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15 relationship resolutions that your relationship cannot survive without


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15 relationship resolutions that your relationship cannot survive without

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15 relationship resolutions that your relationship cannot survive without

  1. 1. 15 Relationship Resolutions That YourRelationship Cannot Survive Withoutwww.taoofbadasspdfdownload.comWe just started a new year and we have not gone through the first 3months of it. In other words, the resolutions that we have madewhen it started, we probably have not broken them yet.If you are like most people, you must have made some resolutionssuch as losing weight, saving more money or drinking less etc, only to
  2. 2. find that in a couple of weeks you have given up on the resolutionsand have gotten back to the old habits. Resolutions can be hard tokeep up with, but when it comes to your relationship, there are a fewthings that you can decide on for the new year, and believe me, theyare much easier to stick with than the other resolutions.1. Say you are sorry – being in a relationship and loving someonemeans that you will need to say you are sorry quite a bit. You canalways win an argument, but it does not help your relationship if theperson you are with is feeling like trash. Remember, you are withsomeone you care about, and you should be on the same teamworking towards the same goals.2. Snuggle more – especially if your person loves snuggling with you.A lot of the time we think sex is extremely important, and it is.However, there are times when women just want to be held, justwant to snuggle and enjoy intimacy without it leading to sex. Ipromise you, it will improve your relationship a lot.3. Eat and work out like you are single – Of course we all want to bewith that special person who loves us no matter how we look,however, we must never stop caring about how we look. Taking careof ourselves will not only make us feel great, but the woman in ourlife will also be happy that their person takes care of themselves andthey care about how they look.
  3. 3. 4. Be realistic and cut down on the long list of things that you wantin a woman – Realize that there is not one perfect person in theworld, including you. I am in no way saying that you should have nostandards at all when it come to the woman in your life, however, ifyour list is 2 pages long, then it is really not going to work. You aretoo picky, and imagine if you had to have all the qualities that youare expecting?5. Stop comparing your woman to other women – whether it iswomen in your past or those that cross your path, stop comparingher. She is who she is and she should have the opportunity to beherself to you without having to fill shoes of certain people that sheknows nothing about.6. Be logical – if your relationship is new, enjoy the fireworks thatyou are enjoying. If it has been going on for a while, you cannotexpect to stay in the same excitement level that you experience witha new relationship. Realize that things will settle down and you mightnot have the same butterflies that you used to have in your stomach,but realize that you can keep it fresh and interesting.7. Give her the attention that she deserves – When you have the“you” time, stop focusing on other things that clutter your timetogether. Focus on her, stop the chatting on your phone, get off thephone, leave the psp and just enjoy quality time. Listen attentively asshe talks to you, and be “present”
  4. 4. 8. Really put the past behind – give your relationship the bestchance that you can, and leave the past where it belongs. If you havebaggage of the past (and most of us do) where an ex hurt you andbroke your heart, you need to forgive them so that you are able tomove on. This does not condone what they did to you, but holdingon to hurt, anger and bitterness will only affect your relationshipnegatively. Forgive yourself if you need to and open yourself to newpossibilities.9. Have fun in your relationship – the excuse that you are bored inthe relationship should not even be entertained. Stop being boring,try out something new with your woman, go out, have fun andalways make time for fun.10. Spoil each other – I am not talking about messing up your wholebudget here, just small gifts or gestures that show her that you care,that you are thinking about her will go a long way in putting a smileon her face. A romantic massage, her favorite flowers, cooking forher, helping out in keeping the place clean, a romantic candle litdinner – the list is endless!11. Keep your manners during arguments – arguments tend to bringthe worst in all of us, but you need to decide that you will not call hernames or say horrible things that you will not be able to take back.We can all make excuses and say that the other person pushed us todo or say the things that we say, however, we need to be moreresponsible about what we do/say.
  5. 5. 12. Live in the moment – Yes, planning is good and of course as acouple there should be some goals that you are working towards.However, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is NOT here. Today is allwe have, and we can make a choice to live the best life we can rightnow.13. Try never to go to bed angry – Remember every moment thatyou are angry is a moment you are robbing yourself of happiness,and it is time that you can never get back.14. Compliment her often – Women love knowing that they lookgood in the eyes of their significant others, so put a smile on a herface. Let her know she is still as attractive as when you met her.15. Tell her you love her – Make sure you tell her how much youlove her, so that there is never a moment where she is not sure!Through the ups and downs of your relationship, let her know howmuch you care and how special she is to you. Very often, we onlyrealize what someone meant to us once they are gone, do not let ithappen to you. The grass is NOT greener on the other side, and if youjust watered your grass instead of chasing whatever you think is outthere, you would be just fine! Actions speak louder than words, soyour actions should spell out just what you mean to her.