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How to treat dark spots caused by acne


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How to treat dark spots caused by acne

  1. 1. Treat your Dark Spots, Naturally, Cheaply and Effectively! Click Here How To Treat Dark Spots Caused By Acne Acne is extremely common, from the teenage years when the hormones are going haywire. Some teens never get out of the acne mode, and they take it to adulthood. Some adults can also get acne, and acne spots can remain, even after the acne is gone. There are a lot of treatments for acne, but in some or most cases, there are dark spots and sometimes scars as a result of the acne. There are a lot of skin whitening creams that one can use, that contain bleaching ingredients. Some of the more common bleaching agents are beta carotene, hydroquinone, licorice and kojic acid to mention just a few. The way it works is that these ingredients that are used in the bleaching cream will suppress the effects of the tyrosinase, which is an enzyme that triggers the substance that causes our skin to be dark which is called melanin. This will stop more melanin to be made, causing the dark spots or patches to be one color as the rest of your skin. Other treatments use exfoliation, which employs certain acids such as lactic or glycolic acids. The exfoliation process is really easy, one just has to apply the cream to the skin as per description, and depending on how effective the cream is, the skin should start to look better after some time. If you are like me, you do not like the use of chemical products on your skin. There are alternatives to chemicals, that involve natural products which are made from foods like fruits and vegetables. A great example of this is milk, carrots or papaya as well as honey, and results should be seen in weeks. Find the secret recipes that will remove your dark spots from acne, only in weeks. These recipes give you access to the best skin lightening treatments for acne. Click Here and get the flawless skin that you have always wanted.