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Movement for Liveable London Street Talks - Brenda Puech 11th December 2012


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December 2012 Street Talks - The word from the street 2. Brenda Puech. Brought to you by Movement for Liveable London -

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Movement for Liveable London Street Talks - Brenda Puech 11th December 2012

  1. 1. Taking your life in your hands or playing by the rulesPedestrians’copingstrategies forcrossing theroad@BrendaPuech#w8ing2x
  2. 2. DfT road safety educational pack "Education is the worst possible training for young children as citizens of the future since it teaches them to accept the spectacle of motor slaughter as normal, and that the role of other road-users including the youngest children and the oldest and most infirm persons, is to keep out of the way of the motorist and that if they are killed or maimed through not doing so this is something they deserve" JS Dean Murder Most Foul, 1947
  3. 3. New stylestaggeredcrossing withkerb upstandMajor triphazard!
  4. 4. Council teaches people to use new Leek road crossing A council is teaching people how to cross a road after several pedestrians fell over a newly-built crossing. A local shop owner said she had helped a man in his 80s after he fell on Saturday, leaving him with a head injury and a bleeding nose. A Council spokesman said it was not that the crossing was not working properly, it was just that people were not using it correctly .
  5. 5. Pedestrians contribute to their accidents in many waysStats 20: Factors applying topedestrians who havecontributed to the accident801 Crossing road masked byparked vehicle802 Failed to look properly803 Failed to judge vehiclespath or speed804 Wrong use of pedestriancrossing facility805 Dangerous action incarriageway (eg. playing)808 Careless, reckless or in ahurry809 Pedestrian wearing darkclothing at night Code 805 Dangerous action in carriageway
  6. 6. Stats 20: Factors applying to pedestrians who have contributed to the accidentCode 810 Disability or illness, mental or physical; or pedestrian sufferingfrom a permanent disability (including poor eyesight), which contributed tothe accident Two dangerous road users – one visually impaired cane user and one with a mobility impairment and using a stick.
  7. 7. Waiting to cross – do you take your life inyour hands or play by the rules?
  8. 8. Having a confrontation with drivers who do not give way on a side roadapproach
  9. 9. Crossing where we are told specifically NOT to
  10. 10. Getting trapped behind railings…..
  11. 11. Getting REALLY trapped behind railings AND deterrence cobblesbeyond
  12. 12. These women were notphased
  13. 13. Taking your life in your hands
  14. 14. Taking your life in your hands
  15. 15. Dragging yourloved one across the road
  16. 16. Taking your life in your hands
  17. 17. Playing by the rules
  18. 18. Straining to watch out for turning traffic
  19. 19. Strugglingwith kerbs
  20. 20. Going for the squeeze: where a vehicle is parked overyour crossing
  21. 21. Waiting at a staggered crossing - or not
  22. 22. Stillwaiting………. Finally get to cross!
  23. 23. Taking the long way round …….
  24. 24. Finally at their destination!
  25. 25. Alternative ways of getting across…
  26. 26. Penned in
  27. 27. Playing by the rules
  28. 28. M41 Motorway, Reclaim the Streets party, 1996.