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Movement for Liveable London Street Talks - Ben Addy 2nd July 2013

  1. By enabling people to enjoy ‘being’ in the streets, we can help them reclaim it as a place to socialise, exchange and look out for each other & to think about their actions as citizens – Local Resident (DIY Streets: Turnpike Lane) Sustrans London: Communities
  2. I thought Sustrans did cycling?
  3. ME
  4. The Problems
  5. The Problems
  6. And More…Problems
  7. Last One
  8. The Future?
  9. Home Zone – The Dings, Bristol
  10. DIY Street Pilot Project
  11. The Process
  12. DIY Streets: Turnpike Lane The Neighbourhood: QuickTim e™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Neighbourhood of 950 households, surrounded by three busy roads. Close to Turnpike Lane Underground Station Main issues identified by residents: - Rat Running Traffic - Speeding Traffic - Lack of Community Spirit - Dog Fouling - Fly Tipping Community Priorities: - Cut traffic speed & volume - Defined neighbourhood - Better street management - Improved junctions - Safer & quality public space - An active community
  13. Before and After • Construction Green space and cycle/walking link
  14. Before and After Gateway treatment to all entrances to the neighbourhood
  15. Before and After Junction redesign on rat run
  16. Before and After Area identified as community hub showing resident inspired mural
  17. Monitoring Results Key Findings Safety • almost 80% of residents surveyed now think the street is pedestrian friendly • 20% of residents surveyed now think the street is safe for children to play on, compared to 7% of those surveyed before the project Traffic speed and volume • almost half of residents surveyed think the speed of traffic has been reduced • recorded average daily traffic volume decreased by 10% • 63% of traffic now travelling at less than 20mph, compared to 40% before the project • “It’s much better now, a lot safer, and the speed and traffic is better” (Resident) Quality of the street • over 80% of residents surveyed think the appearance of their street is now attractive • over 80% of residents surveyed think the street has been enhanced with greenery • Independent consultants the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) concluded that “Sustrans is seen as having helped to create a community and neighbourhood which looks better while these designs are perceived to have reduced traffic speeds and rat running.”
  18. Communications
  19. Art in the Community Below are ideas are generated by the neighbourhood and submitted as part of the ‘Art in the Community’ process
  20. Other Activities…neighbourhoods are more than just streets Dr Bike Greenway bike rides and walks Anti-Litter Campaign Anti-dog mess campaign Gardening Travel Map Cycle Maintenance Safer Neighbourhoods Meetings
  21. Going Forward
  22. Contact Details Ben Addy (London Communities Manager) @benjaminaddy Sustrans London Twitter: @SustransLondon