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A Little Cheat Sheet For Your Customers


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You know almost everything about dealing with difficult customers by now. But what about them? Do they know how to act when using your service? See what reactions they should avoid when using customer service.

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A Little Cheat Sheet For Your Customers

  1. 1. When using customer service, try to avoid these reactions: When you get angry you sometimes lose your temper. But when you scream, you’re not screaming at the company. You’re screaming at a person. And it’s probably not their fault. Getting emotional This is “asking another parent” reaction. And it won’t pass here. All of the agents have the same rules to follow. They have guide- lines and they talk to you based on them. Trying to talk to another rep Trust the agents because their managers trust them. It’s wrong to assume that a manager is going to give you a different answer. A good manager will support their agents’ decisions. Asking to talk to the supervisor Threatening to leave won’t change things in a good customer service. Agents do their best to help you but if you decide to leave, they will let you go. There’s no point in forcing you to stay if you’re not happy. Threatening to take your business to another company