What does a lack of physical intimacy mean


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What does a lack of physical intimacy mean

  1. 1. What Does a Lack of Physical Intimacy Mean For Your Relationship?<br />http://www.getmyexback-site.info<br />
  2. 2. A break up with someone you love is a very painful process, especially if your heart is still in love with them. <br />When you have had time to be calm about the breakup and reflect back on the relationship and the breakup, you will probably see the signs of trouble looming, signs that you may not have seen while you were still in the relationship.<br />
  3. 3. Looking back, what can you see that was showing the possibility of putting strain in your relationship? <br />Think about this for a second, was there a lack of physical contact in your relationship? <br />Physical contact does not just mean sex, it also includes hugging, touching and holding hands. <br />But a sudden decrease in sex can translate to things not being well in the relationship. <br />Most relationships have dry spells for less physical contact between the partners, and then there will also be times of a lot of physical contact with your partner. <br />All this is natural and normal to relationships.<br />
  4. 4. But what does a lack of physical intimacy mean for your relationship?<br />There is cause for concern though if your lover stops holding your hand for no apparent reason. <br />It is also a problem if your partner is avoiding physical contact, like when you are at the movies and they do not want to put their hands over your shoulder whereas before they used to. <br />Any sudden changes are a cause for concern because it shows there has been some sort of shift, and this could signal relationship problems.<br />
  5. 5. Sometimes the touching expands to your partner being jumpy when you touch them. <br />If your partner is jumpy or uncomfortable when you touch them, that is a serious cause for concern. <br />Do not make assumptions about anything, but this may be a good time to speak to your partner about why they are jumpy. <br />Find out from them what is going on and why they are behaving that way. There could be other reasons besides a looming breakup, so be willing to listen to what they have to say.<br />
  6. 6. Other reasons for your partners behavior include but are not limited to, them thinking it means you want to have sex and they are trying to tell you that they are not in the mood. <br />This can happen if you are not an affectionate person. Or it is possible that they were preoccupied with something, and you startled them when you touched them. <br />Whatever it may be, listen to them and be compassionate. Watch them and try to determine if it is something they do every time you touch them.<br />
  7. 7. It if is something that keeps on happening, it may signal a serious problem in your relationship, a problem that needs to be dealt with as fast as possible, so that it is sorted before it escalates to the point where you lose your relationship or marriage.<br />Visit http://www.getmyexback-site.infoif you want a chance to sort out your relationship or marriage!<br />