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A presentation on


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This is a short presentation on Hewlett Packard (HP) and The comparitive study of tariff and features of the Toll free service providers in India.

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A presentation on

  1. 1. A Presentation OnHewlett Packard (HP) By: Ankita Bharti Roll Number: 005 PGDM Batch:2012-14
  2. 2. CONTENTS  History  Products  Solutions and Services  Achievements  Competitors  Key Persons  Revenue  Future Predictions
  3. 3. COMPANY ORIGIN/HISTORY One of the world’s Largest Technological Companies Established in 1939 but formally established in 1947 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Ventured in Microwaves in 1943 Was listed in New York Stock Exchange in 1961 1980 launched its first PC
  4. 4. Products  HP is a leading provider of technological products,services and soft wares and company’s key products include:
  5. 5. Personal Systems GroupsEnterprise Imaging && Storage Products Printing Servers Group Speciality Printing Systems
  6. 6. PersonalSystem Group Commercial Pc’s, Notebooks, Mini notebooks Personal Pc’s, Notebooks, Mininotebooks Workstations & Calculators
  7. 7. Imaging &Printing Group Laser Jet Printers Scanners Multifunction Printing Inkjet Printers
  8. 8. SpecialityPrintingSystems Laser Jet Toner Cartridges Inkjet Cartriges Graphic solutions Ink Products Printer Supplies
  9. 9. SERVICES InvestmentsFinancial Application BPO’s Services
  10. 10. Competitors: Top 20 competitors are listed as: Dell Inc. IBM Lexmark International Inc. Toshiba Lenovo Acer Inc Accenture Ltd
  11. 11. BMC Software IncCanon IncEMC CorporationSamsung Electronics Co. LtdSeiko Epson CorporationXerox CorporationCA Inc
  12. 12. Asustek Computer IncFujitsu LtdInfosys Technologies LtdTata Consultancy LtdWipro LtdComputer sciencesCorporation Ltd
  13. 13. Key Persons: PRESIDENT & CEO : Margret Whitmen Executive Chairman: Raymond J Lane Lead Independent Director: Rajiv L Gupta
  14. 14. Revenue: Recorded revenues of $127,245 million during FY2011 giving growth of 1% over FY2010 Recorded revenue of FY2010 was $ 114,520 million.
  15. 15. Future Aspects: Expecting the revenue of $ 32.05 billion for the FY2012 Even though some challenges are being faced by the MNC, in long run it still have useful assets PC business should needto recover as the companyfaces tough competition by Dell Server , Storage and networking arestill firmly rooted sono need of special focus.
  17. 17. Toll Free service: Definition It is a special telephone number free to the calling party and instead , the telephone carrier charges the called party cost of the call. Assigned from a special dialing prefix range (also known as area code) like 1-800 .
  18. 18. Toll free: Service Providers In India , toll free service is provided by BSNL Tata Reliance These 3 are the major toll free service providers in India with Bsnl at top position followed by Reliance and Tata.
  19. 19. Service Providers: A ComparativeStudy Features BSNL RELIANCE TATA Origin Yes Yes Yes Dependency Time Yes Yes Yes Dependency Percentage Yes Yes Yes allocation Call Area Yes Yes Yes Selection
  20. 20. Service Providers: A ComparativeStudyFeatures BSNL RELIANCE TATADivert When Yes Yes YesBusy/NoAnswer
  21. 21. Service Providers: A ComparativeStudy Tariff BSNL RELIANCE TATA Registration Nil Nil Rs 5,000 Security Rs 10,000 Rs 10,000 Rs 25,000 Deposit (Refundable) Service Rs 3,000 Rs 3,000 Nil Activation Plan charges Rs 1,000 Monthly commitment Rs 3,000 charge = monthly per month committed minutes* Rate/minute
  22. 22. Tariff BSNL RELIANCE TATARates Per Fixed line: Local-1.20 / 1.20 sec 1-800 - Rs Rs 2.39/minminute Intracircle-1.20 / 60 sec Intercircle-1.60 / 60 sec 2.40/min Mobile: Within circle-1.20 / 60 sec Outside circle- 1.60 / 60 sec 1-860 – Rs Roaming - 1.60/ 60 sec 2.20/minFree usage/any Up to 10,000 – Nil 10,001-50,000 -10% Nil Rs 50concession in 50,001-2,50,000 -15%First bill 2,50,001-5,00,000 -20% >5,00,001 – 25%