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Quality Policy in Raymond


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Quality Policy in Raymond
Apparel Quality Management

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Quality Policy in Raymond

  1. 1. QUALITY POLICY in Presented by: Anis Rais Ananya Srivastava Neeraj Pandey Presented to: Mrs. Priyadarshini JALGAON DIVISION, MAHARASTRA
  2. 2. What is Quality policy? • Quality policy is a document jointly developed by management and quality experts to express the quality objectives of the organization • It is the acceptable level of quality and the duties of specific departments to ensure quality.
  3. 3. Raymond Limited • The JALGAON Unit, one of the three production divisions of the Textile Division, is located at Jalgaon on Nagpur-Mumbai route and is located in the MIDC Industrial Estate on Ajanta Road. Jalgaon is well connected with all places in India by rail and road. • The Jalgaon unit is a specialized in Suiting Manufacturing especially of Export Quality Fabric. • The installed capacity is for about 23,000 meter Fabric per day. • The factory is equipped with a full complement of machines to be able to manufacture of Finest Quality Fabric. • The Plant has 154 looms in Weaving Department and Spinning has the capacity of 25000 spindle on 60 Ring frame Machines.
  4. 4. QUALITY: Company Perspective • Their philosophy is to leave no stone unturned to ensure flawless quality garments. • Quality is critical in terms of both visual defects and measurement conformance for every trouser. • To ensure that quality is maintained in all manufactured fabrics at Raymond Limited Jalgaon they employ best of the Quality Systems and Procedures which are continuously followed up and monitored to perfection. • The Supply Chain Management team at Raymond Limited ensures expert handling and best shipping solutions to guarantee that the consignment reaches its destination in the desired time frame.
  5. 5. Quality Tests • 4 point system for inspection. • Buyers import Fabric at C&D (Cuts and Defects) 2.39. • In process inspection : They have a quality manual that details how its quality management system operates. • They follow the 5s quality system under Total Productive maintenance.
  6. 6. What is C&D? • An C & D means that as long as a supplier maintains process average (% defective) at the assigned C&D or lower, there is a very high probability that shipments from that supplier (inspected using the Exchange sampling plans) will be accepted. • Conversely, there is a very high probability that shipments (inspected using the Exchange sampling plans) will be as per the standards rejected if a supplier's process average (% defective) remains higher than the assigned C&D.
  7. 7. How the random sampling works? • Let us say that the shipment is daily Production manufactured Grieg Mended Fabric i.e. 31,700 meters per day . • Take a sample of 10% of manufactured fabric at random from this shipment. • Inspect all Grey Mended Fabric. • If 2 or less defective pieces are found, we’ll accept the lot. • If 8 or more defective pieces are found, we’ll go for 100% inspection. • If 3 to 7 defective pieces are found, then take additional 75 samples at random. • Inspect all 75 samples. • If a total of 7 or less defective pieces are found, we’ll accept the lot. • If a total of 8 or more defective pieces are found, we’ll go for 100% inspection.
  8. 8. 2.39 C&D- Normal Inspection Lot Size / Lot in Meters Sample Size Accept 100% inspection Criteria for Continuing Inspection 1 - 8 All * * N/A 9 - 150 8 0 2 If 1 defective found, go to S/S of 20 151 - 280 20 1 3 If 2 defectives found, go to S/S of 32 281 - 500 20 1 4 If 2 - 3 defectives found, go to S/S of 50 501 - 1200 32 1 6 If 2 - 5 defectives found, go to S/S of 80 1201 - 3200 50 2 8 If 3 - 7 defectives found, go to S/S of 125 3201 - 10,000 80 3 11 If 4 - 10 defectives found, go to S/S of 200 10,001 - 35,000 125 5 15 If 6 - 14 defectives found. go to S/S of 315 Over 35,000 200 8 22 If 9 - 21 defectives found. go to S/S of 500
  9. 9. What is 5s? • 5-S is aimed at developing a work culture where by all employees including operators, supervisors and managers participate in problem solving process.  Sort - "When in doubt, throw it out".  Straighten - "A place for everything, and everything in its place".  Sweep - "The best cleaning is to not need cleaning".  Standardize - "See and recognize what needs to be done".  Self-discipline - "The less self-discipline you need, the better".
  10. 10. Implementation of 5-s in Raymond Limited • The process of the industry was analyzed and correction made due to which, they got clarity in reducing the unwanted work and effective utilization of resources in the industry. • They trained workers as how to maintain the industry, which helped in improving their performance in their day-to-day activities. • The quality manual was designed for this purpose
  11. 11. EFFECTS OF 5-S QUALITY SYSTEM • Overall: Easier and safer work environment is partly achieved. • Inspection Department: The defective items are reduced. • The floor space is utilized properly. Employee involvement was improved. • Reducing the stoppage time of the machines increased the overall quality of product. Material handling time is reduced.
  12. 12. Quality manual • An official document produced that details how its quality management system operates. • It includes the company's quality policy, as well as a detailed description of its quality control system.
  13. 13. Success factors related to Raymond • The success factors particularly related to company were: • systematic approach • selective training • establishing a good communication system • having a continuous improvement system • human resource development • teamwork development, and • effective and simple implementation framework
  14. 14. BIBLIOGRAPHY  Quality Manual by Raymond Limited, Jalgaon
  15. 15. Thank you 