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Home remedies for dark underarms


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Home remedies for dark underarms

  1. 1. Click Here For An Proven Homemade Dark Underarm Solution Home Remedies for Dark Underarms Dark underarms are terrible to look at, and people who have them feel bad about it. This is perpetuated by the fact that people think that people with dark underarms do not practice good hygiene, and this is not necessarily the case. Armpits can be dark, even if someone practices great hygiene. There are different causes to this, sometimes it is as a result of the skin being sensitive to the deodorants that are used. Other times, it is a result of the consistent shaving or infections that may happen. Clothes that are too tight can also cause the skin to darken, as there is friction between the skin and the clothes. There is no reason to despair though, as there are things that you can do: • Look for a deodorant that suits your skin, and get rid of the ones that your skin is sensitive to. Liquid based ones should treat your skin better than the gelly or creamy ones. Also look for those products loaded with lightening ingredients such Vitamin E. • Wear as much loose clothing as you possibly can and go sleeveless, especially when you are home. Try not to wear clothes that your skin can react to, such as clothes that can make you feel itchy. • To lighten the underarms, you can also use papaya. For best results, it needs to be ripe until it is all mushy. Peel the skin and throw away the seeds, and then put it in a blender. Add a little bit of milk to the papaya, and blend until it is nice and smooth. For the best results, apply and leave it on the skin for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how dark the underarms are. For quicker results, do this twice a day. • Wash your underarms with coconut oil • Another dark underarm treatment that has proved effective is to apply baking soda to your armpits after a shower. Leave it on for the night and wash it off in the morning.
  2. 2. Using these tips will help you transform your armpits and lighten them. With consistent use, you can watch your armpits transform.