Using Twitter for Organisational Goals


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Jennifer D Begg's slides for The Guardian Media Academy and Guardian Seminars, Using Twitter for Organisational Goals.

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Using Twitter for Organisational Goals

  1. 1. Using Twitter forOrganisational Goals
  2. 2. Social Media Usage UK• More than half of pensioners now on Facebook• 37.4m adults use Facebook regularly• 32.1m adults use YouTube regularly• 15.5m adults on Twitter• 7.9m adults on LinkedIn• 6.7m adults on Flickr
  3. 3. Overview• Basic Functionality• Etiquette & growing an audience• Producing & choosing content• Measuring influence & engagement• Integration tools• Troubleshooting & Crisis Management
  4. 4. To RT or not to RT (Style over substance)
  5. 5. Networking Etiquette
  6. 6. When to reply?
  7. 7. When to RT?
  8. 8. Should you always RT mentions?
  9. 9. What to say?
  10. 10. Grow your audience (the importance of content)
  11. 11. Lead the conversation• Keep an eye on trending topics and if they are relevant to you, get involved• Use a popular # strategically to get more clicks on links• Mention @ prominent figures within your industry• Don’t be a broadcaster, be a conversationalist
  12. 12. Who does twitter well? (outside the campaign)
  13. 13. Who does twitter well? (on the campaign trail)
  14. 14. • 25th May, 2011 - International Missing Children’s Day• Raise awareness and increase supporters• Tweeted a different missing child appeal every 30 mins for 24 hours• Scheduled tweets• Team of tweeters• 6 weeks of planning
  15. 15. • 5,500 new followers in one day• 8,000 RTs and mentions• 600% increase in website traffic• Trended in UK• Significant press coverage
  16. 16.
  17. 17. IBM Lotusphere 2011• By mid event there were over 20,000 tweets using the #ls11 hashtag• Their site’s video channel saw 34,000 views• By the end of the event more than 35,000 tweets with #ls11 had been sent and over 9.500 were RT’d• IBM calculated more than 41 million total impressions on twitter for the campaign
  18. 18. a good time to mention… twist
  19. 19. a good time to mention… & shout
  20. 20. Influence & Engagement (what does it all mean?)
  21. 21. Integration(making your life easier & more effective)
  22. 22. BufferApp
  23. 23. Hootsuite
  24. 24. Tweetdeck
  25. 25. SproutSocial
  26. 26. Troubleshooting(when it all goes terribly wrong…)
  27. 27. 3 choices! •Reply •Delete •Ignore
  28. 28. Social Media Guidelines• Encourage staff to engage and talk about your brand on twitter• Be clear about your company caveats• Keep your community rules simple & share them with everyone• Request that employees using their own accounts preface their comments when they relate to your brand
  29. 29. Useful websites••••