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Masterclass on Public Health and Transport 21st November 2012


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Movement for Liveable London masterclass on public health and transport wth Lucy Saunders, Public Health Specialist, Greater London Authority

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Masterclass on Public Health and Transport 21st November 2012

  1. 1. Transport & Public Health Masterclass 21st November 2012 Lucy Saunders, Public Health Specialist City Hall @LE_Saunders
  2. 2. The programme for tonight6.30 – 7.30 Why transport is vital for healthy Londoners What is Public Health Changes to the Public Health system The Public Health Outcome Framework The Public Health budget The Public Health Team What you can do now Resources you can use7.30 – 8.00 Your questions
  3. 3. Why transport is vital for the health of Londoners The health impacts of the Obesitytransport system in London relate mostly to Cancermotorised road transport. Physical Inactivity Heart Disease Health Inequalities Diabetes London’s existing Lung disease Air Pollution transport system Child development Road Traffic Mental health Collisions Deaths & Injuries Poor Social isolation accessibility Community Breakdown
  4. 4. The main transport impacts on health Physical Inactivity Air Pollution Road collisionsCosts to UK £9.8bn £10.6bn £8.7bnsociety Socialgradient
  5. 5. What makes a street a healthy streetis largely the same as what makes a Shade &street vital, liveable, good for the Shelterlocal economy and good for the Pedestriansenvironment from all walks of life Clean Air Places to stop People feel relaxed People choose to walk and cycle Things to Not too see and do People feel noisy safe
  6. 6. What is Public Health? The science and art of promoting and protecting health and well-being, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society.
  7. 7. What is Public Health?Healthcare ImprovementHealth ProtectionHealth Improvement
  8. 8. Where are the current Public Health functions? HPA RPHG LHO LA PCT Chemical Environ London Data Health Hazards mental -wide Improvement Analysis Health Infectious Projects Health Diseases Road Service Safety Improvement
  9. 9. Where will it be by April 1st 2013? HPA RPHG LHO LA PCT Public Health England LA CCG Health Specialist Health Protection More Service Data & Evidence of what works Health Improvement Improvement
  10. 10. More new acronyms….. JSNA PHOF Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Public Health Outcome Framework Clinical Health & WellbeingCommissioning + Board Group Health & Wellbeing Strategy
  11. 11. Public Health Outcome FrameworkHigh level outcomesWider determinantsHealth improvementHealth protectionHealthcare improvement
  12. 12. PHOF – Direct links to transportHigh level outcomesWider determinantsHealth improvementHealth protectionHealthcare improvement
  13. 13. PHOF – Wider links between transport & health High level outcomes Wider determinants Health improvement Health protection Healthcare improvement
  14. 14. High Level OutcomesHealthy life expectancy Health inequalities
  15. 15. Wider Determinants• Killed and seriously injured on roads• Population affected by noise• Use of green space for exercise• Social connectedness• Older peoples perception of safety• Sickness absence rate• Violent crime• Children in poverty• Pupil absence• 16-18 year olds NEET• Employment for people with a Long Term Condition
  16. 16. Health Improvement• Childhood obesity• Adult obesity• Physical inactivity• Diabetes• Self-reported wellbeing• Falls and falls injuries- over 65s• Injuries in under 18s• Low birth weight• Early child development• Breastfeeding• Wellbeing of looked after children• Diet• Cancer screening coverage• Access to non-cancer screening• Take up of NHS Health check
  17. 17. Health Protection• Air pollution• Sustainable development plans for public sector orgs• Chlamydia• Vaccination coverage• HIV late presentation• TB treatment
  18. 18. Healthcare Improvement• Premature death from cardiovascular diseases• Premature death from all cancers• Quality of life for older people• Hip fractures in over 65s• Dementia• Early death from respiratory diseases• Preventable deaths• Suicide
  19. 19. The Budget“Local authorities will have considerable freedom interms of how they choose to invest their grant toimprove their population’s health, although they willhave to have regard to the Public Health OutcomesFramework and should consider the extant evidenceregarding public health measures.”The government will mandate that local authorities must provide:• steps to be taken to protect the health of the local population• ensuring NHS commissioners receive the public health advice they need• appropriate access to sexual health services• the National Child Measurement Programme• NHS Health Check assessment
  20. 20. Who is in Public Health Team? Chief Executive Cabinet Lead for Health Director Of Public Health Consultant/ Consultant/ Consultant/ Assistant Director Assistant Director Assistant Director Health Health Service Health Protection Improvement ImprovementPublic Health Public Health Public Health Stop Smoking Public Health Public Health Manager Intelligence Specialty Service Manager Strategist Strategist Obesity Officer Registrar
  21. 21. What can the Public Health team offer you?• Assessing the health needs of your local population• Recommending what is effective & what to prioritise• Developing policies & strategies• Evaluating policies and programmes• Partnership working• Data analysis• Expertise in behaviour change• Leadership - Speaking truth to power
  22. 22. What actions can you take? Make sure transport is in the JSNA Make sure any physical activity group has someone from the transport team on it and campaigners for walking and cycling Brandish the NICE guidance Speak to councillors about their new Public Health role Use the data on your local population from the annual public health report, JSNA, PHOF toolkit, London Travel Demand Survey, local air quality guide Participate in Public Consultations on H&WB strategies Don’t wait for the Public Health team
  23. 23. Resources: Evidence
  24. 24. Resources: NICE Evidence PathwaysEnd of November new evidence for promoting walking & cycling to bepublished
  25. 25. Resources: PHOF Data ToolCompares London Boroughs on their baseline
  26. 26. Resources: LTDSProvides data on transport use by Londoners
  27. 27. Resources: Evaluation frameworkTool for evaluating your
  28. 28. Resources: WHO HEAT for walking & cyclingGives you a monetary value for thehealth benefits of your
  29. 29. Resources: Air Quality Guides for Public HealthAir quality data for each
  30. 30. @LE_Saunders