - Gather higher quality leads with more data about them. Are you aiming for similar improvements at {{COMPANY}}?
  30. 30. Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I’m staying persistent here since I sense a possible fit. I’ve asked our e-commerce clients about their experience before LiveChat. Without our tool they were: - Losing customers due to worse engagement - Missing new sales opportunities - Having a higher cart abandonment rate Have you been working on those issues too? Follow-up #2
  31. 31. Hello {{FIRST_NAME}}, Since you still haven’t replied, I assume you may be busy. Just give me 1,2 or 3: 1. I’m interested - let’s talk! 2. You’re talking to the wrong person. You should contact our _____. 3. I’m [….] to busy [DOING AWESOME THINGS] Follow-up #3 AWESOME GIF
  32. 32. SalesHackingDay Dear {{FIRST_NAME}}, Refreshing my inbox, but still nothing here from you :( Any chance for a reply? Follow-up #4 AWESOME GIF
  33. 33. SalesHackingDay Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I still haven't got any response from you. I'm guessing it's just a polite way to say "thanks, but no thanks". I hope you don't mind me taking you off my contact list. If at any point you would like to get in touch, I would be more than happy to reopen the topic. Best of luck to you and {{COMPANY}}! Follow-up #5 AWESOME GIF
  34. 34. SalesHackingDay How to open a dialog with a big company
  35. 35. Research 1. - study their problems - learn their goals - find Decision Makers SalesHackingDay
  36. 36. Tailor-Made 2. - run 1 campaign for one company - personalise each e-mail - connect on an emotional level SalesHackingDay
  37. 37. LinkedIn 3. - be specific - tickle their egos - ask for referrals SalesHackingDay
  38. 38. SalesHackingDay Example #1
  39. 39. SalesHackingDay Example #2
  40. 40. SalesHackingDay How to close more deals with cold e-mailing?
  41. 41. Ask questions 1. - what are your objections? - what are your concerns? - what are your priorities? - what is yours roadmap for this year? - when should we reconnect? SalesHackingDay
  42. 42. Be persistent 2. - with prospects that are worth your time - check-in once in a while - send some valuable content - send a holiday card SalesHackingDay
  43. 43. Be patient 3. SalesHackingDay - with prospects that are more likely to convert - mark a comeback in your calendar and come back strong