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Progressing with LiveChat, part 2 - Growing your skills


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This webinar is the second installment of our Progressing with LiveChat series, which shows you how to use out of the box functionality to its full potential.

The following topics were discussed during the webinar:

Customizing the look of LiveChat
Setting up chat surveys
Managing your agents
Improving your lead generation
Handling available chat tools

Read more and check out the answers from the Q&A session:

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Progressing with LiveChat, part 2 - Growing your skills

  1. 1. WEBINAR Progressing with LiveChat Growing your skills 3 October 2013
  2. 2. Host Blaze Head of Support
  3. 3. Agenda 01. Visual customization 02. Chat surveys 03. Agent profiles 04. Business automation 05. Chat tools 06. Questions & Answers
  4. 4. 01 Visual customization
  5. 5. Style it up! ... Welcome to LiveChat Peter Support Operator Peter Hello Lucy, how may I help you?
  6. 6. Style the chat window to suit your website. Think: Chat as an integral part of the browsing process.
  7. 7. Rebranding ...
  8. 8. Custom CSS styles ...
  9. 9. Page specific styles page A page B page C
  10. 10. Custom Eye Catchers page A page B page C
  11. 11. Chat buttons Chat now! Leave a message
  12. 12. 02 Chat surveys
  13. 13. Get instant feedback! ... Welcome to LiveChat lea d Name E-mail: How can we help? Start the chat nt clie info
  14. 14. Use short surveys with relevant business questions. Don't ask for information you don't need.
  15. 15. Contact information
  16. 16. Client Aggregation + Routing ...
  17. 17. Survey options Obligatory FB Connect Non-Obligatory
  18. 18. Post-Chat Surveys ...
  19. 19. After-Hours form ...
  20. 20. 03 Agent profiles
  21. 21. People behind the chat! ...
  22. 22. Personalize profiles, establish a support schedule, encourage self management and cooperation.
  23. 23. Agent’s profile Peter Accepting chats (sign out all devices) Job title E-mail Working hours Chats limit status & remote log-out Support Agent 9:00am - 5:00pm accepting chats otherwise not accepting chats 6 concurrent chats scheduler chat limit
  24. 24. Agent’s groups Support Sales IT Chatting on pages: All pages Chatting on pages: Shopping cart Chatting on pages: Knowledge base and FAQ
  25. 25. 04 Business automation
  26. 26. Chat only with prospective visitors. See how LiveChat does the job of lead generation for you.
  27. 27. Visitor funneling 1. Visitor starts a chat 2. A departament answers it SHOP Welcome to LiveChat Peter Support Operator INTELLIGENT CHAT ROUTING SHOP Welcome to LiveChat Peter Hello Lucy, how may I help you? Sales
  28. 28. Chat automation - greetings 1. A visitor arrives 3. Can engage in chat (automated greetings) 2. Qualifies as a lead (intelligent chat routing) SHOP Welcome to LiveChat Peter Support Operator Peter Hello Lucy, how may I help you? Welcome to LiveChat
  29. 29. Automated chat distribution Fair distribution Each upcoming chat is distributed to the next agent 3 1st round (3 new chats) 7 2nd round 8 (+7 new chats) 3rd round (+8 new chats) all agents reached their chat limit When all agents are busy all chats land in the Queue.
  30. 30. Automated chat distribution & queue 8 N round (+8 new chats) all agents reached their chat limit Visitor lands in the queue QUEUED CHATS when any agent becomes available Agent picks a queued visitor QUEUED CHATS
  31. 31. Chats only with selected visitors Visitor lands in the chat queue Available agent picks any visitor from the chat queue 1 QUEUED CHATS QUEUED CHATS
  32. 32. More automation Chat transcripts forwarding Integrations Web hooks event 3rd party apps your mail your callbacks
  33. 33. 05 Chat tools
  34. 34. Establish a process and rules for using pre-written answers, chat escalation and chat management. Encourage agents to write FAQs into Canned Responses, review chat timelines, avoid escalation.
  35. 35. Canned responses ● ● Short and reusable Language adjusted to business ○ ○ ○ Collaborative Inspired by previous chats Shared or group specific
  36. 36. Chats timeline
  37. 37. Chat tools & 3rd party addons
  38. 38. 06 Questions & Answers
  39. 39. Thank you! This webinar will be published on We will include all the answers from today's Q&A session